Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Although the Chubbies Shorts company was started and is based in California, Chubbies have certainly taken the south by storm! This summer I have noticed an impressive amount of guys wearing Chubbies; when I was at the beach this year they were practically the only type of shorts I saw guys wearing. When you take into consideration that this is the South where the SEC rules and these shorts are pretty fratastic, it really is no surprise that they are so popular down here. When I was browsing the Chubbies website for the purpose of this post I was impressed to read that these shorts are made locally in the United States, more specifically the Bay Area In CA, and they go the extra mile and send their shorts to a wash-shop in CA to be stone washed to ensure softness. I love the different prints these shorts come in, I only wish they made Chubbies for women! Here are some of my favorite Chubbies Shorts. Click on the name of the shorts that is in bold print for the link. 

Chubbies Originals Winning Colors & The Dress Code

Chubbies Drawstings The Patriots & The Flowsidons

Chubbies Swim Trunks The Trunkelstiltskins & The 360 Tomahawk

“When you put on your Chubbies, you know it’s time to relax, crack open an ice cold beer, and have some fun.”

Egg In A Basket

Egg In A Basket is one of my favorite breakfast items! I know…I know some of y’all are probably thinking what in the world is an egg in a basket. Well you are in luck today because I am going to tell you precisely what it is and how to make it! I promise, once you make one for yourself it will be a new breakfast favorite of yours as well. An Egg In A Basket is basically a fried egg cooked with a slice of bread. It is easy to make and tasty to eat!
Items needed:
1 egg
1 slice of bread
Biscuit cutter

Step 1: Turn the stove on medium heat
Step 2: Coat the surface of the skillet with a pad of butter
Step 3: Using a biscuit cutter cut out a whole in the center of the bread
Step 4: Once the butter is melted place the slice of bread with the hole cut out in the pan, and begin to toast the bread
Step 5: Once the bread has started to toast crack the egg so the yolk lands in the hole that has been cut out in the bread
Step 6: Once you crack the egg onto the bread let the egg fry up some
Step 7: When the edge of the toast looks a little crisp the egg and toast are ready to be flipped over. You flip them both over at the same time by simply sliding your spatula under the toast and then you just flip!
Step 8: Once you flip the bread and egg, you only cook them for a few more seconds, a minute at the very most
Step 9: Once the Egg In A Basket is finished cooking simply turn the stove off and flip the Egg In A Basket over from the pan to a plate
Step 10: Add a little salt and pepper for the finishing touch
Step 11: Eat and enjoy your Southern meal of Egg In A Basket! 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

Being the closet nerd that I am {we all have a little in us} the highlight of my week has been being able to finally use my new Lilly Pulitzer Agenda! I have had it for three weeks and Monday was the first official day I could use my Lilly Agenda; needless to say Monday was a pretty wonderful day! I had the large agenda last year and absolutely fell in love with it. This year I opted for the Luxe Agenda; I just couldn’t resist the print on the cover, the ribbon bookmarks, and the gold-tipped pages, I was sold. I love to be organized and write things down, this is the perfect organizer for me, I’m pretty sure just about anyone would love it. 
A Lilly Pulitzer Agenda is a 17 month agenda and is surprising the perfect size {not too big like one would expect}, I either leave it on my desk or put it in my purse and take it with me depending on what I’m doing. Along with a weekly planner this agenda also includes: A year at a glance, a month at a glance, a party planning page {as Lilly Pulitzer said, “Life is a party, dress like it.}, and multiple pages for writing down notes. 
Like any Southern Belle would do…the first thing I penciled in was a beach vacation. To View the Lilly Pulitzer August 2013-December 2014 Luxe Agenda on the Lilly Pulitzer website Click Here. I have to admit every time I use it I feel just a little bit more fabulous then the time before. 

Ocean Green

Over the course of the spring and summer season I have seen some beautiful clothes, handbags, and accessories in beautiful shades of green! Besides when green is done right I love it, and I did just go to the emerald coast so I guess I am a little inspired by the beautiful shades of green the sea is made up of! Growing up in the South you can’t help but have some affection for the color green, between the ocean, beautiful green scenery, the mint juleps, and of course Scarlett O’Hara’s infamous green dresses from Gone With The Wind. So here are some beautiful items, from apparel to design inspiration, in shades of green that I absolutely love! If the name of the item is in bold text, click on the bold text for the website. 
Beautiful Green Building
Gorgeous White Room With Green Accents 
Vintage Vogue Cover

Monday, July 29, 2013

Do's & Don'ts of Packing For Your Next Vacation

Every time I go on Vacation with my family they are always telling me that I over pack…I always try to argue that you never know what you’re going to need {or more accurately, I never know what I feel like wearing till the of}. In my defense for a week trip I always manage to pack everything in a carry-on. Although…I don’t really count a purse(s) as a carry on {even if they do contain clothes, make-up, etc., I mean…it’s still a purse, a necessity}. For my last vacation I went on I managed to pack everything in my Kate Spade handbag, my large Longchamp tote {both of which I consider to be purses} and my medium size Vera Bradley Duffel…incase you couldn’t tell I really don’t like baggage claim. Although I would never admit it to my family, I wore maybe half of what I packed. So for my next vacation to avoid the extra bulk I have done some research on the do’s & don’ts of packing. Hopefully after reading this y’all will be able to pack like a pro, and hopefully the same goes for me! Here are the do’s & don’ts of packing:
Lay out your clothes in advance before you pack them. Don’t pack anything you wouldn’t normally wear or things that aren’t appropriate for the vacation. Pack things that will be essential to your trip, and make sure the clothes you pack are clothes that you feel confident in! Making a list also helps; once you make the list follow it without exception.

