Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wrap It On Around

What could be more Southern or more perfect then a wrap-around porch, or any porch for that matter! There is no better way to spend the early morning or late evening than sitting on a porch, sipping on sweet tea or a mint julep, especially in the Spring or Summer. They are great for hosting parties, family events, or just to relax and enjoy that ole Southern breeze.
Love the Charleston look of having a front door on your porch; the blue ceiling and lighting fixtures are the perfect finishing touch to this beautiful porch 
The wicker chairs are a perfect touch to enjoy a fabulous ocean front view
What better way then to spend a fall or winter night by a beautiful fireplace on a porch 
The beautiful white lamps and dark wicker furniture give this pouch an elegant touch 
I absolutely love the blue willow plates on the wall, the columns, and the table setting. How much more Southern can you get than this?
Porches are perfect to host anything from an early morning luncheon to a late night dinner party 

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