Sunday, December 10, 2017

Links I'm Loving

I have completely fallen under the spell that is the Christmas season, and I so love being wrapped in a warm blanket of holiday magic. In full honesty, I have already watched White Christmas 5 times {favorite Christmas movie!} and have had countless hot chocolates from Starbucks in their infamous red cups, of course.

P.S. If you still have some Christmas shopping to do I have already published my Hostess with the Mostess, Stocking Stuffer, Gifts Under $50, Gifts For Her, and Gifts Under $100 Gift Guides, and still have a few more to come! If you have a specific request for a gift guide you would like for me to put together please let me know in the comment section at the bottom of this post or feel free to email me. Now, on to my link round up…
Rom-Coms are probably one of my favorite types of movies; their light heartness, ability to make you laugh, maybe shed a tear or two, and the feeling of hope they always seem to be able to infuse you with. In my opinion, the 90s and early 2000s have some of the best rom-coms, and a Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks duo is always the icing on the cake for me. I’m not a big Facebook quiz person, but when I saw this one I had to indulge myself and it is so much fun!

I really want to get a nice camera and have recently been looking into some and doing a little camera research so when I saw this article in my Bloglovin’ feed I was all over it. This truly is a great write-up – it gives tips on purchasing a camera, different lenses, learning resources, editing, etc.

I just love the Royal family and have such a level of respect and admiration for Queen Elizabeth. I am obviously somewhat of a royal watcher and between Harry’s engagement last week and the premier of Season 2 of The Crown this past Friday I have been in complete Royal heaven. Vogue put together this fun article and it is truly amazing how much the cast of The Crown favor the real life Royals.

I follow Southern Living on almost every social media outlet and lately they having been posting some great articles on Twitter and Facebook. In my family my mom is the main person who does the Christmas Day dinner and she puts together the best dishes and presentations. Lately, I have been making the attempt to get more into cooking and this guide to the 15 kitchen essentials is a great resource, especially if you are having to put together a holiday dinner.

I am slightly addicted to dresses and have a deep love for plaid, so it probably comes as no surprise that I am including this dress in my roundup. This dress is basically holiday perfection and is such a classic and flattering cute, I am seriously kind of in love in with dress, and I have my fingers crossed that it becomes available in my size again {I can’t believe I missed out on this one!} but it is seriously gorgeous!


  1. Gracias por la informaciĆ³n. Un saludo guapa.

  2. I read Thomas's photo guide too! It's so good. I wish he would do his own blog on how he's made GMG so successful

    Have a great week!
    Carly at A Modern Mom Blog

    1. That would be amazing if he started a blog - I bet he has some wonderful tips and tricks he could share!