Friday, August 3, 2018

Guest Post :: Summer Chic: 5 Ways To Put Together An Amazing Look

I’ve been saving this guest post to share during the high point of summer sale season. It is the perfect time to stock up on a few wardrobe staples and step out of your comfort zone a bit to try a few new ideas and looks. By the way, just to name a few, Nordstrom, Tuckernuck, J. Crew, Anthropologie, and April Marin are having fantastic sales going on right now. Today Jennifer Smith has written a wonderful guest on how to put together an amazing summer look. I have to admit, in the summer I fall into the trap of wearing dressing and not really accessorizing that much so I will definitely be putting a few of these tips to use!
Makeup and hairstyles complete the life of today’s woman. It plays an essential role in making up their personality. It adds more beauty and charm to it and increases their confidence level.  Today’s woman has made herself very busy. She does many chores at a time. She goes to the office, school, college or the university. But even in this busy schedule, she tries her best to look amazing all the time. If we talk about summers, then there are specific ways by which you can look amazing and can also feel comfortable.  Following are the five tips with which you can have an amazing look in summers:

One of the fundamental ways with which you can get an amazing summer look is by the hairstyle. You must choose one wisely. You should go for the style that suits you and is comfortable too.  One of the simplest hairstyles that are perfect for summers is the hair bun. It is both comfortable and effortless to make.  Along with that ponytail and knotted ponytail can help you get an amazing look in summers. These tails give you a trendy and classy look and are very easy to carry in summers. The difference between a ponytail and a knotted ponytail is that the knotted ponytail is a combination of braid and a simple ponytail.

Color Combination
In summers the best choice is to wear light colors. They make you look fresh. Along with that, they do not absorb heat much, and therefore you feel relaxed and comfortable. Yellow, white, green, in short, the rainbow colors reconsidered to be the best color options for summer clothing.

You should make sure that the accessorizing that you use during summers are comfortable. You should make sure that you carry your sunglasses with you every time. They are one of the most products during summers. You should wear less jewelry in summers. You should wear hats. They not only protect you from the ultraviolet rays but also make you look cool. 

You should not go for fancy dresses instead you should wear comfortable and light clothes. This will not only help you to enjoy in a better way but will also make you look fresh and fabulous. Along with that in summers, you should wear a light weight strapless petal bra.

In summers you should prefer light makeup. You should go for the natural or low makeup look. You should use sunblock more often and should make sure that the products you use are skin friendly. Regular makeup is very helpful to make a girl look better, but it can even cause many skin hazards. It can result in infection and allergy. Makeup does consist of some harmful chemicals which can be disastrous for the skin. Especially sensitive skins can’t bear the composition containing these chemicals. You should avoid such products.  

About the Author:
Jennifer Smith is a fashion student based in Italy. She spends a significant amount of time thinking about trends on the internet and loves all the high street brands. She regularly shares her ideas about how to get better in style and to put together outfits. You check it out at

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