Wednesday, August 15, 2018

College: What I Wish I Knew and More

A few weeks ago in my Instagram story I posted the question box telling you all to “ask me anything” and let me just say, due to the time of year there were a whole lot of question enquiring about what college I went to, my major, college must-haves, etc. I wasn’t ignoring your questions about college, but since I had so many questions about college I thought I would wait a few weeks and turn your questions into a blog post.

Although college doesn’t seem like it was that long ago, it was actually about 9 years ago for me…{I feel old just typing that} so I may not have the most relevant answers to some of the questions I was asked, such as ‘what were my college mush-haves?’ but I’ll do my best to stay as relevant as possible. But let me just say, I am a little sad that I missed the dorm room headboard trend, by like a year. If you’re getting ready to start your first year of college I would 1005 recommend getting on board with that one, mainly because it would just make a really cute picture to look back on.
My College
I went to Libscomb University, a liberal arts university, located in the heart of Nashville. I know…I know… I am from Nashville…but if your city is overflowing with respectable colleges don’t rule them out just because they may be a close to home. You can be as much in or out of town as you want, and I honestly discovered a different aspect of Nashville and even did some of the corny tourist things.

My Major
Getting the basic questions out of the way here! I was an Education major

Advice For Living With A Roommate
-       If you don’t have to go potluck for a roommate, try to room with someone who has the cleaning and sleeping habits as you.  
-       As hard as it is to get over, you can’t tiptoe around subjects you aren’t happy with. Be polite and respectful, but address the ‘big’ topics
-       Establish ground rules
-       Be friends outside of the dorm room
-       Always be ready to offer a listening ear and be supportive of each other
-       Occasionally do something nice for your roommate just because

What Was Your Favorite Part of College
Friends. Honestly, it is important to make good grades in college, but you aren’t going to think back on the nights you stayed up late to study or write a paper; you’re going to remember those nights that were supposed to be a quick dinner or happy hour, which somehow snowballed into a very late night

College Essentials
And we have arrived at the question that might date me…
-       Dorm beds alone are pretty basic and uncomfortable, invest in at least 1 memory foam to put on top of your mattress and nice bedding
-       For movie nights and late study nights you definitely need snacks on hand
-       Phone charger and computer charger – you never want to be without one
-       Chap stick – between walking to classes and dorm air conditioning your lips are in constant need of chap stick
-       Pictures – they are the best way to make a dorm room feel homey
-       So long ago, can’t think of anymore…

Did You Study Abroad?
No, but I really wish I did; all my friends who studied abroad loved the experience and still talk about it. If you are even semi-interested in your school’s study abroad program I vote that you take part in it!

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