Monday, September 29, 2014

Gone Girl

Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn, is probably the most thrilling book I have ever read. I can usually predict pretty accurately how a book is going to end once I am at least a little more then half-way through, but Gone Girl has so many twist and turns I never would have guessed it was going to end the way it did. Gone Girl is a true page-turner; there were a few nights I stayed up till 1:00am because I could not put this book down. I seriously can’t believe that Gone Girl was published in 2012 and I just read it last week.

Amy, the girl who is loved by everyone, and Nick, the all-American guy, are writers who unfortunately both lost their jobs around the same time. Taking into consideration that Amy and Nick are without jobs and are running out of money they decide to move to North Carthage, Missouri, Nicks’ hometown, to take care of Nick’s sick mother and his father who has atomizers. Nick decides to open up a bar with his sister as his partner using the money Amy has left in her trust fund and the responsibility to take care of Nick’s parents falls on Amy. Amy and Nick’s marriage has been in a downward spiral since the moves and things start to go terribly wrong.

On the day of Amy and Nick’s fifth wedding anniversary Nick receives a call from his neighbor saying that the front door to their house is wide open. Nick hurries home to discover that his wife is missing. Evidence quickly points toward Nick and he soon becomes the prim suspect. Amy’s disappearance is fast to gain media attention due to the fact that she is the inspiration for the children’s series her parents wrote, Amazing Amy. Nick’s odd behavior, small lies, Amy’s diary the police have discovered, the lost support of his in-laws, and all the evidence mounting against him does not play well in his favor, but he stands by his innocence with his twin sister at his side. With Nick standing by his innocence the question is where is Amy and what happened.

Gilliam Flynn delivers one of the best thrillers I have ever read. The whit, great writing, and all the twist and turns will keep you up reading this page-turner of a book.


  1. Nice post, sounds very interesting :)

  2. I really enjoyed this book and I'm excited to go see the movie next week. You should definitely read her other two books "Sharp Objects" and "Dark Places" because I liked them even more than Gone Girl.

    1. I will have to definitely check out Sharp Object and Dark Places! Thank you for the book recommendations!