Thursday, March 22, 2018

Guest Post :: How To Pull Off A Strapless Dress

It is always the right season for a strapless dress, but spring and summer seem to be the most popular season for them for the obvious reasons. I love how strapless dresses look, but there are so many obstacles to overcome when trying to find just the right strapless dress: the fit, the style, the neckline, etc. I think my biggest pet peeve when it comes to the strapless dress is when you purchase one that doesn’t seem to want to stay in place once it’s on. However, once you find one that fits perfectly it will inevitable be your favorite dress. Today Annabelle is guest posting and sharing a few tips and tricks on how to find the perfect strapless dress.
A strapless dress is a versatile piece of fashion. It can portray the elegance of a red-carpet event or it can display the casual look of a summer dress. However, just like anything else, it’s all in how you wear it to pull off the look just the way you want. There are a variety of factors that go into this and today we are going to look at them all so that you can pull of a strapless dress seamlessly.

The Fit
This is probably the first thing that you need to worry about is the fit of your dress. You don’t want it making you look emaciated and thin but you don’t want it to make you look like your popping out of it either.

The first thing to make sure of is that the strapless dress is that it fits correctly. If it is too tight, you will look like your popping out of it, creating issues like a muffin top situation around your armpits. However, a dress that is too loose will create other negative visual effects such as a sagging chest. Here are some rules for assessing the fit of your dress.

Make Sure It Fits Your Chest
The first place that you should measure your dress against is your chest. This is where women with a smaller chest are going to have an easier time finding a strapless dress that fits them well because they don’t need as much support from the dress as women with bigger chests.

Check for Slipping
When you try the dress on, move around a bit. If the dress starts to slip down or move around when you move, you might want to choose another dress. This is especially important for strapless dresses versus other types of dresses because the last thing you want is for a strapless dress to slide down while you’re wearing it.

Look at the Bodice Design
It is easy for a strapless dress to look shapeless. However, this can be combated by design. Look for bodice designs on yourstrapless dress. This can be belts, beading, corset-like designs or more on the bodice can help to give the dress shape.

Choose the Right Undergarments
It’s tempting to go without a bra when you are wearing a strapless dress. After all, who wants to deal with a strapless bra? However, it is crucial that you use the right undergarments when you are wearing a strapless dress.

If you are more flat chested, you might want to look at a push up bra. Not only will this give you a larger chest, it will also help you to hold up your dress without it slipping or drooping. If you are on the other end of the scale and have a larger chest, it’s important to have the right amount of support. Without the proper support, you can find that your chest looks like it is sagging or your dress could get dragged down.

If it makes you more comfortable, you can even employ the use of shapewear. However, there is no reason that you have to do this and if you feel comfortable rocking your strapless dress without shapewear, then go for it!

As with any other piece of clothing, a strapless dress looks great on its own. However, it can be brought to new heights with a few accessories. The most common accessory with a strapless dress is a necklace thanks to the open neckline that it offers.

You have a couple options here. You could go with a simple choker or strand of pearls for a basic, elegant look or you could wear a bib style necklace with bright colored stones to give your outfit a more fun, casual look. As with anything in the fashion world, you can change the tone of your outfit with a few simple accessories. You can also pair your dress with a belt to add some texture to the look.

A strapless dress can be a sign of elegance or it can even be a simple, casual summer outfit. However, there are certain ways to wear it that you will do more than simply don your strapless dress but you can truly rock it as well.


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