Monday, February 5, 2018

Guest Post :: 5 Things Stylish People Would Never Wear

In today’s world of quick pace fashion trends are going in and out of style about every three months, but occasionally there will be a trend to last the times. When I was younger I always felt the need to have the “it” item of the moment, even if it didn’t look that great on me… It took me till about my mid twenties to start have a defined sense of fashion, where I knew exactly what I liked and started to dress for the enjoyment of how a certain style of clothing made me feel. For today’s guest post Peter Minkoff is sharing the 5 things stylish people would never wear, and he is so spot on!
Although good style knows no age, there are still age groups we like to go to when we talk exceptional elegance and a neck for a pristine fashion presentation – women over 30. The twenties are the perfect time to start realizing you are someone who cares about looking good and presenting themselves in the right manner but after-30s are when you are mature enough to defend what you wear, how you wear it and why you wear it.
Observing the fashion scene for a while now, we’ve come to realize that there are a few things truly fashionable people would never let themselves do, and we’ve decided it’s time we listed them out below. Stay with us and read the following lines carefully:

Dress for other people
In today’s fast fashion-obsessed world it is easy to get caught up in trends and must-haves that will usually last no longer than three months or so. Truly stylish people who love fashion for the fashion itself dress to please themselves, not people around them. To those who live fashion, they use it as a form of personal expression, the way to communicate their mood, feelings and expectations of the day. The fashion they wear is there to help them set the tone of the meeting they are attending or a dinner date they’ll be going to afterwards. Essentially, no matter what’s trending or who could (dis)like it, a truly stylish person will never drop her tastes for the sake of someone else’s opinion.
Wear clothes that don’t fit properly
Whether they already have their tailor or were blessed with a figure that doesn’t need one, a fashion-forward gal knows how important it is to wear pieces which fit like a glove. Although it can sometimes be more expensive to wear a tailored piece, fashionable ladies would never let be branded “meh” wearing a piece that doesn’t fit right. Seemingly insignificant alterations can either make or break an outfit, and everyone who appreciates fashion as their communicative method, understands the importance of a good fit.

Wear bad shoes
Just as jewelry communicates a very powerful message about a person’s sensibility, so do shoes. Shoes have always been a very personal part of a girl’s outfit which is why you shouldn’t get surprised if you see an outdated shoe on a super stylish gal: she knows why she’s wearing them, how they fit her style and what it means to her to wear them. Nevertheless, bad shoes are never a “yes”, no matter the ongoing trend; quality on her feet, like women's Birkenstock, is a must, and no self-respecting fashion lover would let herself wear anything but. 
Shop in bulk
Shopping in bulk is definitely cheaper than going for individual pieces, but a real stylish person would never let herself be drawn into such a petty spiral. When you know your style and you know what you are communicating with your clothes, you don’t have the need to prove anyone right or wrong by constantly changing outfits and wowing everyone by not wearing the same outfit twice. True style is about knowing your game and nailing it: if you wear it with integrity, solid accessories, charisma and charm, combining a crisp white shirt with a bell pant on a Monday and a skirt on a Thursday will be way more effective than forcing a new piece every day. So, next time you go shopping, do remember you don’t need everything in front of you – just those items you know agree with your fashion sense.

Follow a trend just because
Lately, it feels like there have never been as many styles to choose from, elements to shop and fashion directions to belong to as there are today. When you are in your 20s, it’s okay not to know who you are and what fashion style to choose. However, when you grow up, there’ll always be a new trend that will make you question your existing style and take on fashion. You’ve probably noticed that stylish women never fall victims to a trend because they understand not every trend suits every woman nor does every body shape/size agree with what’s currently hyping. No matter what the fashion world is obsessed with, you be the judge of whether that trend is one you want to pursue. 


  1. Qué importante es saber elegir la ropa para cada ocasión y edad.

  2. I definitely agree with all five of these points!
    Great post!

    Kara Aragon

  3. Happy to see you enjoyed this guest post!

  4. amazing post honey! your blog is best <3
    kisses from Poland :*

  5. So cute! Love the tips!!!
    -Kate //

  6. Number one is something I live by!!! The investment of alterations is so worth it.