Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Summer Dresses Under $100

 Even though summer is halfway over {believe it or not…} I feel like sundresses can be worn easily till the end of September, especially in Nashville. I always miss the opportunity to layer different pieces of clothing and walk around town in outerwear, but I love how easy it is to get dressed during the warmer months of the year. You can throw on a sundress, add a necklace, a cute pair of shoes, and you will look effortlessly put together. Right now there are so many cute sundresses for sale for under $100, so I thought I would take the opportunity to share a few of my favorites!

One// Max Studio Roll-Up Sleeve Linen-Blend

I have always been such a sucker for a shirtdress and love how transitional they are!


Two// BB Dakota Barbara Ann Dress

I can never resist a stripe dress… This BB Dakota dress makes for such a great everyday look and could even be used as a swimsuit cover-up.


Three// English Factory Tiered Gingham Maxi Dress

The soft lavender color of this gingham print maxi dress is the perfect touch of famine and casual tied into one


Four// Eva Pink Pineapple Jaipur Dress

Tuckernuck always has the cutest dresses available on their website. This particular dress has such a fun pattern and color scheme. Could easily be during the day or dressed up for dinner out


Five// J. Crew Tiered Dress in Broken-In Jersey

This is such a great dress that could be worn during the early fall days, late spring, and all summer long! The perfect throw on dress


Six// English Factory Tiered Midi Dress

I feel like this dress has been all over the Internet this summer! The bow tied shoulder ties, tired sections, length, and color is just summer perfection!


Seven// Madewell Banded Collar Tiered Dress

A sleeveless, black, button down dress… yes, please!


Eight// Summertime Cami Midi Dress in Seersucker Gingham

Madewell has been completely on point this summer with their dress styles and prints. This dress is such a summer classic that can be worn for years to come


Nine// Anthropologie Draped Midi Dress

This is a dress that could so easily be worn now till the weather turns cool again in the fall. The knit material and the simple bow detail on the side of this dress makes it so incredibly versatile 

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

June Reading List

 June and July have been a crazy couple of months for me so I am a little late getting my ‘June Reading List’ up. However, I was able to get a little more back on track with my reading goal for the year. I am aiming to read a hundred books for this year. I was able to read five books during the month of June and am currently on books number thirty-two and thirty-three; I’m not sure if I will actually make it through a hundred books for the year, but hopefully I will land pretty close to my goal. 


Honey Pie, by Donna Kauffman

Honey Pie is the last book in the Cupcake Club series by Donna Kauffman, and I almost hate to admit this, but Honey Pie is my least favorite book of the series. I just felt like the storyline was trying too hard to bring everything full circle, and it honestly just kind of felt forced and fell flat. 


After inheriting her aunt’s property in Sugarberry Island, Honey D’Amourvell is determined to put down roots in this charming southern town. 


Once Upon A Royal Summer, by Teri Wilson

Love, love, love this book. Once Upon A Royal Summer is the perfect marriage of fairytale and real life. Plus, it is just such a great escape to dive into at the end of the day.


Lacey is thrilled to have her dream job of playing a princess at a theme pack in Florida. She loves the smiles that her job brings to the faces of children, especially to those who are in need of a special moment. Rumors fly around the theme park that the crown prince of Bella-Moritz is treating his young daughter to a trip to the theme park for her birthday. Prince Henry lost his wife four years ago and longs to treat his daughter to elements of a ‘normal’ childhood he never had. Disguised as tourist, Henry and his daughter are escorted around the park by Princess Sweet Pea {aka Lacey}; sparks start to fly between a real life prince and a theme park princess…


Savannah Comes Undone 

I didn’t realize until after the fact that Savannah Comes Undone is actually the second book in a series of three… So, I definitely recommend starting with the first book in the series, Savannah from Savannah {which actually has better review than Savannah Comes Undone}. This book has a good story line, but it is a little slow moving at times. I have read reviews on the first and third book in the series and they actually have better reviews than the second…


Savannah has a colorful mother who makes the lead story on the six o’clock news, which of course Savannah is mortified by. Her mother has chained herself to a downtown monument as a form of protest. 


