Monday, February 19, 2018

Guest Post :: Five Professional Home Decor Tips

Whenever there is a new space to decorate be it an either new home or apartment, just one room, or even if you are just trying to breath some new life into an already decorated room it can be a little overwhelming. Trying to decide where to start is the biggest challenge for me personally, I just start with the wall color and what will be the biggest piece of furniture in the room, because I feel like those two things really set the tone for the overall design. Luckily Carolina Owens is guest posting today and is sharing five fantastic professional home décor tips!
Want your home to look like it was designed by a professional? It can be done. Just follow these simple and doable home décor tips to make your home stand out.

Start With The Color Scheme
Don’t rush and just paint the house before considering the furniture and accessories you have to buy. The first thing that many professional designers do is that they pick a color scheme that best suits the natural lighting conditions of the house. Then they purchase the paint and furniture accordingly. You can determine the color scheme by drawing a design for the colors, or there are also applications that allow you to virtually design your room. Colorsnaps, Houzz, and magicplan are some great applications for creating a virtual design of your décor.

Hang Some Artworks
Empty walls make the room look dull and boring. Professionals always suggest using the artworks of the right size and color to make the room more lively and inviting. Hanging artworks will make your home look less like a college dorm and more like a place for grownups. You can also use some family photos to fill the plank walls or you can find a sketch or an oil or charcoal painting to hang on the wall. Make sure the color of the artwork matches and compliments the pain and furniture.

Focus On The Lighting
Dull lighting can make even the most elegantly designed room look boring and uninviting. Proper lighting is critical for a well-decorated room. Use lighting at different levels to make the home more appealing. Chose the most important part of the room as a focal point and make it stand out. The focal point can be the dining table, the sitting area, artwork or any other thing. Using the proper lighting will make your home look more elegant and luxurious

Learn To Accessorize
You don’t want to overcrowd the room with furniture, but you still don’t want the room to look too empty. Placing designer accessories in these empty locations will make the room look more filled without overcrowding it. You can use different and artistic throw-pillows to fill up the unnecessary empty spaces on the sofas, or you can use decorative bowls and lamps to fill up other spaces. 

Make Sure That Your Artworks Are Of The Right Size
Determining the size of the artwork you want to hang on a wall can be very difficult. A great trick that can help you with this problem is that you should take a picture of the wall you want to hang the artwork on. Print out the photo and draw on it to check which size will look better. Or you can also use drawing apps to determine the size that will best suit the wall. Many people just randomly buy artworks and then later figure out where to hang them. This is not the right strategy. You should choose the artworks after studying the walls.

Author Bio:
Carolina Owens is a business graduate from London School of Economics. She likes to blog about latest business news and trends. She likes hanging out with friends in her free time. You can read her post on Outsourcing Virtual Assistants.


  1. I need so much help in the area of home decor. We're going to purchase some new big items soon (new sofas and kitchen table/chairs) and I'm so afraid to commit! haha

    1. It is definitely a big commitment, but I'm sure whatever you pick out will be beautiful!!

  2. I think having a theme is so important before decorating!

  3. I always love to include color in my rooms, although I've gotten lazy lately!!
    Thanks for the reminder!!

    1. You're welcome :) Hope the week is treating you well so far!

  4. Great tips hun! I love a bit of home inspo and advice xx

    1. Me too! So happy to see you enjoyed this post!