Sunday, July 26, 2020

Sunday Night Thought

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Feels Like Falling

Over the past few years I have become such a fan of Kristy Woodson Harvey. Every single one of her books you just want to slide into your beach bag and devour one while you relax by the water. I absolutely love the fact that there is always an aspect of each character you, as a reader, are able to relate to on some level, and there is always at least one character that I find myself cheering for. Feels Like Falling is Harvey’s sixth novel, and like her other five books, is a page-turner from start to finish. 
Feels Like Falling, by Kristy Woodson Harvey, centers around Gray Howard, her best friends, family turmoil, and love life all set in the picturesque town of Cape Carolina, N.C. 

Gray Howard, successful businesswoman and founder of ClickMarket reluctantly promotes her husband to CFO, only to have him leave her for the newly hired assistant. That only would be enough to throw anyone into a tailspin, but on top of that, add a mother passing away from cancer, losing a sister to her new husband, navigating being a single mother and co-parenting with your ex, and still finding time to run a company on top of everything else. 

Needless to say, Gray is looking forward to a peaceful summer at her waterfront house in Cape Carolina. The perfect people always seem to come into our lives when we need them most and Diana was that person for Gray. Diana, also a bit down on her luck, is hired by Gray to clean and cook for the summer, after being fired from her job as a photo developer. Over time the two women form a friendship as they help each other through difficult times. 

Through the kindness, encouragement and eccentric ways of Trey, Gray’s assistant, and Marcy, Gray’s best friend/next-door neighbor, and of course the friendship Gray and Diana have forged, the two women’s lives soon start to take an upswing in every possible way. 

Feels Like Falling will have you laughing, crying, and turning pages faster than you could ever imagine. Again, Harvey has written the perfect summer read that will transport you from your back porch to the Carolina Coast and plant you right in the middle of the world that is Gray Howard and Cape Carolina. 

I cannot recommend this book, or any book by Kristy Woodson Harvey enough. She has such a beautiful writing style that will draw you into the story line, and before you know it, you feel like you are sipping wine right along with the characters she brings to life as you read. You all with undoubtedly love this book!  

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Guest Post :: 10 Things You May Not Think To Clean But 100% Should

A clean home is a happy home, especially during the current times. I think it is probably fair to say that we are at home a bit more than usual these day and are paying a little closer attention to what we might be tracking in, washing hands, wiping off door knobs, etc. Today Archie is sharing a few things we should most definitely add to our household cleaning list!

Having a clean house involves more than cleaning the obvious places like floors and utensils. To enjoy a clean home, you need to go above and identify the most forgotten areas and work on them. This guide explains some of the areas you should always remember as well as how to clean them. 
Most people remember to mop the floors and to vacuum clean the carpets. However, some areas remain uncleaned but shouldn’t. Probably you’re wondering what areas these are. This guide also gives you some keeping house clean tips that you can utilize. Some of these tips might even motivate you to clean the house more often than you do other times.
It’s now time to put on your cleaning robe, pick your favorite home care products, and get cleaning. This guide is the last motivate to clean the house you’ll ever need.
Door Frames
Take some time to touch the frames of the doors in your house. You’ll be surprised at the amount of dust they accumulate. Rarely do people remember to clean these sensitive areas. To clean the door frames, you only need to use a damp mop or cloth tied to a stick. Door frames don’t require daily cleaning, but a wash once a month won’t do them justice and keep your home dust-free. 
Door Knobs and Pulls 
Admittedly, few people clean and sanitize the doorknobs and pulls. These areas accumulate a lot of dirt and germs because everyone uses them. During your weekly cleaning routine, use a sprayer and a cloth to clean your doorknobs. However, with the coronavirus scare and the need for hygiene, it’s recommended to clean and sanitize doorknobs and pulls daily. 
Under Appliances
When cleaning, do you pull your cooker or refrigerator to clean under them? If not, try it during your next cleaning routine. Spaces under appliances accumulate food particles, pet hairs, and dust that may remain unseen. By regularly pulling the appliances to clean the spaces under them, you can rest assured of a clean house. 
Remote Control
Keeping your house clean doesn’t only involve soaking the floors with water and detergent, even the smallest of items could make your home a germ hub. If asked to name something you never clean in your house, it would probably be the remote control. Sadly, kids love playing with remotes, which could expose them to illness-causing germs. Regularly clean your remotes using a damp cloth and also make sure to spray a disinfectant on them. 
Shower Curtains
While ticking your clean house checklist, make sure that the shower curtains are cleaned. These curtains accumulate a lot of soap gunk and could also develop mold, especially during the cold seasons. At least once a week, create time after showering to clean your curtains. Remember, bathrooms can become very damp if hygiene isn’t observed. 
Even though garbage bins are meant for trash, cleaning them every time you empty them could eliminate awful smells or fruit flies from your house. Besides, having a clean dustbin could give you the motivation to empty trash more often. 
Electricity Switches
Imagine the many times you switch your electricity on and off but rarely clean the switches. You should clean the switches once in a while to remove all the dust that may accumulate on the surface. Besides, sanitizing the switches is also a great way to eliminate any germs that may be lodged on the switches. Remember, everyone in your house keeps using them. 
Television Screen
If someone asked you how clean is your house? The answer would definitely be sparkling clean. But when was the last time you cleaned your television? Children love touching on the TV, leaving prints of small hands all over. Besides, a lot of dust accumulates on the television over time. 
Curtains and Curtain Rods
Curtains hold all the dust from outside and rarely get cleaned. Dirty curtains and curtain rods could leave everyone in the house sneezing or having runny noses. Use a damp cloth tied on a stick to clean the curtain rods thoroughly. You’ll be surprised at the amount of dust these areas can hold. 
Kitchen Sponges and Cloths
Kitchen cloths and sponges can harbor a lot of dirt and germs that could make you sick. Wash the kitchen cloths every day with hot water and some soap. Then rinse them off and take them outside to dry. Sponges should also be cleaned using warm water, especially after washing your utensils. 
In conclusion, there are those areas or items that rarely get cleaned, but 100 percent should. For example, the surfaces under appliances, remote controls, doorknobs, curtains, televisions, and electricity are just but examples of those neglected areas of our homes. If you check on some of these tiny areas, you can enjoy the clean house. 

