Monday, October 29, 2018

Wool Jackets

Is it here, is it actually, really, finally here? Yes, it may have taken a bit longer this year, but fall is finally here! The ushering in of sweater weather season, outerwear, as far as the eye can see, and before you know it, the first snow flake will flutter down from the sky, and it is time to add in those cozy winter wool jackets, complete with a scarf, of course.
Over the years, fall has become my favorite season. I have started to appreciate the winter months {minus February} more and more with each passing year. Starting about the end of August I start looking forward to crisp leaves under my feet, a fall breeze gently blowing my hair, leggings and a cozy sweater. It seems like it took Autumn forever to arrive this year, but when it finally did, it came in with a bang. I kid you not, one weekend I was wearing a sundress, and the next, a sweater, leggings, boots, and even a wool jacket; as crazy as that might sound.

I always get excited when outerwear is officially acceptable {aka, the temp drops below 70}. I am completely loving how popular wool jackets are this year. I credit J. Crew making this style coat so popular with their stadium wool jackets that have become a wardrobe staple. One down side to these coats is they can air on the more expensive side, but a definite plus is that the design is simple enough where, if you are experienced with a sewing machine you could easily recreate the design. But if you’re like me, good news, these wool cats are timeless, so you can always wait to get one on sale without the fear of it ever going out of style!

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