Sunday, May 22, 2022

Sunday Night Thought


Links I'm Loving

 How crazy is that in just a few days Memorial Day will be upon us? I still cannot get over how fast this year has gone by… but I am so looking forward to all things red, white, blue, and summer. For now, here are a few links that I am completely loving!

One// Sarah Flint Perfect Emma in Gold Saffiano

Sarah Flint is a shoe and accessories company that made its debut in 2014. I found out about them a few years ago and have been such a fan ever since. These Perfect Emma pumps are so perfect for any summer occasion, and lets face facts, who doesn’t love a gold shoe!? Use my code: SARAHFLINT-BALAURENAID at checkout to receive $50 off your first pair of Sarah Flint shoes!!


Two// Magnolia Table, Volume 2

I tried Joanna Gaines’ Minestrone soup over the winter and it was the best minestrone soup I have ever had. Ever since I have been wanting to try a few more of her recipes and recently purchased both of her cookbooks. They are both amazing, but the recipes in the second book just look like a slice of comfort food heaven


Three// Lili Lerch x Belle of the Ball Coastal Grandmother Collection

Completely in love with this collection and the whole coastal grandmother trend that is currently happening – it is all very Nancy Myers. If you are on the coastal grandmother vibe than this collection is most definitely for you!


Four// Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients

Is it just me or does anyone else find cooking shows and cooking anything relaxing? This is such a fun little YouTube series to watch; as you might have guessed from the title a home cook and professional chef switch ingredients and it is always interesting to see what they each make of what they are given


Five// Mi Golondrina Francesea Neutral Floral 

For the past few summers I have been such a fan of Mi Golondrina dresses; they are just such an easy something to put on and are perfect for summer. I love how they are starting to incorporate a few new designs into their collection, and I especially love this one shoulder dress. It is just so flattering and perfect for any summer gatherings 

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

What I've Been Watching

 It seems like after a stretch of not much new on television and streaming services that there is suddenly a surge of new shows and movies that are good and have some substance to them. On a similar note, is anyone else ridiculously excited about the new Downton Abbey movie and season 4 of Stranger Things being released at the end of this month?! Lately I have been trying to fill my mind with positive things in general; let’s face facts, there’s only so much negative news and such that one person can take in. I have been so excited to discover a few new shows and movies and rediscover a few old ones! So, I thought it might be fun to share what I have been watching!  

One// The First Lady

Absolutely Love historical anything, so obviously historical tv shows are definitely up my alley. I will admit, I wasn’t too eager to watch ‘The First Lady’, because I am sooooooo tired of politics and hearing about politics {it’s an important topic though and it’s good to be informed, but still…}. I was hooked within the first five seconds of the first episode. ‘The First Lady’ follows the journey of Michelle Obama, Betty Ford {really wish I could be bffs with her!}, and Eleanor Roosevelt on their journey to becoming First Lady and actually assuming the position. If you didn’t love these women before you watched this series, you will love them after! Highly recommend!


Two// Julia

Fair warning: if accents irritate you, then this is not a tv series for you, however, if you don’t mind or love an accent, then I highly recommend this new HBOMax series! I absolutely loved this series and have my fingers crossed for a season two. The series tells the story of how Julia Child first started out with her tv cooking series and follows her journey through the first season she hosted ‘The French Chef’. I’m feel safe in saying that she was probably the Martha Stewart of her time {minus everything being perfect 100% of the time}. If you are a fellow Julia Child fan, I cannot recommend this show enough


Three// Senior Year

I think this is a movie that we all needed right about now. The news has been so heavy lately and for the past two years it seems like there has constantly been something negative going on, on a world-wide level. I think it’s safe to say that we all need a little a humor and light heartedness in our life right about now. Rebel Wilson does such a great job in this movie, and really brings a fun spirit to the screen. 

