Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Links I'm Loving

 It has been a little while since I have last posted on here. I feel like the month of September has been one of the longest/shortest month of 2022. I got sidetracked by so many things, and I must confess, like many Royal watchers I put my life on hold to watch all the coverage surrounding Queen Elizabeth II… she was such an amazing, accomplished person who has seen and been through so much in her seventy years as a monarch. I know no one can last forever and that there comes a point that we all must part one day, but I can’t believe someone who was so admired by the world is no longer her. I felt like watching the news coverage was like watching history.  

I do plan to post on here much more often, especially with the holiday season coming up! I am so excited that we are in the “BER” months. This is just my favorite time of the year and I am just so excited for everything this come with this last quarter of the year. For now though, here are a few links that I am currently loving!

One// Sarah Flint Boots

Is anyone else ridiculously excited for boot season, or just me? As you all have probably guessed by now, I am completely obsessed with Sarah Flint shoes; the quality and fit is just amazing! I have already purchase the Perfect Riding Boot 30 and I have my eye on a few other pairs of Sarah Flint boots… Use code: SARAHFLINT-BALAURENAID for $50 to receive $50 off your first pair of Sarah Flint shoes!


Two// Classic Minestrone Soup from Magnolia Table 

This is not only the best Minestrone soup recipe I have come across, but the best minestrone soup ever. Makes enough to easy last a family {or individual} anywhere from 3 days to an entire week. Absolutely love this recipe! The only thing I do different is I do leave the spinach out because I have found that the soup taste better heated up and last longer without the spinach cooked into the initial batch of soup


Three// Hocus Pocus 2 Official Trailer

If you have been following my Instagram stories, then you know that I am beyond excited for the release of Hocus Pocus 2, available this Friday on Disney Plus! 

Four// Summersalt Sale

If you haven’t shopped the SummerSalt sale, then you need to as soon as possible. All swim is currently 30-60% off and you can use code: LAURENJS10 to save an extra $10 on your Summersalt purchase!!


Five// Diane Keaton + J. Crew

I love every single movie that Diane Keaton has ever been in. She is so fun to watch on screen and she seems like she would be a really great person in real life as well. I hold Diane Keaton {and Nancy Myers} 100% accountable for the coastal grandmother trend that took the fashion world by storm this past summer, so it only makes sense that J. Crew would want to make her part of their fall campaign!! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Guest Post :: Cozy Home Decor Wedding Gift Ideas

 I absolutely love home gifts for any occasion! I get so excited over things from William-Sonoma and Crate & Barrel that it is almost embarrassing. Today Peter Minkoff is sharing cozy home wedding gift ideas, some of which I am definitely adding to my own wish list!   

Being invited to a wedding is a great honor, but it can also be stressful, especially if you don’t know what to get for the happy couple. If you’re bad at buying gifts or if you just don’t know the couple that well to get them something sentimental, here are a few ideas that will definitely hit the mark and make their family home full of beauty, comfort, and love (while not costing you a fortune). 


It might sound a bit weird to get people blankets, but think about it—some of our most prized possessions are blankets (our baby blanky, our first bed cover with superheroes, cozy throws, family quilts, etc.) So provide your happy couple with a top-quality blanket throw, and let them create their own memories of cuddling underneath and talking about their future. And if you want to give your newlyweds the gift of rest and sleep, check out weighted blankets online and take your pick. These work great for minimizing anxiety and stress, and they offer ultimate comfort and relaxation while sleeping. After the wedding hustle and bustle has settled, your couple will be so grateful for your thoughtful gift that will help them get the best sleep of their lives. 

Picnic basket with goodies

Is there anything more romantic than a picnic for two? Provide your couple with a perfect tool to bring all their picnics to life—an old-fashioned picnic basket with a few lux goodies inside. Best baskets are already equipped with plates, wine glasses, utensils, and napkins. Add an outdoor blanket to the mix, and you just made their next date under the sun so much better. And when not in use, a gorgeous vintage picnic basket can be used as a perfect hallway, patio, deck, or mud room decoration. 

Personalized wine box

The happy couple always needs to have something high quality to make a toast. With a personalized wine bow with three or five custom wine bottles, you can ensure they have tasty wine for every big day in the future. The bottles are marked with dates and meant to be opened for their first, third, fifth, tenth, and 15th anniversaries. The box is beautiful in itself, engraved with the spouses’ names and the date of their wedding. Just make sure to choose some tasty wines that can withstand the test of time. 

