Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Guest Post :: 6 Ways To Make Fitness Fun Again

Over the years I have found some tricks that work for me when it comes to working is once you commit to a certain amount of days don’t skip one, because after you skip one it just becomes easier to do, so stay committed, then find a few workouts you like. Even with that sometimes working out can become a little stale and some fun should definitely be involved in keeping fit. For today’s guest post Samantha has put together 6 wonderful ways to make fitness fun again! I have to say I will definitely be applying a few of these to my fitness life.
If you long for that “my, how time flies when you’re having fun” feeling in your training, you’re not alone. Many a fitness freak has had enough of their monotonous routine, but that’s still no reason to call it quits. However, before you throw in the towel, perhaps you can put a spin on your humdrum training and try something new to get your fitnessjuices flowing again.

1.      Partner up
Suddenly, your daily aerobics class will no longer feel like a chore, but more like an outing! Whether you include your family, your best friend, or even someone you’ve recently met at your gym, the purpose of buddying up is to introduce that social aspect to your training scheme and boost your accountability.

They will cheer you on when you feel like skipping that last set and be the one to inspire you to get off the couch when you’d rather binge-watch your favorite show. Add to that a little healthy competition, and you can turn every training into a well-meaning race to overcome your current limitations!

2.    Explore the great outdoors
Don’t dread the snow or the dreary weather, because some fresh air and learning about your native land will do you more good that you could imagine. All you need is high-quality outdoor gear that you can wear in all sorts of wishy-washy weather to keep you dry and safe, and you’re good to go.

Hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, cycling, canyoning, diving, surfing, rafting, kayaking, the list just keeps going. There’s something for everyone’s taste and ability level, so you can adjust your routine depending on the conditions. Plus, this level of diversity can only help you forget all that monotony and never have another tedious training session again!

3.    Revive your childhood games
Certain things in life never become dull, so why not tap into your own memory box and see if there’s a long-forgotten childhood activity you could return to? When we’re young, every physical activity feels like a game, and it’s a natural instinct to make it as fun as possible.

For instance, take out your longboard for a ride down the street or in your nearest park – you’ll be surprised just how much fun learning new moves can be. Besides, skateboarding can be a full-body workout that requires tons of energy, endurance, and coordination! The same goes for hula hooping, jumping on a trampoline, and even playing tag with your kids.

4.    Bust some moves
When in doubt, play some music! Preferably, use a playlist with upbeat songsthat will put a smile on your face and make you forget that you are exercising in the first place. A cheerful list can turn even your house chores into an exciting afternoon of exercise, while you can also take it to the next level and join a dance class.

Focusing on learning new steps, syncing the moves with your dance partner, and following the beat of the music will all be perfect, fun distractions while your entire body works hard to keep up with the tunes.

5.    Tech up
Busy-bees often abandon their fitness goals altogether because they don’t have the time to think of new exercise plans and ways to fit them into their schedule. Enter: technology! Install a few handy apps on your smartphone, and you can have tailor-made routines delivered every day, all perfectly suitable to your lifestyle, so that you can do them at home, or even at work during your lunch break.

Another new trend on the rise is gamification, and lovers of the Walking Dead will adore apps such as “Zombies, Run!” that spice up your workout with a layer of storytelling.

6.    Leave your comfort zone
Have you ever tried pole dancing? Or aerial yoga? The world is full of enthralling and challenging activities that put your fitness knowledge to the test. All you need to do is stay in the loop of your local fitness centers and take a few introductory classes to see what feels best.

Maybe ballet, krav maga, or underwater hockey are precisely what you need to feel more invigorated and excited about your fitness goals!


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