Wednesday, November 22, 2017

What To Serve For Thanksgiving

PSA: Thanksgiving is tomorrow!! Once the leaves start to drift off the trees I start to get excited for Thanksgiving! I love the family time, traditions; time spent around the table, embarrassing stories of each other told, the bad jokes, good food, and even the holiday craziness that is pre-thanksgiving day.

This year my family has opted to do dinner out since Thanksgiving and Christmas are so close this year so we can enjoy the holiday season a little more. Usually we cook Thanksgiving and my mom has family recipes written down on time worn cards that are barely readable from all the use over the years that we usually don’t deviate from when we cook at home. Now, my mother would absolutely kill me if I shared our family recipes on the blog, so I thought I’d do the next best thing and share a few really good ones I’ve found on the internet that would be perfect for thanksgiving!
If it’s your turn to host Thanksgiving at your house this year or if you are responsible for bringing a dish to the big family thanks giving below are a few recipes that are perfect!

Ina Garten’s Roasted-Turkey Roulade// Who else wishing they were Ina Garten’s neighbor? All of her recipes are ridiculously delicious and her Roasted-Turkey Roulade is definitely one of her top ten recipes in my opinion. This is actually the turkey recipe that my family uses for Thanksgiving when we host, and I am not a big turkey fan, but this dish is amazing!! It is super tender, filled with flavors, and looks beautiful on a dinning room table.

Classic Cornbread Dressing// Next to the turkey the cornbread dressing is the next most important thing on the Thanksgiving buffet. I maybe old fashioned in saying this, and I know there are a lot of other breads out there that people love to use for stuffing, but when you are in the South and it’s a holiday cornbread is most definitely the way to go!

Creamy Stovetop Macaroni and Cheese// When I was younger this was literally the only thing I would eat at the holidays well, this and gravy… I can say that that recipe is delicious!

Maple Sage Roasted Brussels Sprouts// Call me crazy but I kind of love a Brussels sprout, especially when they are coated in maple anything. Sooo good!

Classic Green Bean Casserole// This is another one of my families’ go-to holiday recipes and one of our most loved ones. There are just some dishes out there that when you take the first bite you are instantly wrapped in a blanket of good memories for years past

Mashed Potatoes// On holiday calories don’t count! Another Ina Garten recipe, so of course it is beyond delicious!

Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Truffles// I actually went to high school with the author of this recipe and now one of my adult goals in life is to able to cook like Brita! Her recipes are always delicious and who can say no to dark chocolate pumpkin truffles!?

Bourbon Pecan Pie// Who else better to reference for a good old-fashioned southern pecan pie than Paula Dean. In her words “It’s so good it will make your tongue wanna slap your brains out!”

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Thanksgiving seems like it has turned into a holiday that gets slightly overlooked between Halloween and Christmas, but let’s not to forget to give Thanksgiving it’s due credit, it is the only holiday where you can gobble till you wobble!

I will admit that I am 100% guilt of being one of those people who gets completely warped in the whirlwind that is Christmas the day after Halloween. I have started listening to Christmas music and I may or may not have a tree up… However, I completely love Thanksgiving; the Macy’s Day parade, It’s A Wonderful Life right after, family gathered around a table exchanging embarrassing stories of each other, the turkey coma, and the traditions that come with every holiday. But before any of this can take place a beautiful table must come first! Below is a little tablescape inspiration curtsey of Pinterest.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Guest Post :: 5 Career Ideas For The Stay-At-Home Mom

There are definitely upsides and downsides to technology, but one definite plus is it makes it easier to work from home, especially if you are a stay-at-home-mom. Over the years the Internet and social media have presented whole new career opportunities.

I’m not a mother myself, but back when I was a child there seemed to be the divide between the working mom and the non-working mom. In today’s world the internet and other new opportunities have opened up a whole new window for the stay-at-home-mom. For the most part my friends that are moms have turned to photography, teaching a morning workout class, have a part-time job, work from home, and do a few other things, and it’s honestly kind of neat to see what career they choose that still allows them the time to stay at home with their young children.

Today Peter Minkoff, who let me just say, always seems to come up with some of the best post ideas, is guest posting on the blog today and sharing a few career ideas for the stay-at-home mom.
Even though there are moms who almost never get to see their child due to hours and hours spent at work, there are those who simply cannot spend one more minute at home doing nothing, longing for a job to make their days more interesting. Luckily, there is a plethora of job opportunities online that one could do from home, in their pyjamas, without makeup or actually getting ready to go to work. If you are a stay-at-home mom, and want to earn some money while in the house, here are some of the best ideas.

Sell your stuff online

One of the things you could do is sell stuff on websites such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy. There are two ways in which you could play this. The first one is finding everything in your house that you don’t need anymore – starting from clothes, books, things intended for decoration, and placing them online so that somebody else could buy them if they need them. Another option, if you have more free time, is to go on websites such as AliExpress, buy certain things in bulk and resell them on one of the previously mentioned websites. If you have an eye for arts and crafts, you could start a DIY project and make necklaces, bracelets or even pieces of clothing, and try to sell those online. The list of choices you have is limitless, and the only important thing is that you find what you want to sell and start doing it.

Start blogging/vlogging

Another extremely popular choice nowadays is blogging, or vlogging (vlog is a video blog). If you have free time, you’re good at writing or you’re not scared to be in front of the camera, this might be a job for you. A positive side of this is that it can be quite financially rewarding if you manage to gather your own fandom. Make sure to choose a theme for your blog which would be interesting to the people your own age – making videos for teenagers might not be a good step. The choices vary – you can either choose to run a DIY blog, a makeup one, culinary, comedy… the choices are numerous. Try to search online for certain vloggers in order to find inspiration, set up your camera or your laptop, and you’re ready to start.


If you happen to excel at a certain skill or a subject, why not tutor someone? Think about, for example, high school neighbours that you have and see if they need help with any particular skill that you’re good at. If you happen to be good at maths, start preparing students for tests; if you’re musical and play the piano, giving elementary piano lessons might be a good thing. The advantage of tutoring is that you can organize your classes in the way it suits you and your children. You can always find an hour a day for tutoring, and, who knows, maybe you’ll realize you can pursue a teaching career!

Taking surveys online

It does sound very unusual, but this is a real thing, and a great one. The most important thing (and also the best one) is that you don’t need experience at all. Secondly, if you want to get paid to take surveys online, you can get paid in cash. You also get to work from home, and you can allocate yourself as many working hours a day as you want. It is an easy job, and you can start working immediately.

Freelance writing

This is a great way to earn money if you enjoy writing and you’re good at it. Writing is a skill, and by practising, you get to improve your style and vocabulary, which is always a good thing when you’re pursuing a career. If you start this job as a freelancer, it doesn’t mean that it will be so for a long time – it could easily happen that you get employed by a certain company as a full-time writer, which you would also be doing from home. So, if you’re good with words, definitely get onto this one.

Even though you’re a stay-at-home mom, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a career. This new technological day and age gave us the ability to have a plethora of working-from-home possibilities, so if you long for a bit of work during the day (that’s not a household chore), and want some extra money on the side, try any of these five options and express yourself.