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It's Here: Grab Your Credit Card and Head Over to Philadelphia's New Fashion District

Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania and is widely known for its rich history. It is typically known for its many tourist attractions like Independence Hall (where the US Constitution was signed), Liberty Bell, Reading Terminal Market, and Philadelphia Museum of Art whose steps are famously shown in the movie Rocky. Aside from its popular attractions and the historical value the city holds, Philadelphia is also known to be in the top 10 largest cities in the East Coast by population in 2018. With everything going on, you can be sure the luxury hotels in Philadelphia, shopping, dining, and entertainment services are all top-notch, too.

Fashion District Philadelphia
The Fashion District in Philadelphia is a reinvented and revitalized mall that has recently reopened this September. Its official address is located at 901 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107. For many who are familiar with the area, it is the former site of The Gallery at Market East. Fashion District's grand opening will be held on September 19th of 2019. During the grand opening, locals and out-of-towners alike will be able to enjoy 800,000 square feet (about 3 city blocks) of shopping, dining, and entertainment. Fashion District aims to be the "best destination" that includes "art and cultural exhibits." 

Fashionistas can purchase items from H&M, Forever 21, Burlington, Ulta, and many other retailers. For those who come hungry, Fashion District has you covered. Pei Wei, Freshii, BurgerFi, Chickie's & Pete's, and many other well-known eateries will get you full. For snacks and dessert, Auntie Anne's, Dunkin' Donuts, and Big Gay Ice Cream are only to mention a few additional mall offerings. After shopping and eating, sit back, relax, and enjoy a movie at AMC or go bowling and play games at Round1. There's plenty to do for everyone in the family at Fashion District. 

So, you're all excited about the opening and want to make a whole weekend of it. Or perhaps you've decided to go on a much-needed staycation and planned a fun run through Philly’s many museums, shops, and restaurants while staying at an equally luxurious hotel. One of the first hotels to come to mind is The Bellevue Hotel on Broad Street. With historic architecture and Gilded Age sophistication to match, it’s a landmark in its own right. It is accessible to all the nearby attractions like Liberty Bell, Reading Terminal Market, and other museums using MFL or SEPTA routes. Thomas Bond House is another chichi option. As a historic bed and breakfast originally built in 1769, it brings a great tradition of service to all guests.

Getting Around
If you aren't renting a car or taking a cab, then I bet you'll find it convenient riding the routes on SEPTA (The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) or the MFL (Market-Frankford Line) once you're in the area. The Fashion District is conveniently connected to Reading Terminal Market, the Pennsylvania Convention Center, and three transit hubs, including Jefferson Station. If you are coming from New Jersey, you can ride the Patco High-Speed Rail there (entrance on 8th & Market St.).

So, you know where to stay, how to get there, and what to do when you go to the Fashion District grand opening. Remember, save the date and prepare yourself for a spectacular experience at the Fashion District. 

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Online Shopping Addiction

Online shopping is one of the best or worst things ever made, depending on you look at it… you can shop from anywhere at any time, but on the other hand you can shop from anywhere at any time… I like to think it is one of the best inventions ever created; what can I say… I’m a glass half full kind of person. I always get excited when I receive the order tracking information for a package. I constantly check my email to see when the package is going to arrive. Ridiculous, I know…
With the weather getting cooler and holidays just around the corner my online shopping activity goes up a bit, as I am sure is the case with most. I am loving all the nods that the fashion industry is giving to the different iconic fashion decades. Pointed toe flats has the 50s written all over them, color blocking a definite 90s thing, and flare or bell bottom pants giving a nod to both the 70’s and 90’s. Personally, I favor anything that gives a nod to the 50’s or 60’s – I just love the classic clean line and the feminine element from that time. With all the great finds out there it is always great to be able to track multiple packages on one site and Old Dominion Freight couldn’t be better!

