Saturday, January 13, 2018

Links I'm Loving

Is it just me or does it seem like we have been in 2018 for a while now? I know we are only two weeks into the New Year, but I feel like it is a fantastic sign that it has been so easy to settle into and I have not once written 2017 {knock on wood!}. Confession: I haven’t been great about being on top of some of my New Year’s goals yet…mainly working out on a regular basis, but I plan to change that come Monday! For now here are a few links that I am completely loving at the moment!
I am only 45 pages into this book and I can already tell it is going to an amazing read. If you are looking for a new read I highly recommend this one!

 I know Christmas just ended and Christmas 2018 is almost a year, but I am so excited about The Nutcracker coming out in 2018! The Nutcracker anything is basically the epitome of the Christmas season – the music, the costumes, the dancing, the festive decorations, it is just impossible not to get wrapped up in the magic of Christmas after seeing The Nutcracker. Let me just say the new Disney version of the Nutcracker look absolutely phenomenal.

L.L. Bean is having a major sale this weekend – even their bean boots are on sale! I kind of love of L. L. Bean has always stayed true to their brand and the products the produce, like their fair isle and winter them sweaters, accessories, and of course, the Bean boot. They don’t have a sale very often, but right now you can get 25% off some of your winter staples and L.L. Bean favorites with code WINTER

When I was at Sephora a few days ago checking off a few items on my makeup shopping list I picked up this face mask while I was waiting in the checkout line and it’s amazing! I took a shower, popped a movie in and decided to try out the face mask and afterwards my face felt so moisturized and bright – which is exactly what I’m looking for this time of year. Highly recommend giving this product a try – two thumbs up in my book!

Down in the South at pretty much every function you go to there will more than likely be a cake there, especially around the holiday season. Southern Living rounded up the most popular cakes in Southern History and it is pretty spot on! Ahem…Red Velvet cake fan over here!!


  1. I admit that being on top of my resolution is quite hard too! xx

    1. It takes a little bit to get into the groove of a new habit...

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing the links you are loving! Happy Sunday!
    With love, Rena

  3. Replies
    1. I just love some of the articles that Southern Living comes up with!