Saturday, December 30, 2017

Links I'm Loving

I can’t believe that this is the last Link I’m Loving post of 2017. I’ve always felt like New Year’s Eve is a little bitter sweet; the holiday season is drawing to a close, the last page of a story is about to be read, but with that comes new hopes, goals, a chance for self improvement, and a new 365 day adventure.

This week I came across so many things that I am excited to share with you all that it was had to pick a few. Most exciting news…just found out that a Mamma Mia 2 is being released in July!!! Who else is excited!?!? Anyhow, on to this weeks roundup.

As you can already tell I am above and beyond excited about this news. The first Mamma Mia came out some time around 2007/2008 and I completely fell in love with the music, background, and I loved the casting. Guilty confession: I used to watch the first Mamma Mia with my suit mate in college and we would of course end up singing along to all the songs.

Ummm…who else is having to put up with unbearably cold temperatures this weekend? I have been wearing this coat on repeat this week – it is so incredibly warm, looks great with almost everything, and let’s not forget it’s blue and gingham.

I was completely obsessed with Little Women when I was little. The movie Little Women with Kirsten Dunst came out when I was about seven or eight years old, of course Amy was favorite character and I used to dress up as her all the time. I also read the books and watch the movie countless times. I love when old TV Shows are bought back to life with a fresh spin; they always bring on a sense of nostalgia.

I’ve been pinning pins from this account for years and regraming them on Instagram without exactly knowing the source. A few weeks ago someone left a comment on one of my posts and telling me the original source of the photo, so of course I checked out Monika Hibbs Instagram and fell completely in love with all of her Instagram and DIY posts, and bet yet she has a blog.

I just love the Queen to start with, but since I’ve been watching The Crown I just love her all the more. She has done so much in life, seen so many, and has evolved with the times in such a seamless manner. Spoiler Alert: Remember in The Crown Season 2 when the Queen gave her first televised addressed? Well in this year’s Christmas Broadcast Queen Elizabeth shows an original clip from her very first Christmas Broadcast.