Fall and Winter are my two absolute favorite seasons for fashion – I just love all the layering options, the chunky sweaters, boots, coats, blazers, it all honestly makes my heart skip a beat! I might have to sign up for Tracktry or Lasership this year just to make tracking packages easier. Let’s face facts… what better on a late fall night than sitting in front of a crackling fire, watching a favorite movie, and doing a little online shopping, because what else are you going to do when it’s cold out, right?!

It seems like all my favorite stores have gotten their new arrivals in this week and there are some pretty swoon worthy finds out there this year! Since fall like weather is just around the corner {fingers crossed} I have put together some of my favorite finds so far for this fall season!
Dorset Blazer 
Vera Bow Headband
Lee Radziwill Double Bag
Navy Plaid Surrey Poncho
Tiered Shirtdress in Prairie Floral
Michael Stars Evie Cowl Neck Poncho

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Guest Post :: How To Prep Your Skin For The Wedding Day

I love how fall has become one of the more popular wedding seasons. The weather is always so perfect and there aren’t any holidays till Halloween, so it definitely adds a little extra excitement to the seasons! It goes without saying that everyone wants to look their absolute best on their wedding day and skin care is a major part of that. Today Peter Minkoff is sharing a few tips on how to prep your skin for the wedding day!
For our wedding day, we want to do everything we can to look perfect. This means extraordinary makeup, great-looking nails, a breathtaking dress and hairstyle and of course, majestic skin. All these things are important to cover, but this article will be dedicated to the last one. If you want to know how to prepare your skin for the wedding day, keep reading to get all the information you need. 

Used cold tea bags for tired and puffy eyes

We can start with the skin around your eyes, more precisely with that terrible-looking puffiness that makes you look tired even when you’re not. You can put bags of green, black or chamomile tea in hot water for a minute or two and after removing them, let them chill in the refrigerator. As soon as they get cold enough, place one bag on each eye and hold like that for at least 10 minutes. You can do it for longer if you feel like it.

Get brighter lips with coconut oil and raspberries 

First liquefy a tablespoon of coconut oil by warming it, then add several red raspberries. It doesn’t matter if they are fresh or frozen, because both will surely do. Mash these berries until it all becomes very smooth. After that, place them in a small glass and refrigerate until they become firm. With fingers or a lip gloss brush, you can apply the mixture on your lips. Repeat every few days.

Blend pomegranate, raspberry, and sweet almond oil

You can create a natural antioxidant-rich oil blend by using all the ingredients mentioned above. Apply it after cleansing or putting on makeup to get the best results. You can get a very nice-looking radiant skin that’s perfect for your wedding day.

Consider a skin treatment

You can always turn to a professional and ask for help from someone who is an expert in this field. If you live in Sydney, you can find an amazing laser clinic in Cleveland. You can try microdermabrasion and remove the surface layer of dry, dead skin cells. You have some other options too, like skin needling, peels and enzyme therapy. 

Get a soft and silky pillowcase

It’s very important that your pillow is soft enough, because coarser fabrics may damage your skin. A bad choice of fabrics can cause friction and skin compression that occurs while you sleep and you can also notice extra lines in the morning. You should also switch sides occasionally and sleep on your back to avoid wrinkles from pressure in certain areas.  

Coconut water for dry skin

You can start every morning with a glass of fresh and unsweetened coconut water. Throughout the day, drink filtered water as well. In addition, include skin-hydrating foods (wild salmon, avocado, olives, and coconut) at meals. It’s as simple as that.

Wild salmon for sun-damaged skin

If you didn’t have a clue that eating wild salmon is great for skin that’s been damaged from too much sun exposure, now you do. However, eat it to prevent this, not after you already have the problem. Astaxanthin is a potent antioxidant that protects the skin from the harmful effects of UVA sun damage and it acts as an internal sunblock.

No more sugar!

Sugar is the reason why we have acne, dry itchy skin, and wrinkles. Ditch it from your diet for at least 10 days before your wedding and you’ll see remarkable results. As you know, there are many other reasons why eating sugar is bad. Just don’t consume it. It’s not good, at least not too much of it.

