Monday, January 28, 2013

Come On In & Sit Right Down

In the South there are some of the most beautiful and warmest entryways that will make you feel right at home! When you meet someone for the first time your first impression is typically made up in 10 seconds based on appearance, body language, and speech. The same concept applies to a house. The very first time you walk into an entryway or foyer you can tell what someone’s decorating taste is, if they have a family, pet, if it’s an organized clean household or something different, etc.  So as you can see it is important that your home makes a good first impression. 
I love how flowers, coffee table books and other decor were used to decorate the table to make the room look dressed up
What could be more welcoming then a comfortable chair or bench
Interesting light fixtures gives character to the space 
Decorating a foyer with pictures and art can make it more interesting 
Putting a table in your foyer can act as a staging ground for decor and as the focal point of the room
Front doors are one of the most important aspects of a foyer; make sure your door is inviting!

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