Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Sale Roundup

I know I usually say how fast time goes by, but this July has felt like the longest month ever; it has become the never ending month this year – the Fourth of July feels like ages ago!

I used to get a knot in the pit of my stomach when I saw summer clothes start to go on sale when I was younger. All I could think about was all the summer reading and reports I had left to do and that there wasn’t much time left… I also harbored a feeling of hostility towards retail stores; my younger self would think, “how dare they rush along the summer season so”. However, know that I am older and out of school when the summer sale emails start to flood my inbox I just experience a feeling of pure excitement.

Who else has been hitting up the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Is it bad that I have already bought a coat… This very, very hot weather has me craving the air that only a crisp fall morning can bring. Below are some end of summer sales that I have been loving lately:

BananaRepublic: 40% off with code COOL
Bloomingdales: Extra 25% off sale and clearance with code EXTRA25
Gap: 40% off purchase with cod COOL online only
J. Crew: Extra 50% off final sale styles with code YAYSALE
J. CrewFactory: Flash Sale up to 50% off of everything
RalphLauren: Spend $150-$249 receive $25 gift card/ $250-$499 receive $50 gift card/ $500-$999 receive $125 gift card/ $1,000 or more receive $250 gift card
SakesFifth Avenue: Consolidation Sale up to 70% off
UrbanOutfitters: Up to 70% off all sale items
VineyardVines: Whale of a Sale Extra 40% off with code HEATWAVE15 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rifle Paper Co. Agendas

As if deciding on an agenda wasn’t already hard enough Rifle Paper Co. has now thrown their hat into the agenda game. Picking out a new agenda is one of the highlights of the year – considering how much I love stationary, notepads, and pens this is probably not a huge shock to any of you; plus, I really like to organize…

I have always been a sucker for all the adorable Rifle Paper Co prints. Incase you are wondering yes, I probably have way too much stationery and notepads from this company…but is there really such a thing as too much stationary. Personally I am partial to the blue toile planner…sigh…

Letter To A Furry Family Member

Not posting anything for a week solid is obviously not a normal practice of mine. For those of you who follow me on Instagram you know that my dog passed away last week at the age of fifteen. I have honestly been at a loss of what to write about since the event. Last week I thought about writing a post/letter to her, but I didn’t want to feel like I was capitalizing on the events of last week. However writing about fashion, d├ęcor, makeup, books, recipes, etc, without somehow acknowledging the loss of a beloved furry family member just does not feel right to me.

If you are a newcomer to my blog I would honestly prefer it if you wait till another post to become a follower of my blog. I would love to have anyone follow my blog and am so grateful to everyone who takes the time to read my blog, but I really do not want to feel like I got a boost in followers for writing this post.
Dear Samantha,

It has been a week and the air still feels empty without you soul in the world. I met you when I was thirteen and was so in love with you. I feel like we grew up together – we even went through our awkward stage at the same time where we were both so leggy we would fall over ourselves.
Middle school and junior high were not an easy time for me {is it really an easy time for anyone}, but you were always there to listen. I honestly preferred your company to just about anyone, after all, you never fussed about what color I painted your finger nails and I never had to worry about you repeating anything I told you in confidence.
Everyone knew what the movie Air Bud was back in the day, but you were the real deal. The only reason I could score a goal in soccer was because you gave me so much practice trying to keep the ball away from you and no one was as ready of a goalie as you were. And oh the many hours spent serving tennis balls…the only reason I had such a reliable serve was because it was so much fun to watch you run around after all the tennis balls; you could never decide which one to pick up first. Swimming always seemed to be your most favorite sport of all – even though you would refuse to jump in until I tested the water out first, but then it was almost impossible to coax you out of a pool once you jumped in.
As we got older you were always the best walking partner. I will miss the crazy looks people gave me when I told them your age due to your huge amount of energy and the fact that you did not once have a grey hair. From studying to reading to watching TV to even helping me out with a few blog post you were always there.

I know as you got very much older you were no longer able to do the things you once loved and that it was your time to go. You will be pleased to know that people still give me a crazy look when I tell them you were going on 16. You showed me what it means to stay young at heart and enjoy life as it comes – maybe that was you secret to having very little, if any, grey hair…

You were such a major part of my childhood and I cannot imagine what growing up without you would have been like. Thank you so much for all the love and memories you helped to create over the years.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Makeup Favorites

I will be the first to admit I am no professional at applying makeup, in fact, I am probably considered average by some, as far as makeup application goes. While were on it how do people get eyeliner on so perfect and are even able to finish it off with a cat eye look…

I attended an all girls high school, so I obviously didn’t wear makeup to school, and when I did my mom would put it on for me. Then when I got to college the only time I really put an effort into applying makeup was for when I went out. As you have probably gathered by this point I did not wear makeup on a day-to-day basis until I faced the prospect of being in the professional world of some kind. I have gotten to the point now where I feel like my morning routine is not complete without applying at least a little makeup; as odd as it sounds I find the makeup process relaxing.

