Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Guest Post :: How To Love And Accept Your Body Again

I am taking it a little easy this week and trying to go to bed a bit earlier So get ready to see a few more fabulous guest posts this week! 

In today’s society with social media being such a large part of modern day culture we sometimes get caught up in the perfection that is on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and so on – that we forget to love ourselves and forget remember that there are sooo many  photo editing apps out there; what you see in a picture is not always what is a reality. Today’s guest post Brigitte has written a wonderful article on how to love and accept your body again.
Do you feel tired of waking up every morning and the first thought being what you are going to put on to make yourself look as thin and as photoshopped as you can? How much makeup do you have to apply to look “acceptable” or how little should you eat for breakfast to have the perfect body? All of these insecurities tend to come up around summer, because it’s the season when everyone is wearing revealing clothing and you are double bombarded with ads talking about the “perfect bikini body”. It stops today. Reclaim your love for your body with these healthy practices.

 Be Your Body’s Friend
I was never as happy as when I started seeing all the things my body does for me and how much it loves me. From that day on, I decided I’m going to be my body’s friend. When you look at your thick thighs, don’t hate them because they spread out when you sit, thank them for allowing you to walk, run, jump, ride a bike, walk you down the aisle and into the next chapters of your life. Instead of hating your stomach, consider how soft and comfortable it is for someone to lay their head upon. Cuddle yourself without the boundaries of what society defines as beautiful, and you will notice some amazing things about your body you never before dared to love. Remember, when it comes down to it, it’s you and your body against the world, so make sure you learn to be its friend, not an enemy.
Follow Real People
A big reason why so many of us have problems with our body image is that we are surrounded by unrealistic ideals that are telling us that that’s “normal” and that we should all strive to be like that. And as much as we tell ourselves that these pictures aren’t real, we also need to give our mind something real to look at. Fill your Instagram feed with people of color, fat people, differently abled people and everyone who will show you that people of all shapes and sizes not only exist, but are absolutely beautiful – and so are you. Pay attention to how the people in your life that you look up to don’t all look the same and understand that that’s not what defines them, and it’s not what defines you either.

Altering Your Image
No, altering your image doesn’t mean you hate yourself. If you’ve gone through a traumatic event that left you with scars, or you have a deformation like a nose deviatio nor tuberous breasts, the correction of which can have not only aesthetic benefits, but medical ones, you shouldn’t feel ashamed for having it altered. If changing your hair color makes you feel more confident, that doesn’t mean that you hate your body for having a different natural hair color. As long as you are not doing anything to damage your body on purpose, it’s perfectly fine to allow yourself to have any procedure you want. Of course, you have a duty towards yourself to do all the research in the world to find the best place to do it, and you should never ever be changing your body because someone else wants you to.
Diet and Exercise
The trickiest of them all. How can we talk about loving ourselves and accepting ourselves as we are and yet still go to the gym five times per week? Easy! Because exercising and eating healthy aren’t meant to change the way you look, they are meant to keep you healthy and celebrate what your body can do. You should never exercise to punish yourself for something you ate or the way you look, but rather treat yourself to doing something that your body will love. Take care of your body because you love it, not because you want to change it. If you love going to the gym, then go because you love it and because it makes you stronger, faster and more flexible, not because you want to shrink yourself. The exact same goes for a balanced diet. Diets, cleanses and miracle pills do not work and you will only be harming yourself if you try to force your body into something it’s not comfortable with. Unless you have a medical reason why you can’t trust your body’s signals, then listen to it and be intuitive. Eat when you are hungry and eat what your body is craving and stop when you are full.

Loving your body, especially if you’ve been at war with it for a long time, is a process, and you need to give it all the time it needs. But every day, thank your body for keeping you alive and treat it like the home it is. And if you feel like you are suffering from an eating disorder or body dysmorphia, please talk to a mental health specialist ASAP.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Guest Post :: 5 Best Kept Celebrity Beauty Secrets

The older I get the more interested I am in face cream, makeup, and overall skin care. Every time I’m on Instagram and run across a few celebrities I always wonder what their secret is…. I mean how amazing doe Christy Brinkley look? Then Jennifer Garner always looks flawlessly fresh. Today Peter Minkoff has written a fabulous guest post sharing the 5 best kept celebrity beauty secrets; let me just say, it’s a simply fabulous post!
Whether they’re smiling, giving sexy, smoldering looks on the red carpet or just running around town ‘off-duty’ style, celebrities always look amazing – even when they’re completely casually dressed and have no makeup on their face whatsoever. So, it’s only natural that we want to know what the secret behind always looking incredible is, right? We may not have red carpets, catwalks and movie roles in our cards, but we deserve to look as good as possible, and since celebs seem to have the skinny on how to achieve that, what better source to turn to than them? Ok, let’s dive in, because we’re about to reveal some major beauty secrets.

