Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Guest Post :: 5 Helpful Wedding Planning Tips On A Budget

Let me just start off by saying that Peter Minkoff always does such great guest posts to the point where I just don’t even bother approving his post topics anymore. It’s always such a surprise to see what kind of guest post I will find in my inbox. Peter sent me this post a few weeks ago and figured I’d save it for a Wednesday post, since #WeddingWednesday is now a thing, or at least it is in the world of social media. Obviously I’m not married, but I can already tell you that Peter has included some great ways to still have a dreamy, elegant wedding without spending an enormous amount.

Your wedding day should be one of the most beautiful days of your life. However, this doesn’t mean that you should spend an arm and a leg for your wedding preparation. You can still have your dream wedding even if you adopt a more frugal mindset. There are several different wedding aspects that can be very cost effective if you put some effort into the organization. Moreover, planning a wedding on a budget can be a lot more fun, fulfilling and rewarding. Essentially, you’ll immerse yourself in your wedding prep completely, instead of just using your money to finish all the tasks. If you need some frugal wedding tips, keep on reading.

1. Choose your wedding venue carefully

Booking a grand wedding venue can cost you a lot. However, you don’t really need an extravagant venue when there’s always an option to hold your wedding at home. It doesn’t have to be your home specifically; if your place is small, you can ask your parents or friends who have nice houses with larger backyards for a favor. You can also hold your wedding outdoors. Outdoor weddings are really popular at the moment and can be truly magical. Therefore, check whether the public parks in your area allow this type of festivity. If you’re worried about the elements, you can rent a tent, which is still more budget-friendly than booking a venue.

2. Don’t go crazy with the guest list

This is the simplest step in organizing a frugal wedding. Essentially, don’t invite everyone and anyone you know. Organize a private wedding with your closest friends and family members. With a smaller guest list, you’ll have less trouble finding your perfect place for the wedding reception. Moreover, you will minimize your other wedding expenses instantly.

3. Go with the DIYs

Stuff like wedding décor and stationery can really add to the overall wedding cost. Still, you can get the perfect wedding look by opting for some interesting and unique DIY projects. Depending on your desired wedding style, you can make your own wedding-décor bits and pieces. If you can, go easy on the flowers since they can be the most expensive part of the decoration. Also, you can craft the wedding invitations on your own. This will allow you to get as creative as you want without spending too much money on this particular wedding task.

4. Hunt for classic alternatives

Just because something is affordable, it doesn’t have to mean that the quality is worse, too. As long as you pay attention to the materials and the way things are made, you should have no problems finding the best offers. This is especially true for the bride’s wedding dress and the groom’s suit. You can sew your own clothes, buy it off the rack or rent it from a smaller wedding attire store. What’s more, you should always opt for classic pieces, when it comes to your engagement and wedding rings. Learn from the Aussies – they know how to spot quality even when it comes to their wedding jewelry. This is why custom engagement rings in Melbourne are trending. Not only are their rings beautiful and durable, but they are affordable as well.

5. Ask your friends for help

If some of your close friends are good musicians and/or practice photography as a hobby, you can ask them to be a part of your wedding day as more than just guests. A friend who knows how to sing or play an instrument could perform at your wedding, and you wouldn’t have to spend money on booking bands and other musicians. Similarly, a friend who’s good at photography could also take photos on your wedding day; if you have such a friend and they accept the honorable task, there’ll be no need to hire a professional photographer.
The most important thing about wedding prep is that it should be fun. Never forget that, and don’t hesitate to discuss things with your future spouse – together, you’ll be able to come up with plenty of interesting ideas that will make your wedding day both beautiful and budget-friendly.


  1. I got a lot of really amazing ideas from this post. I plan on proposing to my girlfriend soon and your tips are certainly helpful. I had a feeling that today is more than Wisdom Wednesday. All the best Oren Loni

    1. Congratulations on your upcoming proposal!! Best of wishes to you both!

  2. wedding prep is that it should be fun.

  3. These ideas are pretty good as wedding preparation needs to be good :) Beauty and Fashion Freaks

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