Sunday, November 26, 2017

Links I'm Loving

I seriously don’t know why I put off doing a post series like this for so long. It’s so much fun to keep an eye for different things to share with you all at the end of the week, plus I am a lot more up on what’s going on than I usually am. I’m starting to understand why post along this line are so popular to post in the world of blogging.
I love Anthropologie so much to the point that If Anthropologie sold groceries I could basically live there. Needless to say their 30% off sale is my favorite Black Friday {weekend} sale!

I am slightly obsessed with The Crown…I have been re-watching season 1 in preparation of season 2 coming out December 8 {so excited!!!}. I love Queen Elizabeth and the more I read and learn about the more I love and admire her; she is most definitely a #girlboss.

White Christmas is in my top 5 favorite Christmas movies – I may or may not have already watched it twice so far this Holiday Season… Considering how many times I have watched this movie I am happy to say that I got a 100% on the hardest “White Christmas” test. I will say thought the question were a little difficult, even for a person who has seen the movie an embarrassing numbering of times.

When Draper James and Jack Rogers collaborate on something together you just know that it is going to be fantastic. Blue and White, Gingham, cute laces – I’ll take one pair please!

One of the biggest perks for cooking any holiday dinner at home is that you will have leftovers for days! Delish came out with a video showing how to make Thanksgiving in a blanket and let me just say if I had Thanksgiving leftovers in my house I would rush to the kitchen and make this ASAP, plus it is a widely known secret that everything taste extra good when it’s wrapped in a phyllo dough… mouth watering goodness is what this dish is.