Saturday, February 10, 2018

Links I'm Loving

Call me sentimental and a romantic, but I am so excited for the week of Valentine’s! Confession: I have already been listening to 90's love ballots. I know some people have started to take on the view that Valentine’s is a little played out, overrated, and commercialized, but I mean… the colors are pink and red and the holiday focuses on love – how can anyone not be excited about the day? Especially when you have the option to celebrate either Valentine’s or Galentine’s; by the way have you checked out my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide and/or my Galentine’s Day Gift Guide!?

I can’t get over how we just seem to be floating right on through 2018. I’m still staying on top of my New Year’s Goals, but I wish time would slow down a little so I could get a better hold on some things, but unfortunately time moves at a universal rate.
I have to say this is by far my favorite link of the week! How many other countries can say that they launched a car into space complete with a Starman – that is pretty darn cool and the pictures are amazing!

How perfect is it that I discovered that Lake Pajamas came out with a star themed pajama collection the same week Elon Musk launched a car into space. These pajamas are so cute and Lake Pajamas are always so comfortable!

I just started reading this book, I’m only 90 pages in and let me just say that it is amazing!! It is a tear jerker of a story line, but the writing is just so phenomenal, and the story line has an air of mystery to it as well. I’m not even halfway through the book, by I have a feeling that Everything I Never Told You is definitely one of those books that everyone needs to read at least once.

I was searching around on Netflix the other day searching for a new series to get wrapped up in and Call the Midwife is so good. If you love time period dramas and are looking for one to get caught up in I highly recommend this one!

J. Crew just revamped their iconic trench coat and the underneath of the collar is navy – need I say more?

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