Monday, March 26, 2018

Guest Post :: 7 Effective Ways For Mind-Body Wellness

The older I get the more I have come to realize that leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about eating healthy or just working out, it’s a combination of making healthy eating choices, drinking plenty of water, working out on a regular basis, getting the right amount of sleep, etc. – in short, it’s a lifestyle. I’ll confess I’m still working on leading a healthier lifestyle… I don’t always get enough sleep and I am horrible at making a practice of eating breakfast. Jane Scott has written a terrific guest post outline the daily healthy habits that everyone should practice.
Daily Exercise:
Doing daily exercises keeps our mind and bodies fully strengthen. It is one of the important step for making our body and mind active. One hour of daily exercise is the best solution to become active and it also helps out mind to think optimistically. Walking is the best exercise of all which covers all the parts of our body and makes it better for those who work by sitting on office seats which makes them have belly fat. It reduces belly fat. Moreover, exercises make u looks better in physique and you look young and energetic.
Sufficient Sleep:
Getting too much busy for professional life, winning the race against them to achieve something big and get to the top of the ladder requires very hard work. Moreover, we have to maintain our social lives and college or university assignment makes our mind more complex which makes us compromise our sleep. Sleeping is must even the doctor recommends us to sleep 7-9 hours a day which helps us to think better, maintain blood pressure, having less stress and it maintains cholesterol. It also brings creativity in us and helps us to think even better. Sleep is one another important thing in which we cannot make any compromise.
Healthy Diet:
Healthy diet is a very first functional step for our body. Usually many of us have three big meals that is Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Even the word breakfast says itself that Break and fast that means after the previous night dinner we have a longest number of hours to wait for another meal. So that means breakfast should be something very healthy so we can start our day with a strong kick but unfortunately many of us neglect the importance of breakfast. Then we have lunch and dinner to have our large meals. But we should break our meals into small 5-6 portions. Breaking meal in small portions helps avoiding obesity. You can use add natural drinks like green tea or oolong tea to flush out toxins from your body, stay healthy and reduce weight. Hence healthy diet is very much important for our physical and mental health needs.
Drinking Water:
Can you imagine driving your car without fuel? Without batteries can your electronic gadgets work? Same applies to our human body we are vehicle and water is our fuel. Water is the most important thing to make our body hydrated. It is recommended for us to drink 8-10 glass of water a day to make our body hydrated. In fact, drinking plenty of water can help us to reduce fat and make us live a healthy life.
Maintaining Loving Relationship:
Maintaining a time for your friends and family and have more laugh and fun with them can makes our lives better. Due to this we can cope up with stress in better manner. We can handle complex consequences by having numbers of advices from them. Moreover, friends or family gives much better advices and solution to our problems. We can deal with problems with greater solutions advised by them. However, maintaining social life can keep us from being feeling loneliness and can have more smile and laugh that makes our lives beautiful.

Author Bio: Jane Scott is currently working as a nutritionist at a renowned firm. With an experience of more than a decade, she is considered as a go-to person in her field of work. She also writes blogs for her website Home Remedies for Life.


  1. I love green tea and oolong tea - didn’t know they flushed toxins, that’s so cool! I love learning new ways to be healthier, especially things that are easy to incorporate into my routine. Thank you! xAllie

    1. So happy to see that you found this post useful!

  2. Great Points! :)

    lovely Greetings <3

  3. I couldn't agree more with you. Definitely great points here. I'm still working on my water in take and healthy eating. It sure is hard with dem carb monsters all around. Lol!! Thanks for the motivation.

    1. carb monsters always make everything seem so tempting...