Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Guest Post :: How To Stay Focused At The Gym

During this time of year the gym starts to become a struggle to get to on a regular basis. The days start to get a little shorter, Holidays, are around the corner, the smell of comfort food is in the air, and I start to lose my motivation to go workout and eat healthy. Today Peter Minkoff is guest posting and is sharing a few fabulous tips on how to stay motivated to stick to your workout routine.
Most people think losing weight and controlling the way they look is the hardest thing in the world, but it’s actually much easier than they think. It’s all about joining a gym, working out three times a week, eating nothing but healthy ingredients and forgetting about fast food choices. However, being a member of a gym and making a difference in it are two very different things, and you have to be motivated at all times if you want to see results. This is still a problem for most people, so here are a few easy and efficient ways to stay focused at the gym.

Listen To Good Music
Gyms are loud places where everyone’s noisy, especially when lifting weights. On top of that, people running the gyms often play loud music on the speakers, trying to motivate everybody and encourage them to bring their A game. However, this music is sometimes not working for you, which is why you can see more and more people wearing headphones while working out.

This choice comes with a few pros and cons, but the truth is that your favorite music can do wonders for your motivation and keep you focused more than anything else. So, create your own playlist and start listening to it while working out, and you’ll feel more relaxed and inspired.
Have A Partner
Working out with someone you know– whether it’s your friends, colleagues, siblings, partners or spouses – is quite beneficial for you, on more levels than one. First, it gives you the motive to actually go to the gym even when you don’t feel like it, and the more times you do so, the better off you’ll be. Second, working out with someone will help the time pass faster, and you can always make a break and talk for a bit while your bodies cool down.

Also, this other person will motivate you to do your best and you won’t feel like slacking next to someone you know. In the end, hitting the gym with a person close to you will make your workout sessions easier, homelier and nicer, and that’s the only way to make a positive change.

Follow Your Progress
Checking your weight before you start working out is important for keeping track of your progress and knowing you’re doing the right job. You should repeat this once a week and write your numbers down because that’s really the only way to actually see the improvement and understand where all your hard work has gone into.

Additionally, you might want to visit your doctor from time to time and involve them in your weight-losing process. This is particularly important if you have high blood pressure, which is why every avid gym-goer should keep a reliable sphygmomanometer at their homes and check their blood pressure regularly, just to be sure everything’s all right.
Set Your Goals
Having short- and long-term goals is the only way to know what you want to accomplish in the gym and whether you’re managing to do so. Keeping score is also very important, so don’t forget to write down your measures and your weight before starting to work out, and repeat that once a week.

This way, you’ll know whether you’re actually making progress or not. Defining your goals should be an individual thing, so, while you definitely need to listen to your physician, nutritionist and personal trainer, try to define these goals on your own and stick to them as much as you can.

Turn Off Your Phone
Listening to music is one thing, but taking calls, answering e-mails and texting while you should be working out is a completely different matter. These are all distractions you need to eliminate as soon as possible, so turning off your phone is the first thing you need to do.

Leaving it at home or in the locker room comes with a number of benefits, from increasing your productivity to keeping you focused on the actual workout instead of incoming calls, so make this step a part of your gym routine starting today!

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  1. Love this! I actually just joined the gym with a friend and we made a schedule for the month ahead, committing to at least three times a week.