Four// Bewitched

I am kind of obsessed with the original Bewitched tv series. I watch it every day when I workout and I am so envious of some of Samantha’s clothes. Some of the fashion is seriously timeless. I love older shows and the fact that the story lines are upbeat and entertaining. 



The new season of Girls5eva just came out and can be streamed on Peacock. To be super honest, this is a pretty mindless show you can just get lost in. Plus, Sara Bareilles is the main character, and who doesn’t love Sara Bareilles?!

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Where The Last Rose Blooms

 I was so in need of this type of book. The books I read last month were well written and had well developed storylines, but some of them were honestly a little depressing and some just did not live up to their hype, at least in my opinion. Where The Last Rose Blooms, by Ashley Clark, was such a nice escape at the end of the day. Clark did a lovely job of tying the past and the present together and transitioning between two different time periods. I also really enjoyed how she worked in a nice combination of mystery, history, and developing love stories.

Where The Last Rose Blooms tells the story of two strong women who are separated by 160 years of history. 


Alice runs a flower shop in New Orleans with her aunt, who has been by her side ever since Alice’s mother went missing during Hurricane Katrina. On the night of Valentine’s a handsome man arrives at the flower shop just before closing, causing him and Alice to get off on a tense footing. A little while late, Alice finds herself waiting outside of a restaurant for a double date with her friends and a mystery man they have fixed her up with. To Alice’s surprise she soon discovers that her blind date is the man from her flower shop, and that the flowers were intended for her. After making it through a somewhat awkward dinner he soon wins Alice over and feelings of more than just friends start to bloom between them. 


160 years before Alice, Clara was living through her own story during the Civil War in 1861 Charleston. With the encouragement of her cousin and without her father’s knowledge, Clara becomes an abolitionist. She becomes a spy for the union side with the assistance of a slave, Rose, who works in her family’s home. Like Alice, Clara also finds herself falling in love with a fellow abolitionist. Things soon take an unexpected turn and Clara and Alice are forced to take certain actions, causing a whole other chain of events.


Both women are faced with a sense of the unknown, but also with the endless possibilities of the future. I honestly cannot recommend this book enough. Where the Last Rose Blooms is actually the third book in a series, I definitely plan to read the first, but I have to say, I did not feel lost at all in the storyline starting with the third book. Mystery, love, friendship, family, history, a beautifully painted setting, this story has a little something of everything, and will draw you in from the very first page.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Links I'm Loving

 Is it just me or has anyone else felt a bit blah this week? On Wednesday I made the conscious decision to not watch the news, scroll through my Facebook fed {as much}, and to take a little break from checking messages. I feel like there is so much negativity floating around on TV and social media, and then the news is always so depressing {why can’t they ever just throw in a happy story here and there?}, and I honestly feel like all the negativity is starting to rub off on people… I mean, is it just me, or are there more rude drivers than normal? I honestly feel like we should all make the effort to be a little kinder to ourselves, to our friends, family, and the person standing in line next to us at the grocery {or anywhere}. 

At the end of the day everyone has/is going through some thing at different points in their life and some people carry it better, but that doesn’t mean it bothers them any less. I once had someone tell me that my life had been too easy, and they really didn’t know me well enough at all to make that assumption… In my opinion we can either walk through an issue, climb over it, or carry it with us until we are ready to put it down; I personally prefer the first two options. I will say over the past couple years I have come to the conclusion that you can’t always be happy, but you can work towards a point of feeling content, and you can always choose to be kind. I’ll end by saying this: I think we should all make an effort to be a little kinder to ourselves {because we deserve it} and kinder to other people, because you never really know all the details of someone’s life… Now on to something a little lighter – five fabulous links I have come across this week!!

One// Senior Year

Senior Year is the newest Rebel Wilson Movie that was just released on Netflix. I think it is safe to say that we are all in need of a little bit of light-heartedness right about now. I watch this movie earlier and it was such a fun escape! Highly recommend this movie for the weekend, especially if you need a bit of a pick-me-up!


