Thursday, August 16, 2018

Guest Post :: Bridging The Gap - When High Fashion Meets Home Design

I love how fashion and home design are in a sense connected. Usually the colors that are in style for the fashion industry are usually the same colors that are in style for the design industry, and classic color combinations will always be classic color combinations across the board. Whenever I add pillows or any decorative elements to a room I feel like I am ‘dressing’ it so to speak, and it is really a neat thing to think that two different industries can be bridged by their commonalities. Today Copper Klein has written a beautiful post on when high fashion meets home design.
Fashion and design are closely connected, enabling us to express our own personalities and tastes through our sense of style. When combined, these two infinitely creative worlds provide us with an inexhaustible source of inspiration. From tantalising colour schemes and patterns to gentle textiles and mesmerising accessories, there are numerous inspiring opportunities for bringing high fashion and home design together.

The World Of Black And White

As an emblem of elegance in both fashion and home design, the black-and-white combo can be found in both wardrobes and homes. Despite its monochromatic nature, this combination can be daring and authentic, creating a stylish, striking contrast. As such, it’s the perfect choice for high-style homes where subtlety and sophistication are the ultimate goals. While both black and white can be used as the backdrop, they work perfectly together in creating an understated, yet daring look. For instance, a white backdrop of an elegant kitchen can gain a strong character when combined with black cabinets and decorative details. This stylish combination gains a completely different dimension when used for subtle, yet impactful patterns, letting the form shine through contrast.

Neutrals For a Stylish Expression

Whether you’re a fashionista or a design enthusiast (or both), you know that neutrals have a special place on both fashion runways and in our homes. Their sophistication stems from their neutrality, making them always welcome in both our closets and living spaces. Neutrals are one of the top choices for fashion and design investment pieces. This year, a particular hue has emerged as the star among neutrals – khaki. Khaki shades have been dominating fashion shows, and they have found their way into our homes, as well. In fact, khaki will be combined with different shades of yellow, another colour that has taken the fashion world by storm. In home décor, this combination will be used for creating a comfortable, graceful and joyful look.

Nature As Inspiration

Mother Nature has been the primary source of inspiration for both fashion and home designers. This is best reflected through colour and material choices. While nature-inspired palettes will give our homes a sense of effortless beauty, materials will be used for creating a casual, soothing vibe. Recycled teak will be used in home design as a statement wallcovering, creating a somewhat unusual, but certainly beautiful look.

Simplicity As Elegance

High-style in both fashion and home design is more about elegance achieved through simplicity rather than excessiveness. A great number of fashionistas and home designers know how to create a wow effect using a single statement piece. Subtlety, minimalism and simplicity are the main principles used in high-style homes, creating an ambience of glamour and elegance. For instance, a modern bathroom can be decorated with a stylish sleek bathtub used as an understated, yet impactful focal point. The minimalist environment is the perfect backdrop for such a detail, allowing its form of clean lines to come into focus.

Textiles And Texture Go Hand In Hand
Lush, quality textiles and rich texture are of the utmost importance in both fashion and home design. They are used to create a layered look where texture creates authentic visual appeal. In home décor, this trend is heavily present. From elegant white lacy throw pillows and knitted throws to faux fur covers and rugs and velvet curtains, these materials can create a truly royal ambience where texture dominates. Texture is also present in wallpaper designs, giving our homes an authentic flair through mesmerising accent walls.

Feathery Accessories Work Both Ways
The year of 2018 has brought feathers under the spotlight of both fashion shows and home trends. While in fashion, feather accents and even coats are seen on runways, in home décor, they are used as playful embellishments. Feather-inspired wallpaper is also a popular choice in home design, adding to the authenticity of our living spaces.

Florals Have Gone Big

Floral patterns have always been popular in fashion and home décor, but it seems that they have really gone big this year. While an abundance of floral designs can be seen on the fashion scene, florals are used for interior walls and accent details in home design. However, not only will flourishing blooms decorate our walls, but they will also be a source of colour inspiration, bringing shades of periwinkle, rose and dandelion.

Traditional Floors For A Timeless Appeal

Tradition matters in both fashion and home design, bringing that timeless appeal. Traditional designs will be used to transform the floor into a true design statement. In particular, vintage rugs will be an omnipresent embellishment, introducing remarkable traditional textures and patterns to interior spaces. Typically, they will feature subtle palettes of soft blues and neutrals, allowing their intricate designs to come to the forefront. Area rugs that are slightly faded are widely embraced in home décor, providing a sense of antique beauty.

When fashion and home design meet, they create a new world of inspiration. High-style fashion trends are not only elegant, but also authentic and impactful, giving our homes timeless and authentic appeal.

Bio: Cooper Klein is a bearded dad in touch with his feminine side. He’s currently working from home as a blogger.

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