Organic papaya mask for removing dead skin

Papaya contains a natural enzyme called papain, and pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain. They can naturally exfoliate your skin and leave it smooth and soft. Unripe papayas have higher amounts of papain, so use them for the best benefit. Yet, ripe papayas are less likely to trigger an inflammatory reaction, which is better for sensitive skin.

Stop stressing and start doing what’s healthy 

Perhaps this is the most important tip, because it’s good for your health in general and not just the skin. Meditate, try mindfulness, eat organic and healthy ingredients, exercise, find a hobby you really delight in, treat yourself to a nice bubble bath (alone or with your spouse-to-be). Planning a wedding can be stressful, but don’t let it take its toll on you. Enjoy life and feel all that bliss!
You can always find more details on how to take care of your skin and prepare it for your special day, but these are probably the best things you can do. Hopefully, they will be of help and you’ll have a wonderful day at your wedding, unforgettable and like no other.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Transition Into Fall

Is it just me or does anyone else think that the transitional times of the year are the hardest to dress for? The temperatures are all over the place and it is always so hard for me to decide what to wear, because I am always looking for an outfit that looks appropriate for the season but at the same something that is lightweight and breathable. In my experience the easiest piece of clothing to transition from summer into fall are cute dresses in warm colors. 
Confession if you have been reading my blog for awhile now you have probably noticed that I have some what of a dress problem…but, really, can a girl ever have too many dresses on hand? I always sooth my conscious when I come across a cute dress by rationalizing that one you actually need a certain type of dress you can never find it, so, you might as well buy it when you come across one that you feel like you can wear to something in the future. 

I tend to gravitate towards classic dresses, but every now and then I like to add something to my wardrobe that is a little bit more on trend at the moment. Trendy pieces are always fun, but the downside to them is they usually don’t stick around for very long… That said, I still like a cute, trendy dress, but I just like to invest a lot of money in those pieces; so, if I can find cheap cute clothes that just happens to be trendy that is definitely a win in my book!

The internet is chalk full of good finds this time of year and Luvyle has some on tread pieces that just so happen to be cute and cheap! Honestly, who can but love that combination? I know I do!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Guest Post :: 7 Creative Ways To Add Something Blue To Your Big Day

