Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Tips To Find The Perfect Top

Last month I teamed up with Quiz Clothing for the post, ‘A Complete Guide to Prints’ and I am so excited to be able to team up with Quiz Clothing again. Honestly, one of my favorite things about blogging is coming into contact with people and companies I wouldn’t have otherwise met or come into contact with. Quiz Clothing is a great England based clothing company that offers a little something for everyone.

The older I get the more difficult it is to find an ‘age appropriate’ going out top. Let’s face facts, Forever 21 is a great place to find an awesome Saturday night top when you’re in college, but unfortunately, no one stay 21 forever… So here are a few tips to finding the perfect going out tops for everyone.

Comfortable and Confident
Rule of thumb: if you don’t feel confident in something don’t wear it. It’s always good to step outside your comfort zone, but if you don’t feel confident in something, it’s just not going to look good

Buy The Right Size and Style For You
I know this piece of advice is a bit obvious, but sometimes people get so hung up on fitting into a certain size that the top ends up not fitting right and borderline unflatter, especially if it is a strapless top.  And honestly, so many stores out there do vanity and then there are the other stores that do true to size sizing, at the end of the day you just have to buy the size that fits you the best

Silk Blouses
When in doubt a silk blouse will work for any occasion, day or night.  I’m kind of in love with silk blouses they are literally perfect for almost any occasion. In my opinion this is definitely a wardrobe staple that can be dress up or down

Belt It
I love slightly long shirts paired with leggings, but belting it can really take a going out top to the next level. Also if a shirt is a little bit too big this is an easy and chic solution to the problem

Tasteful embellishment are always a win

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