Monday, February 26, 2018

Guest Post :: 5 Trends We Will Love In 2018

I absolutely love all the fashion trends so far for 2018. The boho chic look, the pastel color pallets, the floral, prints, gingham, the strong 60’s influence. Everything is just so flattering and there is literally at least one trend out there that pretty much anyone would love! Today Peter Minkoff is guest post and sharing the 5 most-loved fashion trends for 2018!
If you’re one of those ladies who love to stay trendy and fashionable no matter what – you’re surely at the right place! Here are five fabulous fashion trends we will love in 2018, so stay with us, check them out, and come up with your everyday outfits like a real fashion pro!

Boho vibes are all the rage…
If you’re a true boho chic chick who simply loves to add a bohemian vibe to any outfit, you’ll be thrilled to hear that this trend is making a huge comeback this year! It was all the rage back in the 2000s, when Sienna Miller started a whole new trend that featured floppy hats, floral print blouses, flowy tunics, wide leather belts, and chunky bangles, but it definitely found its way back to 2018, when women are willing to embrace it open-mindedly. If you’re one of them, too, be sure you check out some fabulous fringed ponchos, embroidered peasant blouses, and lovely maxi dresses – all in earthy colors like beige, champagne, and all shades of brown.
… As well as the pretty pastel color palette

On the other hand, if you aren’t particularly fond of quirky boho outfits and earthy shades, you don’t have to worry at all because there’s something fabulous for you as well. Pastel color palette will be the ultimate hit in 2018, so bear that in mind if you want to pull off trendy combos everyone will be envious of. However, if you’re tired of millennial pink that was so popular last year, you should certainly switch to millennial mint and lavender which will be major this year. From head-to-toe outfits, to statement pieces that feature these hues – you surely won’t make a mistake no matter what you choose!

You’ll definitely need a pair of fabulous block heel sandals
When it comes to footwear trends, there has always been a classic heel vs. block heel dilemma, but this year the fashion gods are definitely in favor of the latter one. Even though a lot of women consider block heels to be too bulky, the fact is that these can look really classy and stylish, plus they’re way more comfortable and stable than the regular stiletto heel. So, if you’re up for buying some trendy ladies shoes, you should opt for fabulous block heel sandals with ankle strap fastening. Such a pair can transform a casual outfit into a glamorous one, so you should really have them in your wardrobe this year.
The new denim movement is on the rise

Ladies who adore denim will be in style this year as well, simply because the new denim movement is on the rise these days. And no, we aren’t talking about a cool pair of jeans only – but about full-on denim outfits that feature jackets, shirts, tops, bras, and even shoes made of this fabric. It’s also important to say that dark tailored denim will be worn more frequently than the lighter one, which was so trendy in the last couple of seasons. No matter what your personal style is, we’re sure that you’ll find a fabulous denim piece for yourself in 2018!

Wide-leg trousers are an absolute must-have for 2018
Last but not least, wide-leg trousers will also be a huge must-have in 2018, and these will certainly add a vintage vibe to your everyday outfits. These have been a fashion staple from the 1920s to the 1950s, and the fact that ladies still wear them today confirms that they’re here to stay. This piece is more than versatile – just make sure not to combine it with a too baggy top, as it can contribute to a shapeless figure and therefore make you look much bulkier. Instead, match it with a tight shirt that emphasizes your attributes and figure in general, and you’ll nail your outfit like a true fashionista!

Each of these five trends will be extremely popular among the women from all over the globe, and we’re sure that they can’t wait to wear these beautiful pieces and come up with flawless fashion combos. If you’re one of them, too, just stick to our guide and you’ll see an incredible style improvement in no time!


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  3. I love boho outfits and I wish I could wear them to my everyday life more often!

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    1. I so love the floral prints - I even have purchased some workout pants that have florals on them!

  5. The blanket in the first photo is so striking and gorgeous! I love the colors. Boho chic all the way :-)

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  6. Love these trends! Can't wait to be wearing them more!

  7. I love pastels! 2018 will be such a great year!

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