Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Fall Netflix

I will admit that I am kind of Netflix series obsessed… Honestly, what are you going to do at night when you can’t sleep? Netflix and chill of course!

Not only is Fall one of the best seasons mainly because it ushers in the holiday season, there is Pumpkin everything, and there is a certain buzz in the air, but it also seems to be the best season for TV shows. I have literally been waiting close to a year for the next season of a few Netflix series to come out. Still, can’t believe the second season of the Crown doesn’t start till December… below are the trailers for a few upcoming Netflix series that I cannot wait to see!

Fuller House - September 22

Stranger Things - October 27

The Crown - December 8

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

August Insta Recap

I’m a little late on my August Instagram recap, but thought I should go ahead and post it before September ends! I am a little sad that the summer season is over, but I am completely excited for fall and all that is in store. Since finishing school fall and the holiday season has quickly become my favorite time of the year, hands down.

I do miss the long days of summer, airy white dresses, and a relaxing day spent by the pool, but fortunately I can always look back at my Instagram when I am felling wistful.