Sunday, May 19, 2024

Sunday Night Thought


Saturday, May 18, 2024

Links I'm Loving

 The older I get, the more I think to myself what a weird thing time can be… Each day is made up of a series of seconds, minutes, and hours… When things are going well I’m always so excited for the next thing and to get to this really great part of life. Then when things aren’t on the path I want them, my only wish is for time to slow down so I have a chance to make things happen. I feel like I want all of the things out of life and haven’t quite figured some of them out, and honestly wish time would slow down at the moment. In the meantime, here are a few links that I am currently loving...

One// The Best Ice Cream In NYC

I always love travel videos of the best of whatever, and honestly, who doesn’t love ice cream?! If you are planning a trip to NYC, live in NYC, or simply love ice cream,  this is a must watch

Two// Red, White, and Blue Trifle

I love anything sweets related that involves angle food cake… This is such a great recipe idea if you are hosting or need to bring a Memorial Day dish to a party!

Three// Cabana Life

Cabana Life sent me some of their things a few weeks ago and I am completely in love with this brand and their mission. One of the founds actually had skin cancer and now make UPF clothing and raises awareness about sun cancer. P.S. Cabana Life clothing is a complete dream and I cannot recommend their things enough, especially their dresses! You can use code: LAUREN15 for 15% off you Cabana Life purchase!

Four// Mastermind

I just love this song right, and Taylor Swift is such a Mastermind in the best possible way

Five// Brinker + Eliza 

I know I am behind the curve on this one, but I have fallen hard for huggie earrings and dainty earrings and Brinker + Eliza has such a wonderful selection! 

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Mother's Day Gift Guide

 Mother’s Day and May has truly snuck up on me this year. I have always felt that May is such an appropriate time of year for Mother’s Day; it’s the peak of spring, everything is lush, green, in bloom, and absolutely beautiful. Even though Mother’s Day has snuck up on us, luckily, moms are easier to shop for than dad’s… Maybe it’s because I am a woman, but I always feel like there are more gift options for women than men, or maybe it’s just more for to browse for the moms in your life and you can treat yourself to a few things along the way! But, if you are a last-minute shopper, like myself, here are a few great gift ideas, varying in price range. (I have also linked everything over in my LTK if you would rather use that)

One// Tuckernuck Blanc Willow Blouse

I actually bought this for my own mom a few Mother’s Days ago in the blue and white stripe, and it truly is such a great classic piece to add to anyone’s wardrobe! 

Two// Vietri Hibiscus Glass Pink Bud Vase 

This is also another item I gifted my own mother for Mother’s Day a few years ago. It is a beautiful piece that will last a lifetime and it is under $100!

Three// Marble Honeycomb Cheese Board

I honestly feel like everyone needs a cheeseboard in their kitchen, and even if someone already has a cheese board, everyone needs one with little gold bees… 

Four// Marble Honeycomb Cheese Board with Honeycomb Cheese Knives

Obviously… the knives are a must have to go with the cheese board, and they are honestly a great stand-alone gift as well 

Five// Gucci Bloom Eau de Parum Gift Set

I feel like this set was packaged with Mother’s Day in mind. One can never have too much perfume, and this is such a great set to add to anyone’s collection 

Six// White & Warren Travel Wrap

This is such a wardrobe investment and the quality of these will last you for decades. They can be used year around and I love how they come in so many different colors to fit various personalities 


Seven// Strathberry Mosaic Bag

Kelly Rutherford has been showing case this bag in her Instagram pictures on repeat, so I feel like that speaks volumes. I love the classic lines of this bag and the hardware matches the fashion of now. I really feel like this is a can’t go wrong bag, and it is another piece that is an investment piece 


Eight// Mark & Graham 5 Piece Packing Cube Set

If you have a passionate traveler/packer/organizer in your life, than this is for them. I have honestly been meaning to get one of these sets for myself…


Nine// Hermes Rosy Lip Shine Enhancer 

Truthfully, I had to include this because the color is just so perfect for Mother’s Day. This is a bit of a luxe gift, but their beauty products are definitely a treat and worth the splurge 


Ten// Krewe St. Lous Classics in Pink Plaid

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that pink is the color I associate with Mother’s Day… Krewe glasses are hands down my favorite. I feel like the style and shape of the St. Louis is flattering on everyone, and these are another piece that will last you for years


Eleven// Sarah Fling Natalie Sling

These are one of my favorite styles from Sarah Flint. So comfortable and can easily be worn for three seasons, and depending on where you live, every season! Sarah Flint is currently having their buy more save more event, so it is the perfect time to treat you and the mom(s) in your life!


Twelve// Together at the Table

Coffee Table books always make such a perfect, elevated gift, and this one is just $50! 


Thirteen// La Mer The Crème de la Mer Duet

I feel like this is every moms favorite cream; and lets face facts, moms do a lot, and definitely deserve a few moments of pampered skin care each night!


Fourteen// Relaxed Button-up Shirt

This is my mom’s favorite shirt – she has them in at least 20 different colors and wears them all summer long. Honestly, these are great timeless pieces for all age ranges! 

Friday, May 3, 2024

Goals & Dreams

 Up until a few year ago I used to think that goals and dreams were two entirely different things; dreams were something that were lofty and something that more than likely would not come true, and goals were something that were more concrete and attainable. However, at some point I started to feel like goals and dreams are synonymous with each other – they’re both a vision that we hope will come to life one day. So, if anyone ever refers to you as a dreamer, I would view that as one of the best compliments because it means you have a lot of vision for yourself. 

The past few years have undoubtedly been crazy on some level, good or bad, for every single person, and sometimes that can shift our thinking, or at least it has for me, or more accurately the vision I have for myself. So I thought it would be fun to share a few of my hope, dreams, and goals with you all!

One// Live in a different city

If someone told me ten years ago that one day I would want to live somewhere other than Nashville, I would have thought they were crazy. I think it’s a combination of life events, visiting different places, and living in a city that is constantly changing. I still think Nashville is a wonderful place to live, but as the city has turned into a tourist destination and desirable city for anyone and everyone to move to, from the perspective of a local, I feel like there is less and less to do… and more gimmicky things… 

Starting about six years ago, I started to think that it would be fun to live somewhere else… I’m honestly open to anything and everything that life has to offer right now, and honestly who knows where life will take anyone… For now though, I hope to end up in the New York or New England area one day… I have some family that is from the city and upstate New York and the New York area speaks to my heart, and the New England area sings to my soul. I honestly feel like a puzzle piece that fits in there and that area aligns with some things I eventually would like to do, but whether I leave or stay, I will always be rooted in the South. 

Two// Write a Book

I feel like this is possibly a lofty goal/dream, but I feel like this is a case of if someone else can do it then I can as well. I think it would be one of the neatest things to walk into a bookstore and see a book on a shelf, that I wrote. I feel like I have a few stories in me… I have actually started some stories, so deep down I feel like this is a wish that will hopefully come true

Three// Have a Family

This is the one I want the most, the one I worry about the most, and the one I really, really hope happens. If you’ve been reading my blog then you know that I broke off an engagement a few years ago, and let me just say, the dating world is interesting… I set on not settling, and I actually say a prayer every night on the subject…

 Since my ex, I have dated one person who I really thought was it, but he disappeared, I kind of feel like it was my fault… but on the other hand, the right person probably wouldn’t go silent because someone was having a moment… Truthfully, I’m more than ready to feel settled, and have a team mate again, and someone to share in the excitement of life with again, so I hope the search comes to an end very, very soon… If you are or know a James Stewart type feel free to email me…. But until that happens there is always the hope that the right person is out there. 

Would love to hear some of your hopes and dreams!