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Guest Post :: Simple Cleaning And Organizing Tricks

Confession: the nerdy side of me loves to organize; My closet is organized by season than color, my laptop calendar is color blocked, I can’t stand having an unmade bed, and I appreciate a well organized desk probably more than just about anyone, although, I have to confess... every now and then I think a maid service would be nice... When Adriana pitched her idea to write a guest post on cleaning and organizing I was on it like white on rice. I know some people are just inherently bent either towards the clean or  slightly messy side, but I have to say being organized really does make such a difference! By the way, I could not agree more with Adriana on her point of organizing in a decorative way, fan of The Home Edit Instagram over here! Any how onto Adriana’s post that is filled with fabulous tips!


A clean and organized house is just an extension of your personality. Don't you wish that your house remains clean and tidy all the time? Well, we all wish for a house that is organized and clean. A house that gets you many compliments.

For that, you need to take an extra effort. It's not so tough, just squeeze a little time out for cleaning and organizing your house. You can also opt for best cleaning service in Jersey City that offers complete cleaning solutions. Read on to know more.

1. Clear the clutter
Clear the clutter in your house and organize your things in a proper way. If you do not use something then that should make a way to the storeroom. Regularly organize your kitchen cabinets and closets. Also, replace things that are too old for use.

2. Clean the windows
It's important that along with dry vacuum, you also pay heed to your windows. There may be dust accumulation on windows, so you need to clean it at least once every week with a window cleaning solution. Or, use vinegar and distilled water for cleaning your windows.

3. Make it look good
You can simply organize things in a decorative way. Use a wooden ladder for hanging things. Use decorative plastic sheets with pockets for storing extra things that you use on a daily basis. Space management is important and it becomes easier if you organize things in a proper way.

4. Clean your bathroom
The bathroom is one area that has maximum germs. It is important to clean your bathroom on a regular basis. Clean it with the help of a cleaning solution. Or, simply use a microfiber cloth for cleaning the bathroom cabinets. Simply keep a spare basket in your bathroom for storing extra things that cause clutter.

5. Clean your bedroom
Always change your bed sheets from time to time. Also, clean your mattress after every fifteen to twenty days. You can sprinkle some baking powder on your mattress and let it dry. This helps to remove nasty smells from your bed sheet caused by stains or spills. Clean your bedroom furniture with the help of a clean microfiber cloth.

6. Always reuse the things in your house
You can use shoeboxes as drawer dividers. This will help you to organize things in a better way. You can use three-ringer binder as an instruction manual. Organize your bed sheet sets with the help of ribbons that you receive as gifts. Reusing is a great way to organize things.

7. Clean your living room
The living room is the most vibrant place of your house. It's important to clean your living room upholstery on a daily basis. You can also vacuum your floors with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

Also, clean the furniture with a good microfiber cloth or a plain cleaning cloth. If you have a time constraint, then you can also opt for a best cleaning service in Jersey City. It offers complete cleaning solutions that also include deep cleaning.

Clean and organize your house on a day-to-day basis to keep it cozy and wonderful.

Author Bio:
Adriana Smith
Adriana Smith is a creative writer by profession and hobby, currently working as a freelance writer. She aspires to help her readers get the best home care services by sharing personal tips learned through both years of experience and thorough research.

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