Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Five Important Investments For Young Women

When we were kids, all we could think about was how we wanted to grow up. No more bedtime, no one telling us to come home when the street lights come on, nobody telling us what or when to eat; we would be living the life and no one could tell us anything different. But now that we are here, the picture we had has changed ever-so-slightly. It turns out, all of those things are great but there are huge parts of life that our ten-year-old brains did not think of. One of the biggest parts? Money. Being an adult is expensive. Sure no one tells us what we can eat anymore, but that isn’t a problem when you only have a loaf of bread and some stale cookies living in your cupboards.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but overall, living as a twenty-something today requires us to develop a sixth sense of sorts that helps us to decide what is worth spending our hard-earned money on and what have become ~luxury~ items. I have become something of an expert in this category and there are some things that I believe are essential to any young women’s life and deserve our cash.

For My Beauty Sleep
One of the first adult purchases I ever made was a new bed. I had been sleeping on the same bed I’d had since I was old enough to graduate to the “big-girl bed” (a true achievement in every little girl’s life). It would have been easy to just buy a bed on the cheaper side that I would have to replace every couple of years, however, I decided to bite the bullet and buy a more expensive model that is supposed to last me another twenty years. Making this investment was easily one of my best decisions. My bed is my sanctuary and I feel so much more well-rested every morning I wake up in it. When I know something is going to last a long time, paying the extra money is totally worth it! I’ll be sleeping sound without any discomfort for years to come.

For Comfort
As a woman, we have certain fashion and comfort needs that our male counterparts don’t have to worry about. Those fashion needs are namely, our bras. When I was younger, the last thing I wanted to spend my money on was a new bra. And if I did spend the money I earned on a bra, it wasn’t a comfortable or supportive one, it was a bra within my price range and had uncomfortable wires that poked my rib cage. After a while, I gave up on buying new bras and just made due with the ones I had. As I got older, I realized that feeling uncomfortable all day was taking a toll on my mental health. I started to search for bras that would actually last all day without feeling the need to rip it off the second I get home. I found True&Co., a bra company that builds their undergarments based on actual feedback from their customers. They offer a variety of comfortable bras that should give me the all-day-comfort I’m looking for. Their wire-free bras can even impact youroverall breast health!

For my hair
 I know I have raved about my obsessionwith DryBar and their products previously, but let me tell you, this is one of my favorite investments I’ve made as an adult! Realizing the importance of taking care of your skin and hair as you age can be overwhelming because a.) there are so many products to choose from and b.) those products come with a high price tag so you’re not sure what’s actually worth your money. The last thing I’d want would be to shell out tons of money on a bottle shampoo to find that it doesn’t reach my expectations. Intro DryBar. I’ve never been disappointed with their products and Sephora even offers samplesizes in case you have the same anxiety I do about the product not meeting your needs. My hair makes me feel confident and that feeling of confidence allows me to embrace my truest self!

For My Body
Now that I’m in my adult years, I realized how beneficial it is to have a solid workout routine. Growing up, I was able to get away with working out every once in a while and if I was working out, it wasn’t because I had to, it was because I was bored. Once I became a post-grad navigating her twenties, I wanted to find a workout routinethat is easy to stick to. I found that once you find something you love, you’re more motivated to follow-through and see actual results. You’ll notice physical and even mental benefits just after a couple weeks and you won’t even notice the time that has gone by because the fun routine becomes a part of your daily lifestyle!

For The World
Something I always regret about my college experience was the fact I didn’t get to experience studying abroad. However, now that I’m older, I have come to realize the importance of experiencing other cultures, even if it’s just a weekend trip to my favorite city. It’s important to invest your time visiting places that make you feel good. Clearing your head, away from home, is sometimes all the medicine you need to get you back on track. Start by making a bucket list of places you dream to visit. If the destinations are out of your budget, extend the invite to a friend and you can both start a budgeting plan for the trip! I find it’s easier to save up when someone else is holding you accountable!

Although being a grown-up isn’t exactly as magical as 10-year-old me planned, it is still pretty great. I do get to go to bed whenever I want and I can stay out as late as I want (even though I still would rather be in bed early and get a full 8 hours of sleep). Although the picture is a bit different and I do have to actually think about the money aspect of adulting, I have learned a lot about what is worth my hard-earned dollars and what doesn’t exactly fit the bill.

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