Tuesday, August 7, 2018

My Favorite Exfoliants, Face Creams, and Face Wash

When I turned 25 I had my quarter life crisis and become completely obsessed with any thing that was remotely anti-ageing, even shampoo… I know, ridiculous, right? Before I hit that stage in my life I never really gave much thought to the preservation of my skin {aka looking youthful}.

I am over the whole aging thing now, but I have kind of fallen in love with face creams, washes, makeup removers, and just overall skincare. Getting enough rest and drinking plenty of water are the 2 key things to do, but there are some creams and face products out there that actually do make a difference!
Fresh Rose Floral Toner// This is the very first thing I put on my face every time I get out of the shower and through out the day. It always seems to freshen up my face and makeup a bit, takes the redness out of my face, plus any facial product that contains rosewater is automatically anti-aging

Sephora Collection Face Mask// I try to do a facemask about twice a week. I love the Sephora line of face masks, because they are easy to put on, smell great, and each one serves a different purpose. By the way, the algae mask is perfect to use after travel; it’s purifying and detoxifying

Retino lA// First off just let me encourage you to get retinol from your dermatologist. There are so many different brands and strengths out there, and it is always best to start out with a few samples and see which one suits you best. I started using this a little later than I should have… you’re supposed to start using retinol when you’re 25, and I didn’t start till I was 30…  Along with being anti=aging it actually improves your complexion. I usually use retinol every other night and put a moisturizing face cream on top.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser// This stuff is AMAZING! I usually wear three coats of mascara just because my eyelashes are a little on the lighter side, and this cleanser gets every bit of it off. It is pretty much the best makeup remover I have ever used – it removes every bit of makeup and any other impurities from the day

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base// I used this cream every chance I get. I put it on before I go to bed and when I am getting ready for bed at night, It is urber moisturizing and I feel like it makes my makeup go on a little smoother

Sephora Cleansing Wipes// Even though the Fresh Soy face wash gets basically everything off, I still like to run one of these wipes over my face before I put on my night time creams. They feel so amazing and seem to brighten up skin a bit


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