Tuesday, January 9, 2018

My Favorite Stationery Companies

The first few weeks after the holiday season are prim thank you card season. To me there is no email or electronic post that will ever be able to replace the sincerity that of a thank you note sent via snail mail. Being able to physically hold a card, personally written by someone, just conveys a touch of personalization and thoughtfulness.
Keep in mind that I am from the south so I send out thank you notes for pretty much anything: gifts, party host, bottle of wine etc. By the time Christmas comes to an end between the gifts and parties it’s like the than you notes are a continuous rotating door. Silver lining : I have quite the love for beautiful station and it is always a great excuse to add to my stationery collection this time of year. Incase you all are in need of any stationery below are some of my favorite stationery companies…

Minted// I just recently discovered minted back around the holidays and their things are absolutely flawless. From whimsical to elegance to business this company has a little something for everybody.
Crane & CO.// In my opinion everyone needs to have at least one set of personalized stationery from Crane. Their stationery is the epitome of classic, elegant, old world charm.
Rifle Paper Co.// So…if you have been reading my blog for a while now you have probably picked up on the fact that I am mildly obsessed with this company. All of the prints are the perfect combination of whimsical and famine. I absolutely love everything they have to offer from phone cases all the way to their wallpaper.
Sugar Paper// This is just a fun classical stationery brand. Their designs are beautiful and they are marked at a reasonable price.
Minnie & Emma// This company is probably better know for their phone cases, but the have a super cute selection of note cards ranging from whimsical to preppy to business that would be perfect to use as thank you notes!


  1. These companies sound good. I love cute stationary.

  2. Looks super cool!!!


  3. What gorgeous stationary! I need to be better about thank you notes - handwritten notes really do convey so much more than a verbal or online thank you. Great picks!

    XO, Kate

    1. They really do convey so much more, plus, I am kind of a fan of snail mail!

  4. I used minted for my wedding invitations and loved them! As for casual letters, I use Rifle and Co, and they're always a hit.


    1. Rifle Paper Co is probably my favorite; I just love their floral designs!

  5. These are so neat and pretty! Really so perfect for any occasion.


  6. Me gusta mucho la papelería, ahora con internet se esta perdiendo.

  7. These are so cute, I love Rifle and Paper

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    1. Thank you! Happy to see you enjoyed this post!!

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    1. Thank you! Hope you are having a wonderful 2018 so far!