Savannah who’s a journalist for the Savannah Chronicle. Along her journey Savannah discovers things about her mother and herself that she was not aware of before. Although a little slow, still a very fun read.


The Last Thing He Told Me

This is one of the best thriller books I have read in a few months. Highly recommend!


Hannah, who is married to Owen Michaels and is a stepmother to Bailey, thinks she is living a relatively normal life of running her own business, navigating the waters of motherhood, and playing the part of a supportive wife. Only to discover that her husband lead a completely different life before they met. 


Before disappearing Owen Michaels is able to smuggle a note to both his wife and daughter. While Hannah desperately tried to get in touch with Owen she finds that Owen’s boss has been arrested and that the start-up Owen was working at is under investigation. Hannah and Bailey both set out to discover the truth In the process of piecing together Owen’s past life they also realize that they are beginning to piece together an entirely new life of their own. 


The Anthropocene Reviewed, by John Green

The Anthropocene Review is not what I expected at all… I did not read the description of the book, and was under the impression that this was going to be another typical John Green book. When I first starting reading The Anthropocene Reviewed I was a little unsure, but ended up really loving this book. 


John Green tells short stories and experiences that are just a few pages long and then rates on a scale of five. 

Monday, July 12, 2021

July New Arrival Favorites

If you asked me about ten or so years ago, the middle of July used to be my least favorite part of summer. I was always so devastated when stores would change their display windows over to a fall theme and move their summer clothes to back of the store.

Now, however, this is my favorite time for summer fashion; a few tail end summer items are making their way to the new section of websites, a few other summer staples are making their way to the sale sections, and hints of what fall fashion may look like for the year are starting to surface. There are so many new items that I am completely loving right now, so have rounded up a few favorites!

One// Mi Golondrina Coco Celeste Palido Grisy Marino

Mi Golondrina’s dresses are such a splurge, but so worth every penny. The quality is fabulous and the weight of the fabric is so perfect for those warm summer days. Each dress is hand embroidered and I absolutely love this new color combination that was just released! Runs true to size, meant to fit a little big


Two// Sarah Flint Mirjana Barrette

I am completely crushing on this hair accessory. The detail and thought that goes into each Sarah Flint product truly is impressive. The simple famine touch and the hint of a bow is just perfection.


Three// Hotel Collection Platinum Dream On Reed Diffuser

I am obsessed with this particular scent. Dream on is inspired by the Westin Hotel and is a perfect balance of fresh and calm with its notes of white tea and hint of cedar. Use code: ATOUCHOFSOUTHERNGRACE20 at checkout to receive 20% off your order!


Four// Dutch Floral Water Bottle

Blue and White floral print water bottle – need I say more? 


Five// English Factory Striped Mini Dress

I feel like blue and white stripes are the epitome of classic summer fashion. The flutter sleeve detail is the perfect touch to bring the style of this dress full circle


Six// ON Cloud Waterproof Sneakers in Rose/Lunar

Maybe I have overlooked this particular combination, but I love how the soft pink and light gray make this shoe so neutral 


Seven// Serena & Lily Corfu Pillow Cover

Is there ever such as too many pillows? Serena & Lilly always has such a varied and wonderful selection of indoor/outdoor pillows. This particular pillow come in four different color combinations, but the white with the classic green stripes is so classic and just such a can’t go wrong color combo


Eight// Star Collector’s Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick

Is anyone a sucker for items with stars on them? I have this particular lipstick formula in another color, but I really like their two newest colors that they have recently come out with


Nine// Lele Sadoughi x Lilly Pulitzer Knotted Headband 

Once you wear a Lele Sadoughi headband there is no turning back. They are so comfortable and are available in so many different designs. They have recently teamed up with Lilly Pulitzer to collaborate and produce a few truly stunning headband. This one is my favorite they were able to design together. The blue and white and detailed touches are stunning 


Ten// Pomander Place Aqua Blythe Dress

I have become such a fan of Pomander Place over the past couple of years. The fabric of their dresses allows for the perfect fit, hang, and flow. They are so reasonably priced and an item you will have in your closet for years to come


Eleven// Cipriani Organic Pappardelle

I have eaten at Cipriani so many times and love everything about the restaurant, but most obviously their pasta. I discovered not too long ago that they actually sale their pasta online and even have some of their recipes available online so you can have the Cipriani experience from the comfort of your own home.


