Friday, March 16, 2018

All Our Wild Wonder

This time of year I always love coming across books that would make great Mother’s Day Gifts, graduation gifts, just because gifts, etc. and All Our Wild Wonder, by Sarah Kay, is just one of those books. I first heard of Sarah Kay when her poem she wrote for Hannah Baker of 13 Reasons Why became popular on YouTube.

All Our Wild Wonder is the first works by Sarah Kay that I’ve read and I absolutely loved it. The descriptive words, and rhythm of the poem, and beautiful illustrations are simply enchanting. It is a wonderfully written poem that spans all age groups, provokes a feeling of thought, nostalgia, demonstrates the different views of childhood and adulthood, and how much one individual can impact someone.

“I pray for patience. I pray for wisdom – to find a way to tame all the peculiar animals of this world,
to coax them enough to brave the elevator, to see the doors slide open to my students’ gaping mouths,
all their wild wonder”

All Our Wild Wonder is a wonderful tribute to educators and mentors and demonstrates the joy of learning. A timeless story that will span generations – it will encourage curiosity and creativity in the young and make those in adult realize how much their love, support, and kind words can impact those around them and those who look up to them.


  1. This looks like a wonderful read!

    1. It is a great book and would without a doubt make for a great gift!

  2. It must be really a great book! ;)
    Agnese & Elisa

  3. Sounds lovely! I'm heading to a book sale right now!