Espresso machine

The first days of marriage are super romantic, easy, and relaxing, but once you need to return from your honeymoon and start living in the real world again, things can get stressful. Well, with a cup of coffee to wake you up every morning, your couple will avoid many early-morning grumpy quarrels. A double-server coffee maker will be not just the single most used gadget in their home but also serve as  beautiful decoration that will elevate their kitchen design. 

Designer plant pots

If you know your couple takes pride in being great plant parents, why not surprise them with a gift perfect for their leafy companions? Pick out the most beautiful set of designer pots that will replace their mismatched pots and create a lux and sophisticated vibe in their home. If they are handmade, you can even order stamped pots with their initials on the bottom, as a signature and a reminder for their family and love to grow and thrive. 

Framed wedding invitation

Once you receive your wedding invitation, don’t throw it away, but turn it into beautiful house d├ęcor for your couple. Blow up the invitation and put it in a gorgeous frame to be displayed in the bedroom. You can opt for a box frame, so the couple can add trinkets and memories from the wedding and make a little treasure display that will forever remind them of the happiest day of their lives. 

Any one of these perfect wedding gifts will fit beautifully into your newlyweds’ home and make their shared space full of love, style and comfort. 

Monday, September 5, 2022

Labor Day Sales

 The summer Season has really sailed by, but there is always a silver lining to the end of every season… there are always a ridiculous number of amazing sales. Believe it or not, the holidays are just around the season. Once the ‘BER’ make their appearance I feel like the year really starts to speed by because of all of the holidays, but it is always such a fun time of year. I always feel like end of the season sales are the perfect time to treat yourself, stock up on a few wardrobe staples, and do a little pre-holiday/special event shopping. Wishing everyone a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! Below are a few of my favorite sales!!

Abercrombie// Up to 50% off select styles

Ann Taylor// Extra 70% off all sale styles 

Anthropologie// Extra 50% off all sale items

Brooks Brothers// up to 60% off plus an additional 20% off

ClaireBella// Save 20% with code: SOUTHERN20

Club Monaco// 50% off sale styles

Draper James// 30% off sale styles with code EXTRA30

Dudley Stephens// 30% off sitewide

Free People// up to 25% off all sale styles

J. Crew// 40% off with code LONGWKND

J. Crew Factory// 50% off entire site & storewide

Joules// 30% off everything with code LABORDAY

Kiel James Patrick// 25% off all sale items

Madewell// Extra 40-50% off all sale and 30% off fall favorites with code: LONGWEEKEND

Mark & Graham// Warehouse Sale Up To 70% off

One Kings Lane// 25% off sitewide

Sarah Flint// $50 off with code SARAHFLINT-BALAURENAID

Serena & Lily// 20% off everything with code NEWLEAF

Shopbop// up to 70% off sale

Summersalt// Up to 60% off sitewide and you can use code LAURENJS10 to save an extra $10 on your purchase

Vineyard Vines// 40% off up to 2 sale style and 50% off 3 or more

Williams Sonoma// Warehouse Sale up to 70% off

Monday, August 29, 2022

Guest Post :: Healthy Tips for Taking Good Care of Your Pet

 Pet care is so important and one thing I think people honestly underestimate when they adopt their first furry family member. From the time I was little I always remember having an animal of some sorts in my family home, from birds, to wild baby bunnies, domesticated French flop bunny, gold fish {short lived experience…}, guineapig, dogs, cats, etc… Each one has been so sweet and they always steal a piece of your heart, but animals require attention and the proper care. Peter Minkoff is guest posting on the blog today and he is sharing all about pet care! 

Having a pet is like having a child or a best friend. A cat or a dog can quickly become that one friend that you can rely on every time for cuddles and comfort. However, like humans, pets require proper care and love to stay healthy and happy. From regular vaccinations to grooming and vet appointments at least twice a year, we have several convenient tips to help pet owners provide their furry friends with utmost care and a healthy lifestyle. 

