Sunday, June 27, 2021

Sunday Night Thought


Thursday, June 24, 2021

Castaway Nantucket

 I always love coming in contact with new-to-me companies and supporting small businesses, especially during recent times. I have completely fallen in love with Castaway Nantucket, but when ‘Nantucket’ is included in a company’s name how could you help but fall in love with them. 

Castaway Nantucket is the most perfect shop to find all your holiday and summer novelty items. During the Christmas season they even carry plaid dresses and items in a variety of holiday prints. Needless to say, that since we are in the high point of the summer season, they have the cutest summer prints. Skirts with flamingos, flags, lobsters, golf prints – basically any adorable summer print you could ever dream up. Added bonus, they also carry clothes for men and children! The perfect place to find a few cute pieces for yourself or a few other family members! Use code: SOUTHERNGRACE at checkout to receive 20% off your order now through June 30th!

Tunic Top Royal & Navy Seersucker with White Trim

Men’s Crew Neck Sweater Navy with American Flag

Ali Skirt Nantucket Navy with American Flag

Tunic Dress Blue Seersucker with Navy Trim

Boys Sandbar Swim Suit

Girls Shift Dress Blue Seersucker

Ali Skirt Stretch Twill Liberty with Flamingo

Skipper Dress

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

30 Days of Yoga

 Since yesterday was international yoga day {is there now an international day for everything?} I thought it would be a good opportunity to share about my 30 days of yoga. One night, through my journey down the rabbit hole that is YouTube I came across different 30 day challenges, yoga being one of them, and thought why not give it a try… Its relaxing, low impact, and a good way to get in shape – seriously can’t lose in taking part in this challenge.

I think it is fair to say that covid took a toll on everyone’s fitness/health life, either physically or mentally, and yoga does such a great job of addressing both of those issues. If you haven’t given this form of exercise a try yet, I highly recommend! I promise, it is much more than stretching… not sure why some people even think that yoga is just stretching… but you never know till you try!


I am currently on day fourteen, so a day shy of the halfway mark, and I can already tell such a difference. I weighted myself the first day I started the 30 day challenge, but haven’t weighted since, so I can’t say if I have gained or lost weight {saving that for day 30}, but I can say that I have noticed that my clothes lay slightly nicer than they used to. I can also say that I have noticed a positive change in my arms and I sleep sooo much better at night!


There are so many YouTube exercise videos that make doing a yoga challenge so extremely easy to do, day or night, just which ever fits your schedule best! Here are the videos I have been using!


Wednesday, June 16, 2021

May Reading List

 I am so glad that the summer season is here. I am definitely in the camp that prefers longer days; I just feel like I have so much more time to do this and that and I am just overall a more productive person. Plus, I feel like the summer sun brings out the nicer side in people {as long as it’s not too hot…}. 

One of my New Year’s Goals is to read a hundred books this year and I am only on book number twenty-six right now… I definitely plan to do a lot of reading this summer and try to get as close to that goal as possible. I only read three books during the month of May, but I highly recommend all three of them!

The Book of Lost Friends, by Lisa Wingate

Last summer I read Lisa Wingate’s ‘Before We Were Yours’ and I am seriously asking myself ‘why did I wait so long to read The Book of Lost Friends…’ I love Wingate’s writing style and the ability to create a seamless storyline while telling multiple stories. 


It’s 1987 and Benedetta Silva, a young new teacher, finds herself in small town Augustine, Louisiana teaching at a lower-income school. The students, the curious people of Augustine, and the lives of the students drives Ms. Silva to look further into the town’s history to better understand her students and her new surrounding. Her research leads her to unearth new information, connect her students to the past on a personal level, and even find a romantic spark. 


Rewind to 1875; Hannie, a freed slave, by obligation, accompanies Lavinia, the heir to a plantation, and Juneau Jane, Lavinia’s Creole half-sister, to Texas in search of their father and the legal paperwork that entitles them to what is rightfully theirs in the event that anything has happened to him.  


The two time periods are so thoughtfully woven together in a way that creates one seamless story. Highly recommend!


Under The Southern Sky, Kristy Woodson Harvey

I am such a fan of Kristy Woodson Harvey’s book. They always make the perfect beach read/lazy summer day read. Her characters are always so relatable on some level. I always love how her stories convey the message that sometimes you have to weather a storm to get to a sunny time in life; a nice reminder we could all use every now and then. 


Click Here to read my book review of ‘Under the Southern Sky’! 5 star book all the way!


Babycakes, by Donna Kauffman 

I stumbled across the Cupcake Club book series on Audible months ago, and admittedly some of them are hit or miss, but they are light-hearted, fun, and entertaining. 


Babycakes is the third book in the series, and it is honestly one of the better one with such a sweet story line. This particular book centers around Kit Bellamy and Morgan Westlake and his niece. Kit moves to Sugarberry to start a new life after losing her family owned pie business. In very short order she meets a very attractive Morgan and his adorable niece, who are all time short. The two try their best to fight off their romantic towards each other, but in time… 


If you are in need of alight-hearted escape from reality this book is for you!

