Thursday, August 23, 2018

Links I'm Loving

I know I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, which I kind of regret, because I know you all love this post series and they are always so fun to put together. I promise I will get back to posting these on a weekly basis again, and now on to this weeks round up of Links I’m Loving! But just one more thing…how cute is Harper in this picture? A puppy in a purse definitely breaks the cuteness scale.
I’m not a cook, although I am trying to get better at, but ironically I love watching cooking shows of any kind. The Bon Appetit YouTube channel has a series called ‘Gourmet Makes’ and I am completely obsessed. They recently just came out with an attempt at making gourmet Oreos {aka my favorite snack} and it is a must watch!

Who else is ready for sweater weather season!? Not going to lie, love summer but the heat is so wearing on me…counting the days down to fall over here! This 525 America Sweater is so on point for the early fall and would look beautiful with white jeans!

Further proof that I am slightly obsessed with cooking shows…I always watch the Food Network when I am doing the Elliptical… and that is exactly where I herd about the 11-carton cake. Not always the healthiest of recipes, but The Pioneer Woman has some recipes that are 100% doable, even for a cooking novice such as myself. This recipe looks so easy and so delicious and I am definitely going to make it soon!

Okay…Okay…let’s not go crazy and go cold turkey on the sugar {I don’t have that kind of self-control, but I have been trying to cut back, and this is such a fun article.

I love the fact that J. Crew bought back Liberty prints as a fashion trend last year and that it has stuck around and other stores are starting to embrace the classic-ness that is Liberty floral. But let’s just all be honest, nobody will ever be able to wear a liberty print as well as little Princess Charlotte does. This skirt however is a wardrobe must have – love the print.

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  1. How to quit sugar is definitely something I need to read! or at least to cut down :) xx

    Much Love,
    Elegant Duchess xx