Saturday, January 5, 2013

What To Say...What To Say

It’s that time of year again! Thank you note time, for all those who are important to you that gave you a holiday gift this year. For me, and I’m sure with most individuals, it is sometimes difficult to find the right words to express gratitude without losing sincerity and sounding too automatic. In the South we are all about our manners: Yes Sir, Yes Mam, proper southern etiquette, and thank you notes definitely fall under our Southern Manners category! So to help you with writing your thank you notes:
How To Write A Thank You Note
1.      First write “Thank you for…” and state the gift you were given.
2.     Explain what the gift meant to you/what you plan on doing with the gift.
3.    Try to end the note implying to the recipient that you would like to talk or see them soon.
4.    Your Signature. 

Tips For Writing a Thank You Note
1.      Use your best handwriting.
2.     When sending a note refer to the actual gift, event, conversation, etc.
3.    Try sending a thank you note within three days of receiving the gift; it is not uncommon to send a thank you note later.
4.    Be natural when writing your note. 

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