Over the past few years fall has seem to become one of the more popular wedding seasons. I have always been such a fan or tradition when it comes to pretty much anything, but especially when it comes to weddings and other life changing events. Everyone knows that on your wedding day you must have something new, something old, something borrowed, and something blue. Today Brenda is guest posting on the blog and sharing five creative ways to incorporate a little something blue into your big day!
The tradition of incorporating the color blue into weddings has been around for centuries, thanks to the Old English tradition of the bride having “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” on her big day. Having these items as she walks down the aisle is believed to bring good luck and, with a wedding being such a stressful and momentous occasion, the tradition has withstood the test of time. 
It is believed that wearing or carrying something blue wards off the Evil Eye. The color also symbolizes love, fidelity, and purity—three things that are commonly associated with a strong marriage. Traditionally, the bride wore a blue garter under her wedding dress. Modern brides, however, have come up with all sorts of unique ways to incorporate the color into their wedding days. Whether you want to keep it hidden away—much like a garter—or you want to make it the star of the show, here are a few creative ways to add something blue to your big day. 
In Your Bouquet
Adding blue to your bouquet is an easy and beautiful way of making it a part of your day. For a springtime wedding, a bouquet of baby-blue hydrangeas checks that “something blue” box in a sweet and subtle way. You could also add forget-me-nots. Other blue blooms include nigella, muscari, and delphinium. Talk to your florist and let her know about your dreams of carrying a blue bouquet down the aisle. She’ll help pick out some seasonal blooms. 
If blue flowers aren’t quite the look you are going for, consider wrapping your bouquet in blue satin ribbon. Stitching a few blue beads onto a ribbon of a different color works well, too. 
Your Dress
While white is still the traditional color for wedding gowns, many brides are opting to wear a variety of different colors instead. If you want to show off your “something blue” in a big way, a light blue dress is certainly an option. If wearing white is important to you, you could have blue gemstone beads or freshwater pearls added to your gown by a seamstress. A sweet blue sash would work, well, too. Plus, adding a sash to your gown is a great way to highlight your waist! 
Bridesmaid Dresses
Have your best friends help you honor the “something blue” tradition by wearing blue dresses. Blue is a universally flattering color, and it is one that most people like, so you aren’t likely to hear any complaints. If having them don blue from head to toe isn’t quite the look you are going for, consider blue accessories or shoes. 
Your Jewelry
Regardless of what your wedding colors may be, incorporating blue into your jewelry is easy. When you want to show off your blue, a beautiful gemstone like sapphire or lapis lazuli works well. If you want to go with a more subtle approach, aquamarine, blue lace agate, and natural blue chalcedony stones are all suitable options
While your wedding band will be your hand’s most important adornment of the day, consider wearing a sapphire cocktail ring on your right hand. If your birthday happens to fall in one of the months with a blue birthstone, a delicate ring featuring the stone for your month is a dainty and personal way of adding something blue to your big day. 
You could also wear a necklace, earrings, bracelet, or even a tiara that features blue stones. For blue jewelry that won’t show with your outfit, an ankle bracelet is an excellent option. If you have a navel piercing, you could even go with a belly button ring with a blue gemstone! When it comes to blue jewelry, the options are virtually limitless. Choose a piece that you love. 
Your Shoes
Go big with a pair of royal blue shoes or take a subtler approach by wearing white or off-white shoes with blue accents. You could even get creative and add a thin strip of blue ribbon to the back of your shoes or paint the soles or heels blue. 
Your Nails
When you head to the salon to get a manicure and pedicure for the big day, consider opting for blue polish. A soft baby blue on your fingers and/or toes is an excellent, subtle way to embrace tradition in a new way. If you don’t want to go all blue, you could have your nail technician affix a tiny blue gemstone to one of your nails. This option is very subtle and won’t detract from the rest of your look for the day in any way, so it’s a great option if you want to embrace tradition when blue isn’t your favorite color. 
What you wear under your wedding dress doesn’t have to be white, black, or beige. When you want to wear something blue but don’t want to show it off to all of your wedding guests, consider blue lingerie. Light blue won’t show through most dresses and wearing it as lingerie is a good way to keep the symbolic color close to your body throughout your day. 
Marriage is a celebration that is steeped in tradition. If you plan on making the “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” tradition a part of your big day, there are all sorts of ways to wear or carry the last part of the rhyme. Whether you want to show off your “something blue” or keep it hidden, the options listed above should give you the inspiration you need to find the perfect way to incorporate it into your wedding.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Best Dressed Out-Of-Costume Superheros

By night, they’re superheroes sporting colourful latex outfits and sharp icons of their superpowered selves. If you’re fighting crime and saving the world, you want to look good doing it. But which superheroes stay stylish even outside of their exciting second life? Let’s take a look at the top picks for style-savvy superheroes. 

5.    Daredevil

Daredevil, or Matthew Murdock as he’s known in his day-to-day life, doesn’t have the same wardrobe budget as Iron Man, but he still maintains a rugged air of style. Similar to superhero style icons Batman and Iron Man, he’s a fan of a three-piece suit when he’s not out fighting the bad guys. Although he is partial to a smart suit, he likes to keep it simple when it comes to colour and prints. Costume designer Stephanie Maslansky explained that this is because since he cannot see his clothes, he needs to know that whatever he pulls out of the wardrobe will pair well together. She also revealed that the majority of his suits came from designer Paul Smith, as these had the best fit for Daredevil. 
Murdock has a number of different men’s dress shirts to choose from though. He sports textured Oxford cloth button down shirts, which gives him a more ruffled look compared to those billionaire superheroes such as Tony Stark. His oval sunglasses finish off every look with a touch of style too. 

