Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Guest Post :: The Best Wedding Gifts From The Groom To The Bride

The busiest wedding season of the year is upon us. As a wedding guest it can sometimes be a little bit of a challenge to pick out just the right gift for the newly weds, even when you have a wedding registry to work off of. That said, I cannot imagine the pressure the bride and groom fill, not only because of all the events leading up to the day, but also the pressure to get one another the perfect gift. Today Georgia Selih, from the highstylelife.com, is sharing a few gift ideas for the groom to give his bride to be.
If your big day is approaching, consider giving your bride something she’ll love and cherish for years to come, since it is a very romantic tradition that you should definitely honor. No, it’s not about “buying stuff”– yes, there are many beautiful items you can buy for her, but there are also just as amazing things you can do for her, and even more meaningful non-material things you can share. You cannot put a price on love, and this tradition is more about the emotions behind the gift than about the gift itself. So, if we’ve managed to inspire you to commemorate your special day in this way, here are a couple of ideas you should consider.

Breakfast in bed
Having her favorite meal delivered to her on the morning of your big day might be just the thing she needs to feel energized and less stressed out. So, show her how much you love her by making sure her day starts in the best possible way – with a delicious meal prepared by the person she loves the most. You can even include a bottle of champagne (or some other, more morning-appropriate drink) and lots of flowers. Also, don’t forget to arrange the food in the shape of a heart, or leave a small love note on the side.
Small gifts throughout the day
It doesn’t have to be one big gift – it can be plenty of small gifts that she’ll receive throughout the day. This way, when she starts feeling nervous or stressing out about that one thing that’s not precisely as it should be, the small signs of affection will remind her of the only thing that really matters – the fact that’s she’s getting married to somebody who truly loves her and isn’t afraid to show it.

Leave it to her
If you want her to have something a bit more practical, but you prefer to skip the shopping part, consider giving her a new credit card that she can use in any way she wants. Shopping for the right gift can be quite a challenging task, but luckily, one of the best engagement gifts you can give her is actually letting her pick a gift on her own. This way, you can rest assured that she will love the gift she gets.

A relaxing spa treatment
Next to all the chaos and craziness of the wedding day, there will hardly be any time for your spouse-to-be to relax and just soak in the atmosphere. Therefore, consider a gift that will help her clear her mind a bit and unwind, like a spa treatment. There’s no woman who wouldn’t appreciate this type of gift, and it will definitely benefit you both on such an exciting day.

A journal
This might be a longshot considering the age that we live in, but in case you’re a romantic soul who wrote letters to your bride and kept a journal with his thoughts about her, this could be one of the most romantic and unique gifts you could give her. It would remind her of the beginning, and she’d get a unique insight into your perspective of her. It could work with emails as well (you could print them), although nothing beats a pen and paper when it comes to romance.

An engraved wedding ring
Your wedding rings are already special, but you can make them even more meaningful by engraving them. You can engrave a short phrase that means something to you, or you can go with something simple, like “I love you”. Either way, it’s a great way to make your rings truly yours.
Your wedding day should be all about the love you feel for each other, and there are many ways to show it besides saying “I do”. You can ease her nerves with a relaxing spa treatment and cute smaller gifts that will remind her of you throughout the day, or you can go for something a bit more personal and engrave your rings or share your deepest romantic thoughts. Regardless of what kind of gift you choose, you can’t go wrong as long as it comes from your heart, and your wife-to-be will surely appreciate it.


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