I always tend to gravitate towards makeup that is fairly easy to put on – I even have one eyeshadow pallet that includes cards explaining how to apply the eyeshadow. When all else fails I have found that as long as you are having a good hair day and you wear a bright shade of red or pink lipstick, it can save the overall look. Here are a few of my favorite makeup products that are very easy to apply.

Too FacedPrimed & Porless// This face primer gives you a very natural look and helps to even out the skin before applying makeup.

ClinqueCC Cream// I usually just use the Too Faced Primer but for those days that are not your best skin days the Clinique CC cream is a great thing to have on hand, plus it is a nice alternative to foundation {I have never been a fan of foundations…}. Then main thing I like about this product is it is easy to apply, doesn’t go on heavy, and I love the fact that it is 30 SPF.

YSLTouchup Pen// Perfect to cover up dark circles and minor blimishes.

Terry OmbreBlackstar “Color-Fix” Eyeshadow// This is the eyeshadow I wear the very most. For everyday I apply to my eyelid and smear it around a bit till it looks right. Another great thing about this shadow stick is if you are going to an event you can build on it with powder eyeshadow to achieve a more polished/dressed look.

BobbiBrown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick// Basically the same thing as the Terry Shadow stick, but with a bit more shimmer to it.

StilaEyeliner// This is my favorite eyeliner that comes in dark brown. It is easy to apply, the only down side is that the tip is a little sharp to start with, but luckily it softens up in no time.

SephoraSmart Liner// Easiest eyeliner to apply, ever. I can even do a cat eye {kind of} with this one.

BiteLipstick// This is my favorite lipstick brand; you seriously cannot go wrong with any of their colors.

ChanelGlossimer// I love how these look applied over lipstick and the brighter colors have enough tint so that you can wear them by themselves.

BobbiBrown Long-Wear Brow Pencil// Love, love, love this brow pencil. Try it, you will love it.

BenefitRoller Lash// Goes on easy, doesn’t clump, and adds a little curls and lift to your lash. Perfect for an everyday understated look.

MaybellineRocket Mascara// Say what you will, but this mascara is pretty hard to beat. It not only adds volume to lashes but makes them appear longer as well.

BobbiBrown Pot Rouge// Favorite blush of mine. Easy to apply, looks great, and they last forever

BobbiBrown Shimmer Brick// I feel like my skin could not be any whiter if I tried, so sometimes it is necessary to apply a tin bit of bronzer. These bricks are amazing not to mention they look very pretty.

LancomeEye Makeup Remover// It is always important to take your makeup off before going to bed. The Lancome bi-facil makeup remover is the best makeup remover I have ever used. It is almost like it melts your makeup off.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Happy Hour Time

It’s Friday…It’s Friday? It’s finally Friday! This week, I promise you, I have had the week that has felt like it was never going to end! There was some something going on everyday this week, it was never ending, but Friday is here. Hooray! So eat, drink, be merry, and have a wonderful weekend. Cheers!

“Worrying won’t stop the bad stuff from happening it just stops you from enjoying the good.”

Drink Special!
Rhett Butler
1 ½ ounces Southern Comfort Bourbon
¼ ounce curacao
½ ounce fresh lime juice
½ ounce fresh lemon juice
½ teaspoon sugar
Shaved ice
Mix and pour into a Champagne glass filled with shaved ice

Around Town!
Nashville, TN: Red, White, and Brew (and you!) at Sevier Park, Saturday, July 11, 3:00pm
Little Rock, AR: Little Rock Farmers’ Market at Ottenheimer Hall, Saturday, July 11, 7:00am
Houston, TX: Randall Mosman and Joshua Goode Southern Myths at The G Gallery, Sunday, July 12, 12:00pm
Birmingham, AL: Cathedral Caverns Cave Tour at Cathedral Caverns, Saturday, July 11, 11:00am
Atlanta, GA: Street Food Festival at Piedmont Park, Saturday, July 11, 12:00pm


Starting back in June I started to see Soldos Espadrilles all over Pinterest and Instagram and on other blogs, and I pretty much feel in love with their look.  Their espadrilles are classic and they tie with a bow – what more could a girl ask for!

I totally love how these classic retro shoes have made a come back in the past few years. Does anyone else remember how in the 90s Laura Ashley had baskets full of espadrilles sitting around their store? I definitely owned at least five pair of those, but only the ones that tied in a bow, naturally. Even at the age of eight I loved shoes… Here are a few of my favorite Soldos espadrilles.
Leather Sandal