Thursday, October 11, 2018

My Favorite Halloween Movies

When it comes to anything involving fall, I am pretty much the most ‘basic white girl’ out there, or at the very least in the top ten. When the first official day of fall hits I have a Starbucks drink in hand, will eat anything that is pumpkin flavored, and I am always slightly disappointed if it is not could enough to wear a sweater the first day of fall, because, well…it is also the official start of sweater weather season.

Along with all things Fall I enjoy the occasional scary movie.  Make fun of me all you want, but when it comes to scary movies, I usually gravitate towards ones where there is 0.01% chance of it actually happening in real life and movies that usually have a happy ending. Sorry, not sorry, but Halloween and Texas Chain Saw Masssacre are just not for me. Plus, I scare easily; this past weekend I watched Double, Double, Toil and Trouble, {a classic Olsen twin movie from the 90s} and not gonna lie, there were parts of that movie that scared me.

Even though I am not a big thrill seeker when it comes to being scared from the comfort of my own home, I still enjoy a good Halloween movie. With Fall floating around and Halloween just around the corner I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite scary movies.
Hocus Pocus// I absolutely love the fact that this has become the iconic movie of the Halloween. I mean, if you don’t watch Hocus Pocus is it actually fall?

On Halloween night Allison, Max Dennison, and his sister, Dani, breaks into an old historical house that is rumored to have house three sisters that just happened to be witches. Max not believing the story of the story of the three witches lights the black flame candle, and accidently brings the three evil witches back to life. With the help of a cat, Max, Dani, and Alison have to prevent them from becoming immortal.

Rear Window// Warned you I was not a big scary movie person, but who can resist a classic mystery/murder movie, especially when it’s done by Hitchcock.

A photographer with a broken leg spends his time recuperating by spying on his neighbors, who are actually more interesting than he originally thought. One night he sees what he believes to be a murder, and decides to solve the crime himself after speaking with the police. With the help of his girlfriend and nurse, he attempts to catch the murderer without anyone else being killed.

The Conjuring// This movie is about as scary as I will do. The only reasons I’m able to watch is 1) I pretend it’s not based on a real story 2) the special effects are not that convincing 3) it has a good ending and everyone lives.

A family of 7 unknowingly moves into a house haunted by spirits {side note: I’m scaring myself just writing about this movie…}. The family eventually comes to the realization that their houses is indeed haunted, and calls in paranormal experts.

Jaws// I know, I know, shark attacks actually do happen in weird life, but sharks are animals and not sinister people so I can deal with this one.  By the way, the first Jaws is the best, in my humble opinion.

The small, almost storybook type town, located is Amity Island, New England, becomes a finding ground for the shark, formally know as Jaws. When the first attack takes place police chief, Martin Brody, wants to close the beaches, but the Mayor won’t allow such a thing, which turns out to be a mistake, setting a whirlwind of drama and tragedy in to motion.

What Are Some of Your Favorite Movies? 

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