Monday, October 1, 2018

Guest Post :: How To Live A Healthy And Happy Life

The go-go-go lifestyle that everyone has become accustomed to, can sometimes make it hard to life a healthy and happy life. I for one definitely do not get enough sleep and I am not always the healthiest eater… then when I get behind on things the sheer amount of emails and DMs that pile up can be daunting. There is definitely something to be said about finding balance and being happy with what you have accomplished in a day, even when it’s not as much as you would have liked. Today Brigitte Evans has written a fantastic guest post on how to live a healthy and happy lifestyle! I am without a doubt going to zero in on ‘get ample sleep’!
I can get hectic, and when all those chores pile up, you may feel as if it’s impossible to get you out of that rut – but a little can go a long way in not just shifting your perception, but completely altering your mindset. We are all different creatures, riddled with different cravings, and as such, we cannot all rely on the same daily routine to find self-fulfillment.

However, there are certain little habits that serve as the main pieces of your health puzzle, no matter your age, or your current fitness level. If you do your best to incorporate them into your lifestyle, you’ll soon start to reap the rewards and feel all the happier for it!

Find Your Stress Relief
What makes you smile like a certifiable loon? Or leap with joy even when all else in life seems mundane and stagnant? Or simply stay still and immerse yourself in the moment, and soak in the stillness? Our lives are brimming with stress triggers on every corner, whether it’s something temporary, or more chronic, and finding the right outlet can make all the difference.

Try introducing a meditation practice into your morning routine, take a dance class to learn a sassy move or two, spend more time with your loved ones – discover your stress-reducing elixir and enjoy!
Get Physical
Of course, there can be no healthy existence without exercise. Adding a workout routine to your day will not only ease the stress, allowing you yet another handy vent for the above-mentioned issue, but also keep your body in superb shape, and your mind sharp and brimming with happy hormones.

Being more active will inspire you to make smarter eating choices, to which we will get in a moment, and you’ll create a loop of positive action that will help you feel more confident, self-aware, and happy with your achievements. Not to mention fewer sick days and a more powerful immune system, all of which is connected to leading a more active, less sedentary life.
Eat Wisely
The second of the three pillars of healthy living, your diet, needs to be based on your real needs in order to deliver the wanted results – whether it’s losing weight, getting stronger, or battling an illness such as eczema, Crohn’s, or diabetes. Since our lives are not made up of compartmentalized decisions, how you train, eat and treat your body all form a unique healthy lifestyle, which cannot properly function without one of its constituents.

The right diet consisting of organic food rich in macro and micronutrients your body needs is essential in reversing the negative effects of many diseases and allowing you to finally have a peace of mind. That is why listening to your body to prevent binge eating and mastering the art of home-made meals instead of caving to every craving for processed foods, will get your health back on track.
 Get Ample Sleep
Finally, we have reached the third pillar of healthy living, and that is quality rest. Versed athletes often fail to spend enough time on the bench, just like a modern workaholic tends to grind until burnout ensues – both of which is counterproductive for your long-term wellbeing.

Our bodies need consistency in how, when, and how long we sleep, so a single weekly night of those eight hours of uninterrupted snooze will not be enough to keep health issues at bay. Lack of sleep can lead to irritability, lack of energy, even depression. That is why you need to treat your sleep with the same care you do your training and your diet.

Stay Curious
Outside of all the things you can do to heal your body from within, and with the help of the right healthy choices, how you groom your own mind will substantially affect your outlook on life. In order to thrive, you need to abandon the soothing embrace of your comfort zone, and always look for ways to improve and grow as a person, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Mastering new skills, such as playing chess or learning to play a new instrument, a new language, or cooking new, exotic meals, all the way to training to become something entirely different professionally – these will all keep your mind wide open for new opportunities, and in awe of this incredible thing we call life.

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