Tuesday, February 20, 2018

My Winter Hair Care Hacks

The winter months can wreak havoc on my hair if I don’t care of it properly. The fall and the spring months are definitely the more low maintenance hair months for me. I have naturally curly hair so in the summer it has a tendency to be a bit frizzy and during the winter months it is prone to be a little on the dry side if I don’t use enough conditioner and moisturizing hair products. Sometimes I honestly feel like I am conducting a science experiment with all the products I mix together sometimes. Below are a few of my tips and tricks….
Heatless Curls
Where there is a chance to eliminate heat I am all about it. Heatless curls are more like halfway heatless for me – I always have to roll my hair with hot rollers before I attempt the heatless method. A couple months ago I learned about SoCal heatless headband and just let me say they’re product is amazing and produces the prettiest curls. You can either wear the heatless headband to bed then take it out in the morning, or wearing it while you get ready in the morning. It is seriously such a time saver.

I used to think that you were only suppose to use a humidifier when you have a cold, but I recently learned that it helps keep hair look healthy and not to mention it also has fabulous skin benefits.

Let It Air-Dry
It can take me close to an hour to dry my hair, not even kidding. Since my hair tends to be naturally a little dry this time of year I try to let it air-dry halfway, time permitting.

Wet or dry I always sleep with my hair either in a but or in a heatless curl wrap. If it’s dry I usually don’t have to do too much to it in the morning, and if it’s wet when I go to bed it is usually dry enough in the morning when I can quickly go over it with a hair dryer and quickly advance on to my heat tools.

Luke-warm Water
I love hot showers; it is literally the only thing in the morning that gets me out of bed sometimes. Unfortunately hot water is not the best for hair – I usually adjust the temperature of the water when it is time to rinse my hair

I honestly don’t think my hair could make it through winter without this, this, and this. It honestly took me about two years to find products that worked well with the texture and weight of my hair. So if you have tried hair products before, but haven’t like the results try, try, try again till you find a product that you just love – it makes all the difference!

To help you find your winter hair care hacks below are a few fun tips from esalon.com

What Are Some of Your Winter Hair Hacks?


  1. Thanks for sharing the tips. I find it really helpful.
    I love your blog so much.


  2. I have never heard of this heatless headband! It sounds like something I would want to try. Thanks for sharing these hacks. I usually air dry and wear the Aquis turban to help my hair dry faster.


    1. The SoCal heatless headband is amazing and it produces the pretties curls! I liked it in the post :)

  3. All such great tips and reminders! I need to refocus on my hair care. My hair has been a bit more dry lately, too. Yours looks so cute, and I love that pretty bow!!


    1. My hair always has a tendency to be a little dry in the winter - conditioner is definitely key! And Thank you :) The bow is from J. Crew!

  4. Amazing article! I can share with you my one so-love hair tip (for my very long hair). I use a common household material, baking soda and water. The steps were plain and simple, you just mixed a warm water with a baking soda and apply to your hair and scalp. Massage and rinse. woolaahh! A soft and shinny hair. Although I am happy with the result, I never missed to visit my hair care center for my gray hair treatment, sadly I have those. Well, you can try their services and other hair treatments, they are genius.

    1. I will have to try that! Thanks for the tip!