Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Guest Post :: 5 Blogging Tips For Beauty and Fashion Bloggers in 2018

Around the start of a New Year I always notice that a lot of new blogs tend to pop up between January and March, so I thought this was the perfect time to post this guest post. Plus let’s be honest with ourselves, even you are a seasoned blogger it never hurts to read a few blog tips and tricks here and there, because occasionally you are bound to find something that either helps you out or keeps you up-to-date. Carolina Owens is guest posting today and sharing 5 fabulous tips for beauty and fashion bloggers!
Most of the young generation is getting expertise in the fashion industry and they want to make it as the future investment. Now the digital time has started and every business is online and so does the fashion blogging also. We see a lot of people on our social media platforms that are doing fashion blogging. There are always new ways to increase visitors on sites by improving content, running ads and using new active tools.

If you are reading this article, you must be interested in what I have to offer you. Coming straight to the point I have some really nice blogging tips for your right here on this page. In this article, I will give you some tips for beauty and fashion blogging in 2018. I will also tell you how you expand your fashion blogging business. Keep reading.
Promote via Facebook Ad:
Facebook is the biggest social media platform which we are using these days and almost every member of our society is using Facebook. So, we should use Facebook as our source of income and we can even share our fashion posts. After sharing, if you want to promote the picture or any video with more audience then you can boost this post. Boosting the post on Facebook requires some money but very less for example if you will spend 1$ on one post it will give you the audience of almost 1500 people. These are the reasons to use Facebook ads, they are very helpful.
Start YouTube Channel:
If you are good looking and likes to use camera then you should start YouTube channel to promote your business. This is also one way to start or promote your fashion blogging business. What will happen when you will start your YouTube channel? People will come to your channel, will look at the videos and get to know about your blogging. YouTube is also going as one of the main pillar of online business.
Find your Mentors:
Try to find your mentors or gurus which inspire you in your business. The ways you want your business grow like your mentors have already grown the business. You should follow their steps and put some more creativity in that to get more followers because if you will do the same thing like them, people will go and watch them instead of you. Followers already look for something unique and in fashion blogging, trends change very rapidly and you need to go with the flow.
Fashion site should be trendy:
When you start your fashion blogging site, it should look like a fashion blogging site not same like other sites. Fashion always demands some catchy, some latest and some trendy looks. Your website should have unique images of your content, some videos and some creative animations.
Use Pinterest:
If you are fashion blogger and you do not use Pinterest, you are full out of date. Pinterest is an application where you get to know about every latest fashion, worldwide main fashion designers. It contains every detail about every fashion and you can manage easily daily the wardrobe of others via using this application.

 Your business will grow better with some contacts in fashion blogging, it will you give more audience rather than doing it alone. You can schedule hundreds of pins daily on scheduling tools for Pinterest and gain lots of visitors. Schedule pin in peak hours and you will be surprised to see how many new people will view and like your posts. Your blog must contain high quality and interesting images for that.

I hope you liked this post! If you have any more interesting blogging tips, do comment in the comment section.

Author Bio:
Carolina Owens is a business graduate from London School of Economics. She likes to blog about latest business news and trends. She likes hanging out with friends in her free time. You can read her post on Outsourcing Virtual Assistants.


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