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Guest Post :: A Few Creative Ways To Use Garlands At Weddings

I know I have mentioned this before, but I absolutely love how fall weddings keep becoming more and more popular. Even though Spring/Summer is still considered the official wedding season, gone are the days where were boxed into only a certain season.

Today Anand has written a simply fabulous guest post about fun and creative ways to use garlands at weddings. Even though garlands are another thing that have started to break out of their ‘seasonal window’ I still love seeing them at fall and winter weddings; it just adds to the festivities of things and plays on the Christmas feeling that starts floating around in the air around the middle of October.
Garlands were once considered apt only for the holiday décor but with time they have found their rightful place in the wedding décor and flower arrangements as well. Driven by the latest wedding décor and DIY trends, people have started to use them for the wedding décor details in all sorts of unique and innovative ways. The biggest advantage of using wreaths in the weddings is that not only they provide amazing versatility to work around but they are super-affordable too while doing so. They perfectly prove that wedding décor is not only about whole sale wedding flowers but there are other floral that could do the trick as well.

They could easily provide a romantic touch to your wedding bouquets, show off lushness when strung across ceremony arches, be the grandiose element for your chandeliers, or even exude elegance and grace when draped across the back of wedding chairs or drapes. Right from the rustic and light-green eucalyptus leaves to deep-brown hues of magnolia; wedding garlands segment is always full of opportunities and possibilities that you might have never even heard of and that too without ever stretching your wedding budget.

If you’re thinking about following the minimalist approach for the wedding or you want more greenery elements or natural elements for the event or even if you need a break from the traditional wedding flower decorations for your big day; garlands could easily fit the bill everywhere. Off late, people have wanted more and more natural and green tones in their wedding décor and flower arrangements and even eco-friendly wedding decorations are very much in fashion.  

If you’re thinking seriously about some wedding garland vibes for your special day décor and could really use some inspiration in terms of using them in unique and innovative ways for the wedding décor and flower arrangements of the big day – we have the perfect ideas for your inspiration
Here are few wedding garland ideas for your special day décor:

Use them on wedding chairs:
Using garlands or greenery to decorate the wedding chairs could easily bring the perfect feel of a rustic touch to your wedding décor details. Using flowers for his and her chair decorations are getting a lit bit old, why not use a garland to honor them and make them feel special for the special day. For instance, you could easily use eucalyptus and olive branches to make a garland and work up all sorts of designs to show a symbol of perfect union in terms of the wedding chair décor.

Use them on the menu board:
The menu board is one of the first and foremost things that people notice when they make an entrance to your wedding venue and you could easily use this to your advantage by tying a wedding garland around the menu board to draw the eyeballs and make the perfect eye-popping visuals for the special décor. If you want you can even add various beautiful wedding flowers to the garland to make it more beautiful and detailed.

Use them on cake tables:
The wedding cake table could be the perfect way to make a statement in terms of a green wedding. There is always an option of using some beautiful wedding accents in matching colors (in terms of the overall wedding color palette) to top the cake and make a cohesive look for the overall wedding décor and flower arrangements.  

Use them on the back of your curtains:
There are always some spaces that we fail to utilize well in terms of wedding décor and aesthetics and the curtains fall into the same category. The drapes are always known for bringing the drama element to the stage and you could perfectly use this to your advantage by tying breathtaking eucalyptus wedding garlands or even any other variety to make a perfect statement for the wedding ceremony décor.

Use them on your car:
What better way to make a grand exit from the ceremony and the wedding venue than by using a car adorned with beautiful garlands. The bumper of your getaway car could easily serve the purpose here and make a perfect statement for the ceremony.

Use them on the ceremony arch:
The backdrop or the wedding arch is the place where you do exchange your vows and this is why it is always one of those focal points and places of interest that always get the maximum attention. You could easily use this to your advantage by adorning the backdrop or arch with the most beautiful and gorgeous wedding garlands ever. Not to mention, the photographs that you would get by using breathtakingly beautiful wreaths in the background.

Use them on the aisles:
The garlands could also be used to decorate your wedding aisles. Lining the aisles with some lovely and scintillating garlands on either side along the legs of the wedding ceremony chairs is something that could perfectly serve as the eye-popping visuals for the big wedding ceremony and even a way to mark and honor the entrance of the bride.
Wedding garlands have an untamable versatility and they could easily give a break to those traditional wedding flower arrangements that are seen everywhere. The shapes, sizes, and colors along with the option of combining them with all sorts of ornaments, wedding flowers, sparkles, and glitter make them no less than a revelation in the wedding décor circles

You can use them at the wedding entrances or even at the photo booth to serve as the perfect canvas for making great memories and photographs together. There are all sorts of possibilities and opportunities that could be easily explored with these floral items and that too in an affordable budget. The modern DIY trend could be used to create some very personal wedding wreaths while spending some real quality time with your friends and family.        
How did you use wedding garlands at your wedding? Have any better ideas to use them more uniquely and innovatively in the wedding décor details of the big day? Please share with us

Until then, happy wedding garlands to all of you

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