Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Favorite Netflix Christmas Movies

Ok, ok, I know it is the day after Christmas, but my family has always drug the Christmas season out for as long as humanly possible. That said you have probably guessed that we celebrate the full 12 days of Christmas. So in my book there is still plenty of time to sit by a warm cozy fire and watch all of your favorite Christmas movies!

I have been obsessively watching Christmas movies on Netflix while I work on different things and thought I would share a few of my favorites! In case you are wondering…yes, a few of them are sappy Netflix or Hallmark movies…sorry, not sorry… If that isn’t your thing, no worries, I’ve included a few classics in there as well!
Miracle on 34th Street// This movie is such an ultimate Christmas classic! This is the 1994 version {which I absolutely love} and follows pretty much the same story line as the original. Santa must convince a little girl, Susan Walker, that he is in fact Kris Kringle, and then to the entire world when he is put on trial. This is the ultimate Christmas feel good movie that leaves you such a sense of hope and optimism.

White Christmas// Another one of those Christmas classics that will be around forever. The music, clothing, dancing, and old Hollywood glamor gets me every time. A little embarrassing to admit but I have probably already watched this movie about 4 times this season.

This is about two sisters who arrange to meet 2 producers. They soon find themselves on a train to Vermont dreaming of snow. Once they arrive they find there is no snow and have to figure out a way to keep the Inn open.

Spirit of Christmas// I could be wrong, but I am like 98% this is a Netflix original movie and a 100% sure that it is fabulous in that perfectly romantic way. Kate, a lawyer, who has never been in love and works all the time has three weeks to get a haunted bed and breakfast appraised and sold. Kate eventually meets the spirit who is allowed to come back as a real person for 12 days during the Christmas season, and he just happens to be a very handsome man, and as you might have guessed he and Kate fall madly in love!

A Christmas Kiss// I first saw this movie on the Hallmark channel and just fell in love with the story line. Wendy, the main character, shares a magical kiss on an elevator with a handsome stranger. Later on Wendy finds out that the mystery man is her horrible boss’, Priscilla’s boyfriend, Adam. unfortunately he doesn’t recognize Wendy without the makeup and costume she was wearing the night of their kiss. Things get complicated very fast, between the natural chemistry between Wendy and Adam and Priscilla pushing to get engaged to Adam. Basic the perfect holiday Rom-Com.

The Legend of Frosty The Snowman// I may be an adult, but I still love a good Christmas cartoon and Frosty the Snowman cartoons have always been my favorite.

Holiday Engagement// Hillary’s fiancé just broke up with her right before the Christmas holiday. Her friend urges her to find a fake fiancé to take home for Christmas so she doesn’t have to face her family alone. As you may have guessed there is a spark between Hillary and the fake fiancé she hired!

How The Grinch Stole Christmas// I will go ahead and admit that I prefer the cartoon version of The Grinch, but in a pinch I will settle for the version that has real actors. I do have to admit that Jim Carry does a fantastic job of playing The Grinch!

Christmas Inheritance// Another Netflix original that is the perfect holiday rom-com. The main character Ellen, has to prove herself to her father so she can become CEO of their family company. She is sent to Snowfall, the town where her father’s company was created. It’s pretty much the perfect Christmas town and as you may have guess there is a love story involved!

The Santa Clause// This movie came out when I was about six years old and I have watched it every Christmas. Scott Calvin and his son find to their disbelief that Santa has fallen off their roof. Scott puts on the Santa suit and magically becomes the new Santa, and the movie only gets better and more magical from that point.

The Santa Clause 2// Because you can’t watch the first Santa Clause without watching the second. Even though this movie was made years after the first it is still equally as magical. Santa learns of a secret clause that he must find a Mrs. Clause before midnight on Christmas Eve. I am such a sucker for the romantic Christmas movies…

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