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Guest Post :: How To Plan A Girls' Holiday

The end of the summer/start of fall is the perfect time to take a trip; the summer crowds have thinned out, travel rates have gone down, and you don’t have to wait 30 minutes to get a table at a restaurant. It’s always fun to take a long weekend girls getaway, but there are challenges along the way, such as deciding what type of trip you want to take, trip coordinator, etc. Today Joana has written a guest on how to plan a girl’s holiday
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A girls’ holiday can be a fantastic way to relax, have fun and make memories. To help you get the mix just right, and take the pressure out of planning, we’ve put together this guide on how to organise the perfect girls’ getaway.

Appoint A Leader
Arranging a girls’ holiday is no mean feat, so it’s important you have someone on the ball to deal with all the details. Ideally, you should choose someone who loves nothing more than compiling a spreadsheet and scouring the internet in search of bargains. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’re the sort of person who’s going to take the lead on the planning front. Although you’ll be in charge, you’ll need to take other people’s opinions into account, otherwise you could run into some sticking points before you’ve even found the location.

Choose Your Group Wisely
If you’re a maid of honour who’s been put in charge of organising a hen weekend, you will likely have an influence over who makes the final guest list. Make sure to choose your ensemble wisely, ideally, your group should be filled with people who are on a similar wavelength. A group of bossy, fiery or demanding characters can quickly turn sour, and spoil a fun weekend away. So, if possible, keep big personalities to a minimum.

Set Your Budget
Unless the intended guestlist have unlimited disposable income, money is likely going to be an issue. These days, the average hendo costs £507 per person, while a week’s ‘staycation’ will set you back at least £599. Talk to your friends and find out how much they can afford to spend, before you start researching places to go and things to do. If you want to keep the peace, you’ll need to ensure the trip is affordable for everyone in your group.

If money’s tight, try to avoid flying and any long distance travel, look for destinations that are within easy reach for the majority. Keeping travel costs to a minimum will free up more of the budget for important things like food, drink and accommodation.

Decide What Kind Of Holiday You Want
Do you want to spend your days relaxing on a beach? Hiking through mountains? Soaking up foreign culture or just chilling out with friends? Once you’ve decided what sort of holiday you want, selecting a destination will be a lot easier.
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Choose a Destination
Your next challenge is to select a destination that everyone in your group is happy with. If you have already decided on a rough budget and on the type of holiday you’re looking for, this should be pretty straightforward. Look at the cost of driving, or flying, to your destination and make sure to check the average weather forecast for the time of year you’re intending to travel. Find out what types of activities are on offer in the local area, and make sure there are pubs or restaurants within easy reach if you think you’ll want to eat out. 

Find Accommodation
Once you’ve have chosen a destination, it’s time to start looking for somewhere to stay. Although hotels can work well for a girls’ weekend, you’ll have a lot more fun if you book a big house where everyone can connect and get together. Having an entire property to yourselves will allow you to cook, relax and have a bit more space to yourselves.

Pool your Resources
Having to work out who is paying for what everytime the bill arrives will get boring fast. Instead of paying for everything individually, the best way to avoid awkward money talk is to have everyone throw some money into a kitty. If you’re staying in a large house, you could use the same kitty system to get a big food shop in at the beginning of your stay, and plan on cooking meals together.

Be Flexible
When travelling with a large group, there are always going to be times that you don’t get your own way. If it looks like you’re going to miss out on visiting the one museum you wanted to see, or miss eating in the restaurant you’ve been googling, try not to get upset about it. Instead, be flexible and go with the flow. If everyone does this, your group will get along in harmony throughout the holiday, and you should end up forming new friendships or becoming even closer than you were before you left home.

Planning a girls’ holiday requires organisation, diplomacy and a lot of patience. However, when you get it right, the rewards are well worth the effort.

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