Two// Ina Garten Tomato, Mozzarella, and Basil Salad

Fact: Every single Ina Garten recipe I have ever made has turned out fantastically well! This salad just screams summer to me and look so fresh and beautiful. I will be making this in the very near future…

Three// Sarah Flint Grear Sandal

I basically have a love affair with these sandals. They are perfect for Spring, Summer, and early Fall, plus they are so comfortable! I literally have them in four different colors… needless to say, they are my go-to sandals. These are sandals are an investment and something that you will have for years to come. Be sure to use code: SARAHFLINT-BALAURENAID at checkout to receive $50 off your first pair of Sarah Flint shoes!!


Four// The First Lady

I have only watched the first episode of this series, but so far, The First Lady is simply amazing. The series follows Michelle Obama, Betty Ford, and Elanor Roosevelt through their journey of entering into and becoming the First Lady. 


Five// Hill House Home Swimwear 

I think it is safe to say that Hill House Home is probably best know for the item that first put them on everyone’s radar, the Ellie Nap Dress. A couple days ago Hill House Home just launched their first collection of swimwear, and it is so beautiful. I love how they chose to do a print and a solid in each style and the added details to add a little extra layer details they added. I haven’t purchased one yet {definitely plan to}, but if they are anything like the nap dresses, I’m sure the fit is amazing! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

My Recent Favorite Purchases

 I have always felt like April and May are such weird months weather wise, at least in Nashville. It’s hot one day, cold the next, and you are never quite sure what to wear and if your outfit is seasonally appropriate. Personally, when it is warm I lean into summer styles, but I never turn down an opportunity to wear a sweater and leggings when it is chilly enough. I always love seeing/reading what people have recently purchased and what products they use most during a month. So, for today I thought I would share a few items that I have recently purchased and love!

Glossier Super Pure

I am a little late to the whole Glossier scene, but now I am such a fan of their products. I love their serums, but Super Pure is my new favorite. It’s lightweight enough to wear at night along with your face cream or during the day with makeup. The difference this serum make in skin quality over the course of 2 or 4 weeks is just amazing! Honestly cannot recommend this product enough!

Sarah Flint Mirjana Sandals

I have been such a fan of Sarah Flint shoes for years and was so excited to recently have the opportunity to work with the brand. Over the years I have purchased 15 pairs of Sarah Flint shoes, and now that I am working with them and learning more about their process I have fallen even more in love with the Sarah Flint company and their products. The Mirjana Sandal in Amalfi Blue Vachetta {incase you are wondering, I also own this pair in Gold Nappa… } and the color and fit are just stunning! Use my code: SARAHFLINT-BALAURENAID at checkout to receive $50 off your first pair of Sarah Flint shoes!!!


J. Crew Broken-in Jersey Maxi Dress

In case you can’t tell, I am a slight fan of blue…I will be wearing this dress at least once a week; it is so soft and flowy, and just perfect for a Southern Summer! It does seem to run a little big, so I would definitely suggest sizing down one size!

LuluLemon Wunder Train High-Rise Short

I honestly was not too big on the whole biker style shorts when they first started to trend a few years ago, but now they are my favorite thing to wear when I workout. I recently purchased Misty Glade in the Wunder Train High-Raise Short and the color is just so beautiful and I love how comfortable they are. If you haven’t purchased from Lulu before be sure to go up at least one size!


English Factory Smocked Waist Skirt 

I have worn this skirt so much since it arrived, and I love how versatile it is! It is a wonderful transitional piece. Fits TTS and can be worn with an endless amount of different tops and shoes.


APL TechLoom Phantom Sneakers

I feel like these shoes are almost too pretty to wear for a workout… The different colors, weaves, and styles they are available in are just beautiful. I recently purchased this pair and they look so great with leggings, jeans, or short. I usually wear mine to run leggings, but they would definitely make a wonderful workout shoes as well!