4.    Batman

With more than enough money to spare, Gotham’s richest man Bruce Wayne ensures his place as one of comic book’s best-dressed characters. He adopts more of a reserved style and he isn’t one for flashy suits or garish outfits. But there’s no denying that he knows how to dress. He lets his rich playboy persona show when he dons a Giorgio Armani suit in the 2008 film, The Dark Knight. The suit designer reveals that by wearing a made-to-measure suit like this, Wayne can demonstrate his status as a “discriminating and sophisticated connoisseur of fine fashion, while also showing he has individual taste.”
With charcoal greys and midnight blues, Wayne’s wardrobe is more than a subtle nod to his Batsuit. These keep him looking suave and stylish when he’s off-duty. Similar to Murdock, Wayne is partial to a pair of mysterious sunglasses. He opts for wayfarer sunglasses instead, which match well with his conservative image. 

3.    Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff, known in the superhero world as the Black Widows, definitely has elegance on and off-duty. When she’s not head-to-toe in low-cut latex, she’s channelling 1950s vibes with feminine frills and sweetheart necklines. Her off-duty look can be described as stylish office chic, and it’s why she’s made the list. In 2014’s Captain America sequel, Romanoff opts for a sleek leather blazer to run her off-duty errands. Paired with black pants and knee-high boots she still brings a powerful demeanour even without carrying out any of her complex manoeuvres.  
Romanoff also brings her fashion game strong when wearing more feminine attire. In other scenes she’s been spotted in pencil skirts, tall stiletto pumps and buttoned blouses, all of which are well-fitted and match her style. She knows how to colour co-ordinate too. Take her meeting with Captain American and Pepper Potts in Monaco in Iron Man 2. Romanoff shows up wearing a fitted red dress and red lips — both of which complement her glossy red hair. 

2.    Iron Man

Tony Stark’s enviable wardrobe is built on a vast wealth. Similar to Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark likes to wear the colour of his costume — red. He’s been spotted creating a bold contrast with dark suit jackets and red dress shirt, showing that he’s confident in what he wears and conveying power with the bold tone. 
Stark has gadgets and accessories to spare too. From expensive watches and smart inventions to loud sunglasses he likes to spend his cash on items other than clothing. His sunglasses of choice seem to be low tinted aviators, and he’s been seen wearing red, brown, and violet coloured lenses — not your traditional wayfarer styles! 
His well-groomed beard certainly helps, alongside those suits. Take his grey pinstripe suit that he wears before a Senate hearing in Iron Man 2 for example. Of course, Stark pairs it with a chunky yellow tie — he’s not one to be plain! If he’s not rocking a suit though, he’s kicking back in a vintage tee — of course, he still looks the part! 

1.      Black Panther 

The Black Panther, T’Challa, blend a contemporary feel into traditional clothing that makes him truly stand out from the rest of his superhero brethren. All of the outfits were designed by Ruth E. Carter. She said that she based T’Challa’s look on 18th century designs, complete with embroidered panels which resemble a Nigerian style. 
T’Challa’s numerous outfits throughout Black Panther are fit for a king. Take the first time he is spotted on the throne for example, his black and grey embroidered jacket stands out from the rest of his look and sets the tone for his fashion sense throughout the rest of the film. In another scene, he wears a white embroidered tunic, crafted with patterns that represent cultures from around the world — something truly unique! But then again, just because he’s a style king doesn’t mean that his look pleases everyone. Even his sister Shuri mocks his sandals in the film, but in reality, they were modified Alexander McQueen shoes! 
The king later wears a black-on-black fitted suit with a silk scarf. This scarf was designed by Wale Oyéjidé who named the piece ‘From Wakanda, With Love’. 

Which superhero’s wardrobe would you like to take some fashion inspiration from?  


Saturday, September 7, 2019

Happy Hour Time

Ahhhh… the weekend has finally arrived! Mornings spent relaxing in bed, late nights, football, brunches, and mimosas – yes, please! Here’s to a wonderful weekend spent cheering on your favorite team, sipping apple cider, and making lasting memories wit friends and family. Cheers!
“So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you’ve never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you’ll never get back. Don’t be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin.”