Author’s bio: Archie Adams was a builder for more than 40 years. Mainly after his retirement the enthusiastic electrical works to keep himself occupied. His many years of experience can get you the right tool reviews whether it is a drill, welding machine or so. An impressive fact to note about him is that almost everything in his house is a representation of his skills made by his hands.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

What I've Been Watching On Netflix

Who else is still getting used to the current lifestyle… I have found myself going for more walks than I have in years {oh, how I miss an in person yoga class}, baking and cooking to pass the time, I have even ordered a paint by number canvas from amazon {which is surprisingly relaxing}, and of course, watching way too much Netflix when I can’t sleep at night. 

I was and still am planning to use this time to read a little more and work on a few projects that I have had in mind for a while, but with the decreased social activities I have found that my creative productive efforts have decreased a little as well. I’m thinking that exercising more might help, so we shall see… but for now, here is what I have been watching on Netflix. 
The Baby Sitters Club// Who else read The Bab Sitters Club growing up? I think it was Disney {maybe} who had a Baby Sitter Club TV series… but now Netflix has come out with their own baby sitters club series and it is so cute and total addicting.  

The Great British Baking Show// I am totally addicted to baking/cooking shows, especially ones that are in the format of a contest, and to top it off all the hosts, judges, and contestants have a British accent! 

Eurovision// Love Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams and they were both so perfectly paired in this movie. It is so completely ridiculous, yet fabulous. I’ve already watched it twice {no shame}.

Unsolved Mysteries// I kind of love the 90s throwback thing that Netflix has been doing with some of their series. I used to love Unsolved Mysteries and it has made my week

Desperados// It is the perfect time to watch a comedy with a slight romantic element. This movie is so cute and such a great escape. P.S. if you are a fan of New Girl, then this movie is most definitely for you

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Fourth of July Weekend Sales

The past few months have been the oddest few months I have seen in my lifetime thus far. To me, it really doesn’t seem like it should be the Fourth of July yet; the past few months just kind of seem like they have run together a little bit. But, I am always glad to have a reason to celebrate anything! Plus, with holidays comes holiday sales! 
Abercrombie// 40-60% off throughout the store
Anthropologie// Up to 70% off original prices with an extra 50% off all sales
Ann Taylor// Up to 80% off sale prices
Banana Republic// 40% off regular price items and 50% off sale styles
Club Monaco// Up to 30% off
Gap// Up to 75% off every thing
J. Crew// Extra 70% off all sale styles plus, 50% off almost everything else with code: GOFOURTH
J. Crew Factory// 50 – 70% off everything
Jack Rogers// up to 75% off everything
Kate Spade// 40% off sale styles
Kiel James Patrick// 25% off your entire purchase 
L.L. Bean// 10% off with code: SUMMER10 
Loft// 60% - 70% off
Madewell// Extra 30% off sale with code GIANT
One King’s Lane// 15% off orders over $250 with code OKL15YES, 20% off orders over $500 with code OKL20YES, 25% off orders over $1000 with code OKL25YES 
Pottery Barn// 25% off $1500 or more, 20% off $500 or more, 15% off $250 or more, 10% off $100 or more with code SAVEMORE
Saks Fifth Avenue// The Designer Sale up to 70% off
Tory Burch// 30% off sale styles with code EXTRA30
Vineyard Vines// 40% off all summer styles
West Elm// 20% off furniture, 25% off everything else