Thursday, December 14, 2017

Guest Post :: 5 Smart Makeup Choices

I always love watching makeup tutorials, reading about makeup tips and tricks, learning what other people’s makeup routine is, etc. Confession: It wasn’t until after I graduated college that I learned how to “properly” apply makeup thanks to YouTube makeup tutorials, all I have to say is good brushed and the right eye shadow combination makes all the difference! For today’s guest post Chelsea has written about 5 fabulous and smart makeup choices!
Are you a beginner or someone with pro makeup skills? That does not matter you are at the right place. Usually we mess up with makeup items and get pretty confused buying new makeup products. Even if we own a lot of makeup we get confused between which makeup items should we keep in our small cosmetic carrying bag? There is no perfect answer to this. But by arranging a list of few items listed below we have tried to help you when you are in delusion.

You can go without foundation to achieve a natural makeup look.  But going without concealer is nearly impossible when you have skin breakouts or blemishes. Use your concealer to hide any unwanted imperfections whether they are pimples, scars or dark circles. Take a small amount of concealer on a brush and apply it to your skin. Try to set it with your fingers this provides with more natural look.

Eyes are the most compelling feature of anyone’s face. Therefore, make your eyes more attractive by giving life to your lashes. Every other girl wants thicker and fuller lashes and a short cut to this is selecting the right mascara. However, there are various options available in the stores; my general rule is that I always pick smudge proof mascara. This goes cool in all whether conditions whether it is summer, monsoon or winter. Moreover, you can wear it on your lover lashes without fearing for smudges.
Lip Tint / Lip color:
Owning a lot of makeup products costs whole a lot of money. Lip color or lip tint is a multipurpose product that can help you save your money and space in your cosmetic bag. Lipstick can serve as a lip tint, blush and even eyeshadow. You can use the same shade to give you same hues on your face or even you can use different shades.
Need some natural pretty glow on your face? Highlighter can save your life. Highlighter is also a multipurpose makeup product that can be used to achieve smoother looking skin. Try to highlight your eyebrow to enhance its shape, or swipe it on your nose, cheek bones and cupid of your lips and bled it with your fingers and you are good to go.

Eye shadow palette:
To attain perfect eye makeup look you will be requiring an eye shadow palette. Try to choose a one with combination of brighter and nude shades. Nude shades will help you achieve natural looking eyes. You can use smoky shades to shape your eyebrows. However, combination palette lets you move from day to night look in minutes by shifting from lighter tone to brighter ones.
Hope the above list helps you choosing 5 essential makeup products that must be with you anywhere anytime.  Keep trying makeup, stay beautiful and keep flaunting.

Author Bio:
Chelsea is a makeup lover who is best at reviewing the latest makeup available online. She covers everything from eye makeup, primers, and foundation to tips and tutorials on how to use many different beauty products. She regularly blogs at


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