Twelve// iPhone 12 Silicone Case in Cloud Blue

I bought the new iPhone back in December and at the time there was only like three or four colors available in the phone case. At the time I was slightly disappointed that there weren’t any pastel color cases protectors, but now they have so many different colors available, pastels included


Thirteen// Free People Arden Extra Long Cotton Top

I don’t know how Free People does it, but they make some of the softest tops. I love the length of this one – its perfect to wear with leggings or shorts and great to put under a longer sweater when the weather gets cool


Fourteen// Pastoral Embroidered Midi Skirt

I am so thrilled that Anthropologie has come out with an collection inspired by Audrey Hepburn. I have my fingers that this is a sign that the fashion industry will soon be turning away from the 70’s and 90’s influence they have been drawing from for the past couple of years. I am so ready for another round of matchstick pants, pointed shoes, and more Lee Radziwill inspired handbags. I wouldn’t have picked this outfit out if I hadn’t seen it paired together on the website but it really does make for such a fun and famine look. 

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Castaway Nantucket

 I always love coming in contact with new-to-me companies and supporting small businesses, especially during recent times. I have completely fallen in love with Castaway Nantucket, but when ‘Nantucket’ is included in a company’s name how could you help but fall in love with them. 

Castaway Nantucket is the most perfect shop to find all your holiday and summer novelty items. During the Christmas season they even carry plaid dresses and items in a variety of holiday prints. Needless to say, that since we are in the high point of the summer season, they have the cutest summer prints. Skirts with flamingos, flags, lobsters, golf prints – basically any adorable summer print you could ever dream up. Added bonus, they also carry clothes for men and children! The perfect place to find a few cute pieces for yourself or a few other family members! Use code: SOUTHERNGRACE at checkout to receive 20% off your order now through June 30th!

Tunic Top Royal & Navy Seersucker with White Trim

Men’s Crew Neck Sweater Navy with American Flag

Ali Skirt Nantucket Navy with American Flag

Tunic Dress Blue Seersucker with Navy Trim

Boys Sandbar Swim Suit

Girls Shift Dress Blue Seersucker

Ali Skirt Stretch Twill Liberty with Flamingo

Skipper Dress

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

30 Days of Yoga

 Since yesterday was international yoga day {is there now an international day for everything?} I thought it would be a good opportunity to share about my 30 days of yoga. One night, through my journey down the rabbit hole that is YouTube I came across different 30 day challenges, yoga being one of them, and thought why not give it a try… Its relaxing, low impact, and a good way to get in shape – seriously can’t lose in taking part in this challenge.

I think it is fair to say that covid took a toll on everyone’s fitness/health life, either physically or mentally, and yoga does such a great job of addressing both of those issues. If you haven’t given this form of exercise a try yet, I highly recommend! I promise, it is much more than stretching… not sure why some people even think that yoga is just stretching… but you never know till you try!


I am currently on day fourteen, so a day shy of the halfway mark, and I can already tell such a difference. I weighted myself the first day I started the 30 day challenge, but haven’t weighted since, so I can’t say if I have gained or lost weight {saving that for day 30}, but I can say that I have noticed that my clothes lay slightly nicer than they used to. I can also say that I have noticed a positive change in my arms and I sleep sooo much better at night!


There are so many YouTube exercise videos that make doing a yoga challenge so extremely easy to do, day or night, just which ever fits your schedule best! Here are the videos I have been using!