Monday, October 15, 2018

What You Need To Know Before Becoming Maid of Honor

I love how in the past few years brides have started proposing to their friends to be their bridesmaid and maid of honor. In full disclosure I have never been a maid of honor before. My sister is getting married this spring, so…maid of honor in the works over here. I actually think I am getting off easy for my first time, it is always easier to be in a family members wedding, because you know their personality very well and most, if not all the guest at the wedding. However, there are those who are their friend’s maid of honor the very first time being one. For someone reason, even though it should probably be the other way around it always feel like more pressure when a friend is involved versus a family member. Suzanne’s time could not have been any more perfect. Today Suzanne Elly has outlined a few thing all women need to know before becoming a Maid of Honor!
You best friend’s boyfriend just popped the question and they’re engaged. Well, then it’s not going to be long before she pops the question to you and asks you to be her maid of honour. You both may have been dreaming of the day of each other’s wedding and being maid of honours for each other. Well, your day is here. You’re going to be the point of contact for the bride, you’ll be walking down the aisle before her, holding her bouquet and shedding tears of sheer happiness when she says, ‘i do.’

But that’s not all that being a maid of honour means. There’s a lot more than just holding the bouquet and the ring, which you’ll be expected to do. So before you say yes to your best friend, know what you’re up against and what all you’ll have to do.

Here’s a broad outline of the role you’ll be playing as the maid of honour to your bride friend.

1.Leader of Team Bride
You will be responsible for getting all the bridesmaids introduced to each other so that you all can get together for the wedding preparations. The bridesmaids may not know each other, so have some icebreaker activities and introductions so that all of them are familiar with each other.

2. Hen Night
Not just any hen night, you’ll be responsible for throwing the most epic hen night of the decade because it’s your bride friend’s last night as a bachelorette before she gets herself a hubby. So you’ll have to get all the bridesmaids and other friends of the bride to brainstorm on some amazing hen party ideas. You will have to make arrangements for all hen activities and accommodation, in case you’re planning to travel for your hen night. You will also have to plan your budget for the hen do. If you want, you can split the hen do expenditure with the rest of the hen gang, so that it’s not a burden on you alone.

3. Dress Fittings
You will have to accompany your bride friend to all the dress and wardrobe fittings she will need to go for. You will also have to give your honest feedback, because she will expect this. Apart from the wedding dress, you will also have to help pick out the bridesmaid dresses and give your opinion on them.

4. Emotional Support
Being her best friend, it will be up to you to be there and lend a ear to the bride whenever she wants to share something or wants to be heard. Wedding is a very emotional time for the bride and her family. The bride will be overwhelmed with so many emotions and will need someone to be there for her to hear her out from time to time. This is where you step in and ensure that you lend an ear to your friend and also share some words of love and support.

5. Rehearsal Dinner
The day before the wedding will be the rehearsal dinner, which is another very important pre-wedding event. Make sure you are there helping the bride with all the arrangements and final touches.

6. Hostess
You will also play the role of hostess on the day of the wedding. You will be the point of contact between the bride and the wedding guests. So you will have to welcome the guests inside the venue and guide them to their seats for the wedding ceremony.

7. Wedding Ceremony Duties
During the wedding ceremony you will be walking down the aisle before the bride does. You will also hold the bride’s bouquet during the ongoing ceremony. You will also be responsible to hand over the wedding ring when required during the ceremony.
Apart from the traditional wedding ceremony duties, you may also be called upon to sign the marriage license as a witness to the communion.

In all the hustle bustle and preparations of the wedding, don’t forget to have fun and cherish the last few moments of your friend being single before she becomes a wife. Dance away, relish the food, enjoy the dress you helped pick out and if you’re lucky, catch the bouquet before it flies away!

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