Interesting fact: Roll you clothes instead of folding them. This approach supposedly frees up space in your suitcase and minimizes wrinkles.

Wear your heavier clothes, like jeans, boots, etc. on the plane in order to avoid those items taking up room in your suitcase.

Pull a Kate Middleton and recycle outfits. Mix and match different tops with a pair of pants to create a new outfit. You can also take a dress, pair it with some elegant earrings, necklaces, bracelets, cute sandals or wedges, etc. and wear for a night on the town; then a few days later give it a more casual look or use it as a beach cover-up for a few days!

Don’t under pack if you are going out of town for a wedding or special event. If you have dinner planned a few nights in a row take an extra dress, just to be on the safe side and leave a pair of pants behind.

Don’t forget the essentials like toiletries, jewelry, sunglasses, and so on. List come in very handy to ensure that you don’t leave any of the essentials behind! 

“Travel Is About The Gorgeous Feeling of Teetering In The Unknown”

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Stationery Favorites

I have always harbored a love and admiration for beautiful hand lettered notes and beautiful stationery. In the South any proper Southern Belle or gentleman knows that thank you notes are important. Whether you attend a luncheon, party, are a houseguest, or receive a gift, are all occasions that easily merit a thank you note; after all as y’all know Southerners are known for their hospitality and good manners! Along with thank you notes, it is also fun and nice to send a friendly letter, in my opinion. I have to admit…even though I love how fast email is I absolutely love sending and receiving snail mail! Besides snail mail is a great excuse to buy some simply fabulous stationary! Here are some of my favorite stationary picks that I have come across so far this year! Click on the name of the stationery for the website. Happy writing!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Two Beautiful Things

There is nothing I love more in the summer then fresh cut flowers! They have the ability to make a room feel fresh and airy! Light pink roses and white hydrangeas are my absolute favorite flower combination! My best advice for making your own flower arrangement is to keep it simple. If you prefer to mix colors keep it to two or three colors at the most. In my opinion, nothing looks more elegant then an all white flower arrangement made up of different white flowers {white roses, hydrangeas, tulips, lilies, etc.} and the greens included in the white flowers act as the natural accent color. If you’re ever stuck on what color combination to go with, it is often a great strategy to use a color combination that is in the same palette as the room the flower arrangement will go in. Flowers are always beautiful and elegant for any occasion, even if they are just for your own personal pleasure!
So…go buy some of your favorite flowers, mix them together! And…
VoilĂ ! Now you have a beautiful flower arrangement to brighten up your room and your day!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Hour Time

Welcome, Welcome, Friday! It is so nice to see you again! I hope everyone has had a fabulous week and that it carries over into an even more fabulous weekend! It’s time to put the worry of the workweek behind and enjoy breakfast in bed, some down time, and of course some fun! So here’s to a terrific weekend ahead, and wonderful memories to come, cheers!

“Saying Yes To Happiness Means Learning To Say No To The Things And People That Stress You Out.”
~ Thema Davis

Drink Special! 
Sweet Patootie

1 ounce Gin 
½ ounce Cointreau 
½ ounce fresh orange juice 
Ice cubes 
Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass

Around Town!
Nashville, TN: 12th Annual Mafiaoza’s Music City Brewer’s Festival at Walk of Fame Park, Saturday, July 27, 12:00pm & 6:00pm
Seaside, FL: Paint Me A Story, Saturday, July 27, 10:00am
Olive Branch, MS: Mid-South Ice House Christmas In July at 10705 Ridgeway Industrial Road, Saturday, July 27, 1:30pm – 4:00pm
Little Rock, AR: The Bernice Garden Farmers’ Market at The Bernice Garden, Sunday, July 28, 10:00am
Williamsburg, VA: Live Music at Berret’s Taphouse Grill in July, Saturday, July 27, 7:30pm

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bar Cart Styling

In the South we love our Mint Juleps, Jack Daniels, Sweet Ice Tea with a little kick, Bourbon, and Gin, along with some other timeless classics. What better way to display some beautiful glassware, artfully decorated bottles, and mix drinks on then a bar cart. Bar carts have become more and more popular over the past few years and seem to be on their way to becoming a furniture staple. I love the vintage feel of the bar cart and the extra pop of character they can add to a room. So whether you are thinking about buying a bar cart or are still trying to figure out a few ways to style the one you already have…here are a few style tips I have come across. 
When styling your bar cart be careful to remember to stay true to your own style, and create something you absolutely love! Mix in personal items that represent your style; let the your bar cart tell the story of you
Color, texture, and patterns are important when styling your bar cart. Custom cocktail napkins and coasters are a great way to add a personal touch 
Show off your favorite glassware and dishes, pick bottles that will look fabulous to display {even if they don’t contain your favorite liquor}, and of course beautiful, fresh flowers in an elegant vase are the perfect touch to just about anything
A stylish bar cart should look to-die-for fabulous yet functional; be sure to add items in moderation. Having a few of the same bottles will keep the bar looking welcoming and not overly cluttered
{Above Bar Cart Essentials List found on Fashion Meets Food}

Seaside Dishes

As y’all know in the South we just simply love the beach! Who could resist the sound of the ocean, the salt air, and the sun on their face? In the South we also love stoneware dishes! If you don’t already have a set of stoneware dishes, well honey, put them on your to-buy list! Stoneware dishes look great on any tablescape, or just to have breakfast on or use for lunch with a small group of friends. VIETRI read a southern woman’s mind when they came out with their Blu Mare assorted dishes; they have the most adorable sea prints on them and...they are blue and white! These sound like the perfect summer dishes to me! Click on the name of the dish for the link.