Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bring On The Rain

There is nothing I like to do more on a rainy day then cuddle up with a good book or watch a favorite movie. However, most of the time you have things to do, places to go and people to see, even on rainy days. In the wintertime, here in the South, we get more rain then we do snow. Just to give you an idea of how rare snow is around here…when we have half an inch, everything starts closing down so people can go home early. Then when we’re in our homes looking at our half inch of snow thinking it’s so much, the news cuts over to New York and reports they have 6 inches so far and are expecting another 5 ½, and we’re just amazed that those Northern people manage to go about their everyday lives with all that snow coming down! So, as you can see, if you live in the South it’s a good idea to invest in some rain gear that will keep you warm and dry!

Rain Boots are a necessity! Hunter Boots are my favorite. They are stylish, comfortable, and will keep your feet nice and dry!
North Face rain jacket is my first pick; plus they come in so many colors and styles. There is one that every one will like.
Trench coats are a perfect way to add a little bit of class to a stormy day

Jeans with some stretch or Leggings are the perfect thing to wear on a rainy day with your boats
Don't forget your umbrella, you never know when you might need one
Hopefully when all is said and done you'll be able to end the day with a pair of sunglasses 
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