Friday, June 11, 2021

Shopbop Hello Summer Sale

 What better way to start off the weekend than with a Shopbop summer sale?! Shopbop is easily my favorite website to shop; it’s literally a one-stop shop. They have all of my favorite designers, plus a few new-to-me designers/brands I have found through their site, and I absolutely love how I can put together an entire look in one place. 

I feel like Shopbop doesn’t do sales that often, but when they do the assortment that is offered is just a dream and the discount is always meaningful. Today is the last day to shop the current sale so I have rounded up a few favorites that are included! Be sure to use code HELLO at check out to receive 25% off when you checkout!

Tory Burch Minnie Ballet Espadrilles

I am always drawn to Ballet inspired fashion. I love the famine style the inspiration offers up and Tory Burch Espadrilles are always on point!

Rodarte Beige Denim Straight Leg Pants

How love how versatile these pants are. Dress up or dress down and just really such a great year around piece to have in your wardrobe. These would look equally great in the summer with a black sleeveless top as they would in the winter with a chunky cable knit

Illesteva Madison White Tortoise Sunglasses

Shopbop is quite possibly my favorite site to shop sunglasses- the verity is simply endless! Love the classic tortoise pattern on these with a modern color lenses

Juan de Dios Iris One Piece Swimsuit

Can you get any more summer classic than a black swimsuit? Love the details and design of this particular one

Line & Dot Mika Sweater Dress

In my opinion it’s never too late or too early to add a classic fall staple to your closet. Right now this sweater dress is $55 plus another 25% off at checkout… no brainer on this purchase


Staud Mini Rey Crossbody Bag

This little crossboday would make such a great travel clutch, especially if you are visiting a larger city and don’t want to keep up with a tote all day. Normally not a big fan of a mini crossbody, but I actually like the size and design of this one

Sea Long Sleeve Sweatshirt

Sea always come up with the prettiest designs. I love the sleeve detail on this sweatshirt. It would be perfect for a cool summer night by the water or those early fall days!

Brinker & Eliza Tay Tay Necklace

Who else is a sucker for anything pearls? I actually really like how this necklace is half pearls than half color material. Definitely a fresh spin on a classic look

Theory Overlay Mesh Pullover

Fact: You can never have too many white sweaters

Polkadot England Rebecca Fitted Top and Joggers Pajama Set

At the end of the day all I want to do is put on a pair of cute and comfortable pajamas and these fit the bill to a tee!

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Father's Day Gift Guide

 I cannot believe that Father’s Day is next weekend! I honestly feel like all the holidays seem strung together this year. This is definitely another holiday that has snuck up a little, but luckily we still have enough time to order/buy/make/wrap gifts! Here are a few gift ideas for the storyteller, homework helper, advice giver, grill master, sports loving dad in your life!

One// Faherty Movement Shirt

I love the Faherty brand for men and women alike! All of their clothing is so comfortable, soft, and great quality. I feel like with this summer color combination and fit, this is a can’t go wrong gift


Two// Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses with Burgundy 

I love how Brooks Brother and Ray-Ban collaborated a few years ago to come up with this line of Ray-Ban’s. The classic Brooks Brothers tie pattern printed on the inside of the arms is just perfection. I am kind of tempted to get a pair for myself…


Three// Apple Watch

Men and technology…need I say more? In all seriousness, this is a fantastic gift for anyone!


Four// Smathers And Branson Belt

How cute is the Georgetown Scene on this belt?!?!


Five// On Runs Cloudswift

I feel like Ons have taken the world by storm and for a very good reason! My dad has so many of these and loves all of them. Definitely a can’t go wrong gift


Six// Georg Jensen Cocktail Set

I feel like this particular cocktail set looks like something that would be on the set of Mad Men. Classic with a modern twist


Seven// Wood Watch Box

The perfect gift for the dad with the watch collections!


Eight// Williams Sonoma Bourbon Gift Set

I have never seen this before I started researching Father’s Day gifts, so I’m not sure how good these mixers taste {coming from Williams Sonoma I’m sure they are fantastic!}, but the packaging is A+

Nine// Apple AirPods Pro

Just from personal experience, I feel like you can never have too many headphones or AirPods because they are so easy to misplace! These are the newest AirPods Pro, so if you have a dad that likes to be up-to-date one everything tech, then this would make a great gift!


Eleven// Ralph Lauren In His Own Fashion

I actually would love this book for myself…but it would look so great in a man’s study or just as an accent piece! 


