Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Guest Post :: 5 Fashion Mistakes You Shouldn't Make in 2018

Each New Year always seems to bring about a few new fashion trends – one or two are usually able to stand the test of time, and then the rest are either fun, cute but for someone else, and then there is always that one fashion trend that should have stayed buried deep in a trash can. Personally I am always excited to see the new trends, how they are styled, etc. Today Peter Minkoff is guest posting and sharing a few fashion mistakes we should avoid in 2018!
The arrival of each New Year presents us with a clean slate and we’re given a chance to step away from mistakes made in the previous one. The ending of one fashion season gives us time to reflect on our choices and think of all the foolish ones. These are not to be forgotten, because if you forget them, chances are, you’ll repeat them, and that’s why we’re here today. Think of this as a friendly reminder, a cheat-sheet if you will, of the style roads you’ve taken and should avoid in the future.

Saying yes to everything
New trends emerge with each new fashion month, and there are virtually dozens upon dozens of them. When you’re fashion-savvy, it’s only natural that you’ll want to follow some of them and to a certain extent, but that doesn’t mean you should jump on board every trend that’s presented to you. The entire point of trends is to embrace the ones that are aligned with your style persona and make them your own. However, when you follow all the trends blindly, there is first no way you can make them all work and still look authentic and not like the clothes are wearing you.  Secondly, most trends don’t have a lot of staying power, which means that they will fly out the window before the new ones are done being formed. As a result, you’ll be stuck with a bunch of outdated items that you can’t pull off as ‘timeless’, so be careful what you allow to enter your closet.
Not saying yes enough

That being said, once it’s proven that a trend has gone beyond a passing fashion fad and it is actually able to stand the test of time, find the best way to incorporate it into your style. One such trend is definitely athleisure, which has transcended to a lifestyle. However, it should be approached with care. You want to choose items that will look great at the gym (and serve the purpose well), but that will also make you look cool and presentable outside the gym. One of the brands that have certainly stepped up their game in the department is Nike, and their sportswear is equally fashionable as it is functional, and that’s what athleisure is all about.

Being oblivious to details
Don’t you know the saying – the devil is in the details? Well, remind yourself of it every so often and never be caught without a decent amount of great accessories. The attire choices you make are important, but accessories are the glue that holds the outfit together. There are amazing brands out there, such as Kate Spade that have incredible accessories that cater to every taste. From jewelry to some of the most timeless must-have bags, Kate has got you covered. Always look for accessories that have a timeless quality to them, that you can wear season after season and still look stylish. 
Not thinking about the cut

No matter how much you like a garment, there are two rules you simply have to start following (if you haven’t in the past), before you commit to purchasing it. The first one is – know your body type and don’t be oblivious to it. No matter how great mom jeans look on someone else, if you know you don’t have the body for them, don’t waste your money. You’ll end up frustrated and never wear them. This brings us to rule number two – never be too lazy to try things on. Even if you know a certain cut generally works for you and you are certain of white your size number is, always try it. Things can be deceiving and can look completely different when taken of a hanger and put on a real body. Take the time, and try it all.

Not giving vintage a chance
Secondhand and vintage stores are homes to some of the finest, most unique pieces you can ever hope to find, and most often at a fraction of the price. Don’t shy away from digging for buried treasures because you definitely will find them. These stores aren’t rising in popularity for no reason. They carry amazing things at affordable prices and aside from a great bargain, you can find inspiration for looks you never thought you’d dare try. On top of everything, these are places with timeless items, so you never have to worry about looking too trendy. 


  1. I absolutely love this list! Such genuine points are being made, and I especially love #1 - stay true to your own style and don't jump at every trend that doesn't feel like 'you.' I found this list of influencer tips by Lauryn Evarts on The Newsette this morning that I think you'd like as well! Here's the link if you'd like to check it out :) https://thenewsette.com/2018/01/02/5-tips-influencers-successful-2018/

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  3. Great tips! Best wishes for the New Year!


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