Regular vaccination

Pets can develop many health conditions if you don’t offer them their shots when needed. Every responsible pet owner will schedule an immunization appointment with the vet as soon as they get their new four-legged friend. You’ll get a thorough immunization schedule from your Sydney vet, to know when to bring your pup or cat for the following vaccination. Keep distemper, Lyme disease and rabies at bay by offering your dog regular vaccinations. Feline leukaemia and herpes virus are common in cats but can be successfully prevented with regular immunization.


Healthy nutrition

Unlike stray cats and dogs who eat whatever they find on the streets of Sydney, you'll want to offer your pet only healthy foods. For your pet, you'll want the best and healthiest ingredients. Therefore, enrich your best buddy's life by feeding them the energy and nutrients they deserve. A good balance of fats, carbs and proteins is essential for cats. Wheat, barley, corn, beef, tuna and chicken are some proteins that your cat will enjoy eating. Vitamins A and B, folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium and zinc are equally valuable to cats and dogs. For better digestion, offer your pets plenty of fibre. 

Usual vet visits 

Aside from vaccination appointments, your pet should have regular vet visits at least twice a year. That way, the vet will be able to identify any health risks and diagnose illness early on. If your pet urgently needs a veterinary surgeon, Sydney is the place to look for them. You can find professional and expert vets that will offer your pet the best treatment regardless of the severity of their condition. Make trips to the vet less stressful by familiarizing the pets with the vet visits and offering them treats after they've acted well during a pet visit. 

Keep them active

Regular walks are essential for dogs. Cats will find their way to entertain themselves indoors as long as they have a few of their favourite toys and one climbing piece. Dogs, on the other hand, need regular outdoor activity because they won't be using a litter box as cats will. Aside from that, dogs love to run and spend time in the fresh air, so look for the nearest dog park if you don't own a backyard. Do your morning and evening walks with occasional afternoon trips outside if they let you know they're too confined inside. Not only will outdoor activity keep the dog happy but fit too and prevent many health problems like obesity. 

Don’t forget oral care

Oral care is imperative for cats and dogs as much as for humans. So, don't forget to include that in the pet's grooming ritual. Abscesses, tooth loss, and jawbone infections are common oral problems in dogs that arise due to improper oral care. Brush your pups' teeth at home if the dog is obedient enough. Brush them with wet gauze, and don't forget to check the teeth every six months. Ask for food treats and oral care products from your vet, so you can perform proper at-home oral care. 

Final thoughts

Looking after your pet goes beyond thinking about what food to give them. You'll need to take the pet to the vet regularly, vaccinate them according to schedule and keep their oral care in check. Keep them active, and you'll have a happy, healthy pet that will keep you company for years. 

Friday, August 19, 2022

Links I'm Loving

 How crazy is it that Labor Day is just a little over two weeks away… I know schools and colleges have started back, but it is so weird to see fall windows, banners, and even a few leaves dancing in the air… the days are still so sweat with heat that it is a little hard to get in the mind of sweaters, coats, and pants, even as much as I love them. I do have to say though, that I love how the change of seasons singles a new change in life and that there is always something to embrace with each season {in life and in the literal seasons}. For now though… here are a few links that I am currently loving!

One// Summersalt Sale

Keep calm, Summersalt is having a sale! Everything is currently up to 60% off! Summersalt has done so many fun collaborations over the summer with Kendra Scott, Rifle Paper Co, and DVF, and all of these collaborations are included in this sale. And… you can use code: LAURENJS10 to save an extra $10 at checkout!!


Two// Hocus Pocus 2

The countdown to the release of the second Hocus Pocus is officially on! I am so excited for this movie! I cannot wait to see how the writers decided to bring back the Sanderson sisters and the new plot line they have dreamed up. September 30 cannot come soon enough! I fully intend to have a fire and a pot of chili on the stove in anticipation for the premier.


Three// Hill House Home Re-Edition Gingham

With summer drawing to a close I love the fact that Hill House decided to re-release their gingham collection; it is the perfect print to have in between their whimsical summer prints and winter plaids. Personally, I have my eye on the Louisa Nap Dress in Emerald Gingham 


Four// August, by Taylor Swift

I am currently obsessed with this song. I love how dreamy the instrumental parts and the lyrics are when they are married together. I have been listening to it on repeat!


Five// Blackberry Hand Pies

How perfect are these for the upcoming Labor Day holiday?! I love seasonal food, and blackberry hand pies {with a scoop of ice cream} just screams ‘summer time’ to me.