Drink Special! 
½ounces gin
1 ounce sake
½ounce triple sec
Ice cubes
Garnish with orange twist
Shake liquid ingredients with ice and strain into cocktail glass

Around Town!
Nashville, TN: Nashville Greek Festival at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Sunday, September 8, 11:00am
Louisville, KY: Big Four Arts Festival at Big Four Lawn, Sunday September 8, 10:00am
Oxford, MS: Ole Miss v. Arkansas at Ole Miss, Saturday, September 7, 6:30pm
Charlotte, NC: Carolina Panthers v. Los Angeles Rams at Bank of America Stadium, Sunday, September 8
Little Rock, AR: Arkansas Comic Con 2019 at Statehouse Convention Center, Saturday, September 7 – Sunday, September 8

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

10 Common Household Problems And How To Fix Them

You will find that when you are a homeowner, there is always some kind of work to be done on the property. Home maintenance is a constant job, and often this is work which you can do yourself (although sometimes it is best to call out a professional). There are many common problems around the house that can be solved with basic tools, and the internet is one of the best and most accessible resources when you need to find easy-to-follow instructions. Below, you will find five common problems that homeowners typically run into and how you can quickly solve them so that you are well prepared.

Power Outage
A power outage is one of the most common household problems and something that you are likely to encounter at some point out of the blue. A power outage can occasionally actually be an enjoyable experience, but they can also cause a lot of disruption, so it is essential that you know how to react.

First, you need to make sure that everyone in the house is safe and get them in the same room. You should then look outside to see if it is a neighborhood problem or just your house. If it is just your house, then you will need to go to the circuit breaker and switch off each breaker. You then reset your main breaker before switching them all back on one by one.

Leaking/Burst Pipe
A burst pipe can cause significant damage, as can a leaking pipe, so it is understandable that people panic in this situation. Fortunately, you should be able to minimize the damage if you know how to react quickly and get the pipe fixed.

The first step is to locate the burst or leaking pipe. You then need to go to the stopcock, which is usually in the kitchen or bathroom and switch off the water. Doing so will stop any more water from escaping so the emergency side is over, but you will still need to get the pipe fixed by a plumber. Search for the best local plumbers online to find someone who will be able to help.

Running Toilets/Leaky Faucets
There are few things more frustrating than a running toilet or a leaky faucet. They are also a serious household problem because they can lead to water damage and mold, not to mention the noise and cost. 

A running toilet can often be fixed by replacing the floating mechanism, cleaning or replacing the stopper and valve seat, or replacing the flush valve. To fix a leaky faucet, turn off the water and try replacing the washer inside the valve seat (make sure that it is the right fit). If you still have issues after these fixes, then call out a plumber who will be able to fix the problem.

Roof Damage
The roof protects your entire home from the elements so any damage can be a major issue and one which will require immediate attention. It is essential to check the condition of the roof regularly and always before winter sets in as the harsh conditions can make damage much worse.

It is possible to complete minor repairs yourself, such as replacing a shingle, but roof damage is usually best left to the professionals. It is crucial to find a good roofer in your area and to have their contact details at the ready so that you can quickly get them out to help as soon as you notice a problem. You can also minimize damage by collecting water in buckets from any leaks and removing any electrical items in the area.

Gas Leak
A gas leak is scary and one of the most severe household problems that people encounter. Any small spark could lead to a fire or even an explosion, so you need to be careful in this situation and know what to do.

Obviously, you need to stop anyone from making a spark or using fire and turn off the gas at the meter. You then need to open all the windows in the home so that you can air the house out.  Call out a gas fitter who will be able to fix the problem and follow their advice about when it is safe to return to normal.

Hopefully, the information in this post will help you to quickly and confidently solve any of the above issues in your home. Knowledge is key to success and should always help you to keep running a happy household.