Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Fall Recipes

I always make a promise to myself that once the weather cools down I will start cooking more/learn how to cook some new thing {I'm a big fan of take out...}. As of right now my cooking skills are limited to scrambled eggs, nachos, grilled cheese, pasta, and a few basic chicken recipes; we all have to start somewhere, right? I have always felt like the fall and winter seasons are the prime cooking seasons; it's cold outside, there are not as many social gatherings that take place, and truthfully, all I really want to do when it's cold outside is curl up by the fire, with a movie on, and a hot plate of comfort food in hand. 

Lately, the majority of my Pintrest feed has been fall themed recipes and there are some on there that look simply fantastic and extremely tempting. The pumpkin flavored ones especially have caught my eye; such a predictable comment, I know, but when fall is here, is there ever such a thing as too much pumpkin anything? I like to think not. 

I thought it would be fun to round up a few of the Pinterest recipes that I am planning on trying to share with you all!
Pumpkin Mac and Cheese with Bacon//Mac and Cheese is just one of those foods that you never outgrow. Taking a bite of warm mac and cheese is like being wrapped in the ultimate metaphoric blanket of good memories and the sense that everything is going to be alright. However, every now and then it is nice to elevate mac and cheese to the next level to match a more adult pallet. This pumpkin mac and cheese is bound to knock it out of the park and I can’t wait to try it!

Homemade Pumpkin Butter// Every year I buy up an embarrassing amount of pumpkin butter from Williamson-Sonoma. You can literally put it on anything and it just adds to the taste. This is going to giveaway my limited cooking abilities, but I had no clue that there was a way to make pumpkin butter at home and it looks super easy!

Creamy Chicken Tortellini Soup// Soup has always screamed cold nights to me, especially chicken soup; it really is good for the soul, especially when tortellini is added in to the mix.

Pumpkin French Toast with Whipped Pumpkin Butter// Sometimes fall and winter weekends just don’t feel complete without a heap of carbs pilled up high on a plate complete with a ridiculous amount of syrup. These waffles look like haven and just the thought of whipped pumpkin butter makes my mouth water.

Pumpkin Alfredo// I figured it was only appropriate to end with pasta since we started with pasta. Plenty of carbs is obviously a necessity for those cold days. But I think you burn more calories in the winter trying to keep warm, so a little extra carbs can most definitely be rationalized! 

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