Twelve// Dorset Double Old-Fashioned Glasses, Set of 4

Love the classic cut pattern on this glass and the weighted bottom of these glasses. Perfect for the dad who is a bourbon or old-fashioned connoisseur 


Thirteen// Books with Style ‘Where to Eat and Drink Collection

Beer, Pizza, Drin, and Where Chefs Eat… I think it’s safe to say that this is the perfect man’s gift


Fourteen// Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer

With all the hand sanitizer and the obsessive number of times we have all washed our hands in the past year and a half I feel like we could all use a little extra hand care in our life! Jack Black is such a fantastic men’s brand! Highly recommend 


Fifteen// Castaway Nantucket Cisco Short With Lobsters

How cute are these shorts!? Perfect for the preppy dad who is looking for a fun summer look! Use code ‘southerngrace’ to receive an extra 20% off at checkout!

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Under The Southern Sky

Kristy Woodson Harvey writes some of the best summer reads, hands down. I first became familiar with Kristy Woodson Harvey years ago, even before she was an author, through her Instagram page and blog, Design Chic, and I completely fell in love with her sense of style and design. When her first book, Dear Caroline, was released, I could not wait to get my hands on it, and have been hooked on her books ever since. To say Kristy is a multi talented person would be an understatement.   

Under The Southern Sky is her most recent book, but I also highly recommend the other six books Woodson has written, and if you are looking for a series to read this summer, the Peachtree Bluff Series is an absolute must!  While I am on the topic of Kristy’s other books…I am going to go ahead and jump the gun and say that I am so excited for her first holiday book, Christmas in Peachtree Bluff, being released in just a few months!!! I am obviously a fan, but her writing style is just so beautiful and she just has a way of weaving together a story, how could anyone not fall in love with the stories she creates is beyond me. 

Under The Southern Sky centers around the story of Amelia Saxton and Parker, and how the life of Greer was able to wave the lives of others together. It is the ultimate story of love, loss, and redemption. 


Journalist, Amelia Saxton, who is recently separated, due to surprising circumstances, dives into what could be the biggest story of her career only to become very personally entwined on the subject. Amelia discovers that her childhood friend, Parker, has a cluster of embryos created by him and his late wife, Greer - that have been deemed abandoned. She is put in the position to deliver the news to Parker, who is surprised by her finding. 


Parker has straggled to move forward ever since his wife has passed on. He had forgotten about the embryos, but after Amelia’s call he is desperate to have a piece of Greer back with him. 


The current grief Parker and Amelia have been dealing with brings them together in a way that only grief, the past, and unexplored feelings for each other can. After reading a passage from Greer’s journal Amelia can’t help but volunteer herself to be Parker’s surrogate. 


Needless to say, both Parker and Amelia’s surprise their families {who live next door to one another}. However, there is always a silver lining. Their mother’s have always wanted to be each other’s in-laws and have always thought there was a spark between Amelia and Parker, and want more of a perfect way to bring two people together than such unusual circumstances.


Highly recommend this book. Kristy Woodson Harvey is a master weaver of stories and character development. I always love how her books demonstrate that even though hardships may present themselves in our lives, it’s not the end of the road. There’s always a bright spot up ahead, and what we have envisioned for ourselves may not turn out the way we expect, but sometimes even better than we could have ever dreamed of. So true in this story and in real life.


“I’ve given into the pull of the moon, to the song of the sea, to the magical divinity that exists, under the southern sky.”

~ Kristy Woodson Harvey

Monday, June 7, 2021

Links I'm Loving

 I usually end the week with a ‘Links I’m Loving’ post, but I thought I would mix things up and start the week off with one. I love a long weekend, but I always feel so thrown off course the rest of the week. Four-day weeks are always nice though, and I completely loved the weather over the week; sunny Saturday and rainy Sunday – could the summer in the south vibes be any stronger… Wishing all a very happy Monday and hope you enjoy the next few links!!

One// Tuckernuck Sport

Tuckernuck just released their sport this past Friday and I am completely crushing on every single item. From the boho chic to those who are grandmillenials at hear, there is truly a design that everyone will love. My person favorite is Hazy Marble!


Two// Barefoot Contessa Fried Chicken Sandwiches

Dare I say these words… I think Ina’s Fried Chicken Sandwich might beat Chick-fil-A’s in a landslide… yes, you read that correctly {Chick-fil-A is still the best chicken sandwich you can get out, imho}. Highly recommend this recipe!


Three// Castaway Nantucket Tunic Dress

I am completely obsessed with this tunic dress at the moment. It s incredibly versatile; it can be worn as an everyday look, elevated for dinner with wedges and a clutch, or it can even be worn over a swimsuit! Use code: southerngrace at checkout to receive 20% off your Castaway Nantucket order now through June 30th!!!


Four// Martha Stewart on Netflix

LOVE Martha Stewart. So excited for Martha on Netflix!


Five// Sarah Flint Grear

I have this exact sandals in a different color and have been wearing them on repeat. Blue is my all time favorite color and I love this particular blue on blue color combo very fittingly named, ‘navy and ocean vachetta’! Can honestly not recommend this shoe enough!