Skincare Secrets
Every celebrity out there has her favorite brand of skincare products that she relies on, and commits to a strict and extensive skincare regimen almost religiously. Some are pretty open about it – for instance, Miranda Kerr cannot live without products from her own company – Kora Organics and swears by the Noni Glow facial oil. In fact, she did her own makeup for her wedding and this oil was part of her skin-prep routine. Some secrets, on the other hand, are well-hidden. For instance, did you know that Sandra Bullock, among many other celebs, uses the Preparation H, which is a hemorrhoid treatment, because it supposedly does wonders for the under eye area, it smooths the lines and refreshes the skin, erases dark circles and gives you that fresh and well-slept look. Of course, regular exfoliation is the secret of every celeb, so make sure you scrub that face and body good. You can resortto the highly popular dry brushing – amazing for circulation and cellulite, and for the face, use gentle yet powerful exfoliators to get that plump, healthy lit-from-within glow. As for the rest of your skincare, as said, every A-lister has her favorite brands. Gwyneth swears by Tatcha cosmetics, Bella loves serums and oils, so find what works for your skin type and concerns. Perhaps it won’t be in the same price range, but there are great, affordable products out there that will give you the same results.
Make The Eyes Pop

If you’re not a fan of falsies but can’t seem to get your mascara or even eyelash curler to do the trick and give you the perfect curl, use this trick that Isla Fisher swears by. Before curling her lashes, she takes a blow-drier and slightly warms up the curler for a couple of seconds and then proceeds to curl her lashes. She claims that this works like a charm and keeps those lashes up and perky all day long.

The Public Secret
Although many of them swear to lead healthy lifestyles, eat organic foods and avoid alcohol and cigarettes, we know that’s not the secret to a perfect body or a perfect complexion for that matter. The behind-the-scenes photos and snaps at the Met Gala show a great number of celebs smoking, so they’re definitely not vice-free. However, when it comes to both their skin and body alterations and enhancement treatments, some are more open about them, while others do everything in their power to keep their visits to cosmetic surgeons under wraps. Kylie Jenner denied having lip fillers for a very long time before coming clean and saying it was an insecurity she wanted to get rid of, and other celebs have confessed to having undergone both breast augmentation as well as reduction surgeries. All this openness has removed the stigma of these and similar procedures, so if you do, for instance, want to get breast augmentation in Sydney, London, LA, New York or anywhere else, it’s completely normal and essentially no one’s business but your own.  The fact that even celebrities undergo lasers, microdermabrasion, body sculpting and numerous other, less or more invasive procedures tells us that they aren’t perfect, they have insecurities just like us, and as long as you don’t go all Courtney Cox and completely transform (or butcher) your face, it’s completely normal to have something done. Cosmetic surgeries aren’t a taboo anymore, not in our world or the world of the A-listers, so if there’s something hindering your self-confidence, turn to the best doctors and fix it, guilt-free. 
The No-Makeup Makeup Trick
If you have pale lips and would love to give the illusion of having a little more color without actually wearing lipstick – Halle Berry hasan ingenious yet super-simple trick. To give your lips that healthy and kissable flush, apply red lipstick on them and then wipe it off. As you know, after red lipstick there is always a little pinkish residue, so simply apply a coat of a light lip gloss or balm, even the color out and you will have achieved the perfect, natural-looking, vibrant pout.

Some Things You’ve Got To Work For
Yes, supermodels are born tall and curvy in the right places, but it’s no secret that if you indulge in junk food and don’t exercise, it will take a toll. So, regardless of the fact that she was born with an irresistible baby-face, beauty Gigi Hadid, as well as her sister, follow a quite a strict low-carb, high-protein diet and they exercise like crazy. Gigi even has boxing sessions, to keep those arms and legs strong and Victoria’s Secret show-ready. There are celebrities who go in for quick fixes and solutions, but not everything can be achieved with tricks; you have to work hard if you want to have the body. Still, many of these tricks are super cool and easy to do, so give them a try and see what happens. Good luck.