Monday, November 13, 2017

Wedding Gifts Do's & Don'ts

Spring and summer may be the most popular wedding months, but fall and late winter weddings are slowly becoming more and more popular. When attending a wedding the two questions I always ask myself are: 1) What should I wear and 2) What type of gift should I purchase.

Today I am going to answer some of the common questions most people have when it comes to buying wedding gifts or just gifts in general. Pssst… if you are currently planning a wedding Zola Weddings & Registry is an awesome site to create a wedding registry!
Do check the wedding registry. Unless you know the couple really, really, really well and think of something you know they would absolutely love, and maybe even forgot to put it on their registry, then in that case it would be alright to deviate from the registry, but otherwise stick to the registry.

Do send a gift even if you aren’t attending. Etiquette dictates you should always give a wedding gift, even if you are not attending.

Do add a personal note. I am a little old fashioned and think that a personal touch with a nice note written inside of a card goes a long way and can even make a gift more meaningful.

Do give a gift even if you gave a gift at the bridal shower. A bridal shower and a wedding are two very different events and therefore merit a gift for each occasion.

Do give a group gift. If you are on a budget or do not know the couple very well it is perfectly acceptable to give a group gift.
Do bring a gift to the wedding if a gift table will be available: As long as a gift table is available at the wedding it is perfectly acceptable to bring your wedding gift to the event.

Don’t Give Above Your Means. It was once believe that the cost of your gift should at least equal the cost of your attendance. In modern times with destination weddings becoming more and more popular that is not always the best rule of thumb to follow. Close family and friends tend to spend more on the wedding gift than distant relatives or acquaintances would spend. At the end of the day I would say to take into account your relationship with the couple and your current financial situation to determine how much you personally feel you need to spend on a gift.

Don’t wait too long to send a gift. According to common knowledge you have up to a year after the wedding to give the couple a wedding gift. Although this might be true, I’d advise to give a gift as close to the wedding date as possible. A lot can change in a year and the proper moment for a wedding might pass within a year’s time.

Don’t deviate from the registry. Unless you know the couple extremely well, don’t deviate from the registry. After all, you do want the couple to love their gift and for it to be something they like.

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  1. Love the blog. Really informative. Whenever someone's getting married, I feel as if they must be dragging a great rock. Looking for wedding venues, decorations, the guest list, Food, sounds too much (lol). Idk, it's just me freaking out I guess.