Sunday, December 4, 2016

My Fashion Inspiration

Fashion Inspiration can come from pretty much anywhere: art, fabric print, pictures, but most commonly it is usually celebrities who influence our style and what we wear.

My personal thought on individual style is that you should always wear what is flattering for you, reflects who you are, and is something you are 100% confident wearing.

For me personally I prefer a classic, old world, chic, elegant, and somewhat whimsical look. I find style inspiration in Grace Kelly {my favorite golden age of Hollywood actress}, Audrey Hepburn, Taylor Swift, and Blake Lively. What I admire most about all four of these women is they stay true to a style that is uniquely them. They all wear outfits and dresses that I myself would actually wear and I feel like I can identify and relate with them on a fundamental level of fashion.

GraceKelly// She has an Hermes handbag named after her, if that doesn’t earn you respect as a fashion icon, I don’t know what does. From her wedding gown, to her iconic tiffany blue awards dress to her everyday outfit of a men’s button-up, jeans, and loafers, she was always flawlessly dressed. Not going to lie, one day when I get married I definitely want a dress that is Grace Kelly-ish

AudreyHepburn// Audrey Hepburn’s basic look of ballet flats, skinny pants, elegant/chic shirts, and keep it simple look, has never gone out of style, and it is a look I wear quite often.

TaylorSwift// Recently her look has been a little to something for me… but up until about January I always thought her look was so spot on and her makeup is always on fleak. She’s in an industry that is constantly trying to push the envelop, but she stands out with a classic aura she has about herself and her style and has been so successful by staying true to herself and relatable to her fans.  But I definitely draw inspiration from her beautiful dresses and how she does her makeup.

Blake Lively// Blake Lively seems to have this sense about her that is a genuinely nice person that I could actually be friends, which alone is appealing to me. Her style seems to reflect a fun, fashionable, girl next door look, plus she has really good hair. She is someone that a large number of people could identify with and draw some style inspiration from.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Happy Hour Time

What’s that sound? Do you hear it? It’s the sound of the weekend walking down the sidewalk. Oh, what a wonderful feeling to know that a few relaxing days are ahead. I hope everyone had had a wonderful week and that it carries over into the weekend. Here’s to singing Christmas carols, decorating a tree, baking, and relaxing. Cheers!
P.S. Christmas gifts lists and Christmas playlists will be coming to the blog very soon ;)

“Beautiful is the woman who knows people, places, and things don’t define her. She is defined by her acts of loving kindness and generous heart.”
~ Michael Chatman

Drink Special!
¾ ounce brandy
¾ ounce sweet vermouth
2 dashes Angostura bitters
1 teaspoon simple syrup
ice cubes
Shake with ice and strain into cocktail glass

Around Town!
Nashville, TN: Home Alone with the Nashville Symphony & Chorus at Schermerhorn Symphony Center, Sunday, December 1, 1:00pm & 7:00pm
Franklin, TN: First Friday Art Scene at Downtown Franklin, Friday, December 2
Seaside, FL: Farmers Market at the town square, Saturday, December 3, 9:00am
Highlands, NC: 2016 Highlands Christmas Parade at Main Street, Saturday, December 3, 2:00pm
Little Rock, AR: Family Holiday Movie Dat at Statehouse Convention Center, 1:00pm