Monday, January 30, 2017

My Current Reading List

Admittedly I am a bit of a book nerd and keep a running list of books to read in my Notes app on my iPhone. Currently I am reading Swans of Fifth Avenue, by Melanie Benjamin, and it is a fabulous read so far, but for some reason I am having the hardest time getting into the book. I have however hit the half way point, so I am sure I will devour the rest in no time.

Lately I have been in the mood for a good suspense book or something different from southern and historical fiction, which is what I currently have on my hands right now. So…I thought I would share a few books that are currently on ‘My Books to Read’ list.
The Hopefuls, by Jennifer Close// I have seen so many Instagram posts and blog posts about this book and everyone’s opinion seems to be that it is a great book.

The Hopefuls tells the story of a young ambitious couple who moves to Washionton, D.C. and their adventures and how it affects their relationships.
The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware// I feel like this is the suspenseful book I have been missing in my life. Everyone I have talked to lately has loved this book and strongly recommends it.
All The Missing Girls by, Megan Miranda// This book was predicted to be one of the best books of 2016. It is a psychological suspense debut about the disappearance of two young women who went missing a decade apart from each other.

Sunday Night Thought

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Weekend Shopping

I’m all for getting out and being productive, active, etc. on a weekend morning, but sometimes when it’s cold outside it’s just nice to hangout in bed a little longer than usual and maybe do a little online shopping, and that is exactly what I did this morning! I had every intention of getting up early to go workout since I didn’t get a chance this week, so I put on my workout clothes got in the car and “accidently” ended up at Starbucks, and about 10 minutes later I was back in bed sipping on a hot chocolate going back and fourth between reading a book and online shopping...

Favorite Shopping Finds

Favorite Sale Finds